Why Are 3D Artist Services so “Expensive?”
Why Are 3D Artist Services so “Expensive?”

The services of 3D artists are, by all means, not inexpensive. Simply put, the artist needs to dedicate a lot of their time and learn how to render properly, first and foremost. Secondly, they need expensive software in order to achieve the best possible renders.

Among everything else, the artists need to spend a lot of time and effort on a specific rendering, and not everyone can do that. These are only some of the reasons why the services of a 3D artist might be considered expensive.

However, we know that it is slightly more complex. 3D rendering is an arduous process, and not everyone is able to create high-quality renders due to a high learning curve. If you are interested in hiring a professional 3D artist, never settle for anyone who is anything short of that. The rendering will make up the cost, and if you are interested in learning why make sure to read our guide.

Who are 3D artists

3D artists are people who create 3D renderings by using highly-advanced computer software. A rendering is a visual representation of a person, object, or anything the 3D artist wants to portray digitally. Renderings can vary from simple to extremely detailed, but also from 2D, 3D, animation, video, and so on.

As their name suggests, 3D artists are artists — only not necessarily in a traditional way. They create their art by using computers and technology.

Most 3D artists are architects, graphic designers, and visual artists as well, and they use their advanced skills to create memorable art.

Those people spend countless months and even years perfecting their skills and abilities in order to be deemed good enough to do high-quality renderings. Almost everything you see nowadays when it comes to online media is done by 3D artists.

This also goes for commercials, media, videos, and many more. Thus, it is one of the most required skills in contemporary times, and this won’t change anytime soon.

What they do exactly

3D artists can do everything — from simple 2D renderings to extremely complex and detailed ones. Their line of work doesn’t end with 2D and simplicity — they will also do 3D imagery, but also complex animations and renderings as well.

What most 3D artists do is what their clients require of them. Most of the time, they are doing contract work per the clients' instructions. The more time needed for a project, the more expensive the services will be.

Also, they will charge more for specific projects or designs which require a veteran level of expetise.

The main things 3D artists do are:

  • Design 3D models — Of course, this is the core of their work, so it’s in the top position here.
  • Manage projects — Designing models is not the only thing 3D artists need to be able to do. They also need to manage projects and decide on the timeline, software, organization, etc.
  • Work with other 3D artists — Of course, not every 3D artist would prefer to work with someone else, but most of them do, and they work together on projects. Some are simply way too complex for one person to complete on their own.

These take both time and effort to complete successfully. Thus, it might explain why professional 3D artists might come off as “expensive” for some clients.

They have a lot of knowledge

Not everyone is fit to be a 3D artist, and not everyone can do it “just like that”. As a matter of fact, 3D artists need to spend months, years, and sometimes even decades to get where they want to when it comes to their knowledge and skills.

Knowledge, however, doesn’t come easy. For this reason, graphics designers and architects have special subjects that require them to master a rendering program or two they can use to complete projects and pass exams.

Not even then are 3D artists considered competent enough for some of the most complex renderings, so they will need to learn and improve a bit more.

The main thing when it comes to 3D artists and their knowledge is that the knowledge isn’t cheap.

They might still need to pay for courses or lessons only to grasp the basics and for some of the most advanced commands and functions, they will need to pay a lot more. They simply invest in themselves and they don’t regret it because knowledge is priceless.

They use expensive software

If you have thought that rendering software comes cheap, then you were badly mistaken. Some 3D rendering software can go from $9000 to $240.000 and even more. This is not a small amount of money and the best 3D renderers in the world would need to afford it if they wish to complete their rendering dreams and goals.

Quite naturally, since the renderers are investing in themselves and their equipment/software, they are doing it for a good reason. They will be able to get their investments of money back once they start amassing clients and completing various 3D rendering projects.

Artists simply invest in themselves, their knowledge, and their skills in order to please the clients and create top-notch renderings.

Without such software, 3D renderers can’t even begin to dream of completing some advanced projects. While some 3D renderers get the rendering programs for free either from their client/employer, others need to purchase such software in order to learn how to use it and how to create renderings in it.

This is definitely something most people have never thought about, but believe us when we say it — 3D rendering software can put some artists in serious debt.

They need top-notch hardware

3D artists don’t only require impeccable software in order to do their work, but they also require some of the finest top-notch hardware as well. Professional rendering personal computers can range from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars even.

