5 Reasons Why Demand For 3D Artists Will Grow In The Next Years
5 Reasons Why Demand For 3D Artists Will Grow In The Next Years

The active development of computer technology opens up more and more exciting professions for us. The digital world and virtual reality allow you to find something to your liking - data processing, writing programs, developing online games and their plots, etc. Recently, the profession of a 3D artist has been gaining momentum. Who is this? Why will 3D artists be in demand in the next few years? Is it worth studying to be a 3D artist? We will talk about this in our article.

3D Artists - Unusual Profession

A 3D artist is an expert who creates virtual 3D objects from a photo or drawing. The profession is at the intersection of creativity and the exact sciences since the artist uses specialized software to accomplish the task.

The design of objects can be developed independently from scratch or provided by the customer in the form of a sketch, drawing. There are both general and narrow specialists:

  1. The 3D Character artists are involved in character creation.
  2. The 3D Hard Surface artist creates mechanisms.
  3. The 3D Environment artist is engaged in the creation of the gaming environment.
  4. The 3D Texture artist is involved in the design of textures.

The 3D artist usually works in a team. Consequently, the expert must have good communication skills, defend his vision of the visual image and perceive criticism normally.

3D Artists Tasks

A specialist in this area can deal with almost everything related to 3D. For example, from the development of jewelry to the creation of architectural objects. Here are the most popular tasks this expert deals with:

  • creating 3D characters for online games and movies or volumetric objects of the environment;
  • rendering the landscape, scenes;
  • work on the texture: detailing, texture, working out the edges;
  • creating interior design elements;
  • works with 3D design programs.

To handle these assignments, experts must take design courses. Independent mastering techniques for working with 3D is a laborious, lengthy, and not consistently effective process.

Required Knowledge And Skills For 3D Artists

3D artists must have the following professional skills:

  • ability to work with tools Autodesk Maya, ZBrush, Houdini, Foundry Mari, Substance Painter, Photoshop;
  • knowledge of creating 3D objects and experience in applying it in practice;
  • ability to realistically depict human or animal anatomy;
  • knowledge of the principles and techniques of creating a character from scratch;
  • ability to create realistic textures: online games, landscaping, architecture;
  • ability to use tools for working with components: split polygons, bevel corners, advanced tools;
  • knowledge of the principles of working with layers and masks.

As you can see, 3D artists are not only about the correct combination of colors! The profession requires dedication and strong digital skills.

Learning & Earning 3D Artists

Nord University is one of the few universities that offers 3D art courses. However, remember that the university is strict in selecting students, and only an essay can set you apart from the competition. If you are unsure of your abilities, you may consider "pay someone to write my paper." As a last resort, you can register for an online course, giving you the same knowledge, certificate of the necessary skills and shortening the training by several years.

You cannot do without the necessary knowledge because your earnings depend on it - so the choice is yours. In general, the main thing is not to overdo the "outsourcing" of homework. After all, you will not be able to outsource your job to a paper writing service - you will have to prove your suitability to the employer on your own, and you will need your own knowledge. As for Salary, it differs depending on your experience. For example, a beginner can earn from $ 70,000 per year; an expert with three years of experience can earn from $ 100,000 per year.

Real Facts Why 3D Artists Will Be in Demand In The Coming Years

Large corporations like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Netflix spend billions of dollars annually on virtual reality technology and 3D content creation. Professions associated with these areas are now on the wave of popularity, and real facts testify to this. Let's take a closer look at them.

3D Modeling Helps Different Spheres Develop and Promote

3D modeling plays an essential role in the life of modern society. Anyone can print a 3D object downloaded from the Internet, whether a design model or a character from a favorite cartoon. However, not everyone can use 3D programs and can model three-dimensional objects. Hence, the demand for the profession in 3D modeling has grown exponentially over the past decade. Here are the main areas where 3D modeling is essential:

  1. Science and technology. In this area, 3D visualization is used mainly for the design of technical products. Modern technologies make it possible to visualize the designed object as close as possible to a real device. A three-dimensional model of the future mechanism speeds up and facilitates the design engineer's work, relieving him of the drawing process.
  2. Advertising and marketing. Favorite animals, talking food, or patterns that appear on the screens of gadgets in a matter of moments attract consumers' attention. Increasingly, marketers are using 3D visualization of objects to create animated commercials - shooting in real conditions does not provide such an attractive picture as with animation.
  3. Architecture and construction. People have recently become interested in the 3D visualization of an interior or a building. Previously, designers created object models from cardboard - this was very long and inconvenient. Today, 3D visualization of a house is an important stage before starting construction work. This technology allows you to look at the finished object and make changes if necessary.
  4. Cinematography, computer games, and animation. In the cinema and gaming industry, 3D visualization has taken root and is ingrained forever. It is difficult for a modern person to imagine his favorite game without three-dimensional characters and film without 3D graphics. 3D modeling makes movies more beautiful and exciting, as experts create unique objects that are not in real life.
  5. Medicine. When plastic surgery, doctors are increasingly using three-dimensional graphics. Thanks to this, doctors can demonstrate to the patient how the procedure will proceed and the result. Plastic surgery is a prime example.

