Most Popular Learning Blogs for 3D Artists
A 3d visualization of a living room with a white couch and orange pillows.Most Popular Learning Blogs for 3D Artists

Since the rise in the popularity of 3D art, blogs have been an excellent way to begin your 3D art journey and perfect your skills. Blogs contain information about various visualization platforms, making them easier to operate. Whenever you enter a blog that is dedicated to 3D visualization, you will find something exciting and innovative that will surely help you on your journey.

However, the internet is flooded with different visualization blogs; finding one that will be useful for your visualization journey might be challenging. Below, we will present some of the best and most popular learning blogs for 3D artists that will surely provide you with the knowledge you need.

1. Easy Render

Our Easy Render blog section will give you the answers to your “why” and “how” questions. It features content that explains in detail all the different tools you can find for 3D visualizations and their primary purpose.

When you visit the Easy Render blog, you can find all the different tips and tricks for these tools and detailed tutorials on how to master them. You can learn about architectural visualizations, 3D rendering, 3D interior design, and other concepts for becoming a better 3D artist.

2. Blender

Blender’s blog contains all the information about the latest trends in the visualization world. As soon as someone announces the release date for their upcoming tool, you will find all the details on this blog.

However, this blog is more dedicated to architectural visualizations than other forms of 3D art. Nonetheless, you can always stay up to date with the new tools and platforms on Blender’s blog.

3. Chaos

Chaos is a company that makes visualization tools and platforms. Therefore, the purpose of its blog is to give detailed explanations of all the tools its developers have created and provide examples of their use cases.

Moreover, you can see how compatible specific programs are with other tools from the same or different developers. For example, you will see how V-Ray and Enscape function together and how you can use them for your projects.

4. CG Channel

CG Channel blog is an excellent way to learn about 3D visualizations for both beginners and professionals. On this blog, you can find all the basics for starting your visualization journey and obtaining some more complex skills.

This blog is universal; you can find everything from the basics to the latest activities in the 3D visualization world. If you want to stay up to date with everything about 3D art and learn along the way, this blog is perfect for you.

5. Ronen Bekerman blog

The Ronen Bekerman blog is perfect if you want to discover some of the most critical principles of 3D visualization. This blog will give you an insight into other artists’ ideas and detailed explanations of why something is essential. There are several categories you can learn about, most of which are related to architectural visualizations.

6. Fxguide

Fxguide has a different approach to blogging about 3D art. This blog uses examples to elaborate on how you can use specific tools and what effects you can achieve.

For example, Fxguide has described the tools professionals used in the movie “Nope” and how the whole visualization process looked while creating that movie. On this blog, you can learn from examples and discover how 3D artists use various tools in the entertainment industry.

7. VFXWorld Magazine

VFXWorld Magazine (or visual effects magazine) has a blog where you can see all the different visual effects 3D artists use in the entertainment industry. Many new fiction movies have such high-quality effects that one may only wonder how they managed to make them look so realistic.

Luckily, VFXWorld Magazine explains everything step-by-step. Moreover, it also features interviews with people who stand behind these phenomenal visual effects.

8. The Art Of VFX

Similarly to the two previously mentioned blogs, The Art Of VFX also describes the effects used in different entertainment industries. However, this blog mainly focuses on TV shows and movies.

When someone releases a movie, The Art Of VFX analyzes in detail all the effects and immediately notifies the public about it. This blog is an excellent way to learn about different VFX approaches and find motivation for your next project.

9. IAMAG Inspiration

IAMAG Inspiration includes every form of art in its blog. As the name suggests, the blog is dedicated to providing motivation and inspiration for artists by presenting different approaches to art.

Moreover, the blog focuses on presenting different 3D artists and their creations which can inspire you to create something unique and think outside the box.

10. 3Dtotal blog

3Dtotal blog reveals the secrets of some of the best 3D artists across the planet. You will have an insight into the creative process of some of the most innovative works and all the secrets that make the creations unique.

You can also post your projects to the platform and let other artists discuss and “grade” your work. That will allow you to see how to improve your work and develop new skills.

11. BlenderNation

BlenderNation created a blog that can help all artists perfect their visualization skills. On this blog, you can find different tutorials to learn how to create something new in its 3D form. Moreover, you can find available 3D artist jobs; that way, you can start earning from your passion.

There are various topics that this blog covers, such as architectural visualization tools and tips and tricks for visual effects. Every 3D artist can learn something valuable from this blog.

12. Lasterbanks

Lasterbanks is one of the most popular blogs since it covers various topics in the 3D visualization world. This blog has everything, from platform comparisons to detailed tutorials and the latest tools.

Lasterbanks is a fantastic way to begin your visualization journey and discover which forms of art you like the best. Moreover, it is perfect for learning about 3D art in general and how you can use it in different industries.


Blogging can often have an educational purpose, as you can see above. We have presented some of the best blogs for future and existing 3D artists to help you develop your visualization skills.

Most of these sites will inspire you to create something new and unique, which is one of the most critical requirements in the visualization world.