Artists need strong hardware and computers in order for the specifications to be able to support the complex designs. 3D rendering is a complex process and it takes a lot of graphics, RAM, and processor strength. Not every computer will be able to run software for rendering, let alone allow the user to use the program and complete renderings.

The better the computer specifications, the better the programs will run, and the more money the 3D artists will need to set aside for their desired setup. This is more than a luxury — for 3D artists, this is a necessity. Yet, it is also yet another thing they will need to invest in in order to pursue their dreams.

Keep in mind that if you are investing in something, you’d want to get a return on investment, right? The same goes for 3D artists who invest in their education, knowledge, skills, equipment, and, most importantly, they invest their time as well to create renderings. They want to make a profit and you can’t blame them for it and, as a matter of fact, no one can.

They are constantly improving their knowledge

We have mentioned earlier that 3D artists and renderers don’t necessarily solely rely on the knowledge they have received from their education in order to create impeccable and complex 3D renderings. Most of the artists consider themselves beginners even after completing university.

This is true for several reasons. For instance:

  • They understand how much there is to it — It is impossible to completely cover some designer software in full over a course of a school year in a traditional way. Sure, a vast majority of the program/software will be known to the artist, but what about the other parts that are still unfamiliar? For this reason, even people with a university education believe that they can improve.
  • They need to practice more — There isn’t a single successful person in any field or study who didn’t spend their valuable time practicing and improving their skills. Of course, after acquiring formal education, artists will know what they are doing generally. However, they won’t know whether or not they can tackle complex and demanding projects. This is why they need more practice.

Acquiring more knowledge and improving in any aspect is really important for 3D artists and clients alike. An artist with sufficient skills will know their worth, but they will still tend to improve and ensure that their knowledge is, nevertheless, impeccable.

There aren’t that many professionals out there

It might come as a surprise, but there aren’t many 3D artist professionals out there. Most people actually do it while they are still learning or out of their love for the art. Even more, it is highly complex for a 3D artist to learn everything to become a real professional as well. The colleges/universities aren’t easy and they will need to set aside the best years of their life in order to improve their knowledge.

Another thing that can be problematic for most is the initial funds. No one can do 3D art on a toaster, after all. So, most artists might struggle with acquiring the right means to hone their skills a bit more. We specifically mean acquiring adequate 3D rendering software and hardware they will need in order to do their work in the best possible way.

Even if some artists do have everything they require to become professionals, they might not want to pursue that career. It can get really tiresome and exhausting and most 3D artists only want to have more time for themselves and their families.

For these reasons, the prices 3D artists set might be considered “expensive” by many, but it is what it is. The profession is challenging, demanding, requires spending years and years of education and acquiring the right setup for everything, so it only comes naturally that they would value their services.

Their services help improve the customer’s ROI

The services of the 3D artists indeed help improve the customer’s ROI (Return of investment). The customers and clients invest money in 3D artists for the projects they will need to do their business better or to simply acquire more clients.

The job of a 3D artist is to make sure that the clients and customers are happy with the final rendering product. However, they will charge for it, but they will bring more money to the customers than the customers will bring to the artists.

Investing in a 3D artist to complete a project can be a one-time investment, and that’s it. However, the project the clients and customers will receive will remain their property for as long as they wish to use it. So, if the clients are smart, they will pay a good 3D artist to complete complex designs and renderings and earn a sufficient profit later on.

It will work out well for both parties and both parties will be happy and satisfied with the final results, which was the point of the symbiotic relationship from the very beginning.


Overall, we sincerely hope that you now understand why 3D artists’ services might come off as “expensive” or “overpriced”. The reality of it, however, is that they are not. As you have seen, the artist will need to spend years of their life only to acquire sufficient knowledge to even start doing 3D renderings and art.

Even more, the artist will also need to spend up to hundreds of thousands of dollars on equipment alone for their renderings. This can be way too much for some to handle, so they even give up doing 3D artistry whatsoever.

For those who stay, they would naturally want their investments back, as anyone else would. They receive the investments from the clients and the clients should be aware of the fact that this is the case. Regardless, 3D artists are not that common and professional 3D artists even less. If you find someone who can help you out, make sure to hire them. We know for sure that your investment will pay off.