The main advantage of 3D visualization is that it allows you to create impressive images, unique paintings, and intricate characters born in the human imagination. Therefore, any industry needs such experts.

3D Artists Save Employers Money

Over the past few years, when the world is faced with COVID-19, most companies have switched to collaborating with freelancers. The 3D artist is a profession that you can do at home. By hiring freelancers, employers save money:

  1. The employer does not need to equip an office for such employees. As a result, business people save on rent and utility bills, furniture, and consumables.
  2. The employer saves on the wage fund by eliminating deductions from salaries for social guarantees in the form of vacation pay or sick leave payments for temporary disability.
  3. The employer can make payment upon completing the assigned tasks within the framework of the terms of reference. Thus, the employer does not risk paying for poor-quality work.
  4. An employer can at any time refuse the services of one 3D artist and hire another or share a large project between several professionals. Thus, the employer will not have to pay fines for breaking the contract with the employee since most of the conditions are factual and have no legal force.
  5. The employer saves on fees. Freelancer, as a rule, costs less than a permanent full-time staff member with a similar list of tasks and responsibilities.

In addition, freelancers perform tasks on time since the amount of their remuneration depends on this. Without completing the project, they will not start a new project - their reputation is at stake.

3D Rendering Make The Brand Stand Out From The Crowd

Modern Internet users have "clip thinking": they perceive any information at the level of active viewing with dynamic scrolling. Brands take this into account and abandon previous product presentation templates. To win the competition and be remembered by the consumer, they rely on visual creativity.

3D rendering can identify and differentiate a brand from its surroundings. With 2D tools, it is not always possible to strike a balance between showiness and usability. The solutions are either unusual but expensive and inconvenient or inexpensive and convenient but ordinary.

Objects can look unusual by going out of the plane. Drawing something like this with your hands takes a very long time, sometimes it is more expensive, and the result does not always meet expectations. A premium quality 2D movie can cost several times more than simplified 3D graphics and will look just as much more beautiful. Therefore, many companies collaborate with 3D designers to attract attention to the brand, but it also benefits financially.

3D Rendering Helps Determine Product-Market Compliance

Fit product is the fit of the offered product to the requirements of buyers in a specific market. If a manufacturer successfully launches the right product, people will reward them with sales and positive reviews. However, if the marketer fails to do this, the product can gather dust in the warehouse because no one needs it. Traditionally, finding a PMF has meant launching a product and then collecting recommendations and customer opinions about it. This was the only way for the marketer to understand how to improve the design to meet the target audience's requirements.

Today, 3D rendering allows PMFs to be found during pre-production. The process of collecting customer reviews is now done using 3D models rather than real objects. Marketers can use static images and animations to gather opinions on how to improve demand. As a result, the brand will spend resources on releasing only the best versions of its projects - this will help keep costs down and win customer acceptance.

3D visualization helps to learn all about the characteristics of the future product and its potential market success. The world's latest imaging technology saves time and money and relieves customer and manufacturer frustration. 3D technologies help develop a design, find out what to produce, in what quantity, and how to improve it. Therefore, successful companies will turn to 3D artists before launching a project instead of wasting money on unnecessary goods.

3D Printers Can't Exist Without 3D Artists

Thanks to 3D printers, people can print any picture downloaded from the Internet. However, companies that want to launch a unique product cannot do without 3D artists who perfectly depict all the details. The 3D artist can create complex designs - it is impossible to find layouts on the Internet that would accurately reflect the ideas of brands.

For example, if you are good at human anatomy or engineering, you can become an indispensable aid in medicine. With the help of 3D printers, prostheses of arms and legs for adults and children are already being printed worldwide. Therefore, the demand for artists will increase, because business needs talented people who can translate ideas into reality.

Final Thoughts - What 3D Artists Should Expect In The Future

3D artists can offer their services to any industry. 3D artists can collaborate with architects, test products before launch, and create unique products on a 3D printer. Experts can breathe new life into animated characters and create interesting, realistic scenes in the film industry.

As you can see, 3D artists will be at work in all circumstances. The medicine, jewelry, engineering, computer games, and design market is growing, and the demand for 3D artists will not decrease. In 2020, the 3D market exceeded the value of $ 175.1 billion - this is 21% more than in previous years and will increase more and more every year. In 2021, 91% of enterprises switched to 3D printing.

Is it worth studying to be a 3D artist? Of course, yes! These numbers are positive for 3D artists as it means more jobs. In addition, the profession gives you the opportunity for career growth: you can collaborate with global brands and be the head of product design. Therefore, while others are mastering the profession of accounting, which will disappear by 2030, take up the study of 3D design to be the most in-demand for decades.