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A 3d artist impression of a round wooden dining table in a warm climate.How to become a 3D artist – the complete guide | Jooble

A 3D artist is an artist who creates art in the three-dimensional space, or it could be a professional working with 3D modeling and animation tools to create stunning visuals for movies, video games, and other media. It all depends on the scope of their work. Whether they are creating realistic models of people and objects, or creating fantastical creatures and props, 3D artists bring their visions to life with the help of high-end technology. Whether they create characters for a video game, objects for an architectural rendering, or a scene from a movie, 3D artists must have strong technical skills combined with an artistic eye. They are responsible for taking a concept from the drawing board to a fully-rendered 3D scene.

No matter who they are creating art for, it is certain that 3D artists are some of the most talented and visionary creators in the world. They have the power to bring dreams to life and make it possible for viewers to experience something truly extraordinary. They can work from home or travel as 3D artist abroad to look for inspiration.

If you have ever been amazed by a 3D rendering, then you have seen firsthand just how incredible this type of art can be. With technology constantly evolving, there are more opportunities than ever for 3D artists to explore and create beautiful, unique works of art. So the next time you see a stunning 3D rendering or animation, take a minute to appreciate the artist behind it.

Experts from Jooble shared professional advice on how to become a 3D artist.

It is not a straightforward process. It requires dedication and discipline, as well as an understanding of the basics of 3d art design. To become a 3d artist, you will need to develop knowledge in both visual arts and computer manipulation techniques.

It would be nice to understand how the software works, from learning basic modeling tools to integrating lighting and textures. You will also need to acquire the skills required for effectively creating 3d models, including basic design principles and composition techniques. Additionally, you should be familiar with a range of software tools such as Maya, Blender, or Houdini.

Once you have a solid foundation in modeling and animation software, you can start developing your own projects. Creating 3d art can be a very rewarding experience, as it allows you to create dynamic and immersive environments. To get started, find an online tutorial or practice project that will help you become familiar with the software and techniques. As your skills improve, start working on more complex projects such as animations or virtual reality experiences.

As you continue to learn, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in 3d art design. This includes keeping up with software updates, reading industry news and articles, attending events or workshops related to 3d art, and participating in online forums. Joining a professional organization dedicated to 3d art can also be a great way to stay connected and take advantage of networking opportunities.

Finally, don’t forget to showcase your work. Join online communities or post your art on social media sites like Instagram or Twitter to promote yourself and connect with other professionals in the field. With hard work and dedication, you can become a successful 3d artist!

Salary Expectations

According to recent surveys, the median annual wage for professionals working in 3D animation and related fields is approximately $65,000. However, this number can vary significantly depending on factors like experience level, area of expertise, and employer. Senior-level 3D artists can often make upwards of $90,000 or more. Location is also a major factor in salary expectations; 3D artists in bigger cities tend to make more than those living in smaller towns and rural areas.

In addition to their salaries, many 3D artists supplement their incomes with freelance projects or other side gigs. Additionally, the right skills and experience can open the door to job opportunities with larger companies and firms, which typically come with higher salaries.

Being a 3D artist is no easy feat and having the right set of traits to excel in this field is essential. Creativity, problem-solving skills, technical knowledge, and an eye for detail are all important qualities that make up a good 3D artist. Here's a list of the most important traits you must have if you want to succeed:

❖   Creativity - Having a creative eye is key, as 3D artists use their imagination to create stunning visuals from scratch

❖   Problem-solving skills - As a 3D artist, you'll often come across obstacles and need to find innovative solutions in order to move forward with the project.

❖   Technical knowledge - Being able to use various software packages, such as Maya or 3DS Max, is crucial for a 3D artist.

❖   An eye for detail - Attention to small details can make all the difference when it comes to creating exceptional visuals. A keen eye for detail helps to ensure that everything looks perfect before it's released to the public.

If you possess these qualities, then a career in 3D art might be the perfect path for you! However, don't forget that it takes hard work and dedication to become a successful 3D artist - but with the right traits and determination, there's no limit to what you can achieve.


Becoming a 3D artist takes more than just talent and skill. It also requires dedication, passion, and determination. If you want to become a successful 3D artist, then you must be willing to put in the hard work and practice necessary to develop your craft. Remember, it's not going to be easy, but it will be worth it in the end. So don't give up; keep pushing yourself until you reach your goals. We believe in you!