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We're going to share some interesting facts on how using the latest tools can benefit you as well as the best software for the year 2020 so far.

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Both the design and architecture industry are prone to constant advancements and changes. There's no denying that architectural rendering has become an essential part of our daily life and a standard in the industry.

Modern businesses of today heavily rely on 3D rendering and visualization to get ahead of the competition curve, reach wider audiences, boost their marketing efforts, and leave clients in awe.

Before we move on with the benefits of architectural rendering, let's swiftly reflect on the importance of 3D visualization today. Modern consumers are attracted to visuals.

Businesses use 3D images to improve their marketing efforts, while many industries rely on 3D visualization to marketing and advertise their products. In terms of architecture, architectural rendering can help clients see their very own ideas come to life before their eyes.

Every online business uses visualization to attract more customers and sell their products. People appreciated a 3D model because it allows clients to explore a project from every angle, down to the tiniest of details.

It's also an excellent method of communicating ideas in architecture. So, let's delve deeper into how using architectural rendering can be beneficial.

1. Ease of Communication

Modern 3D rendering, architecture, design, and visualization projects are extremely complex, requiring numerous changes and edits along the way. In those terms, effective communication is paramount to ensure successful cooperation.

Being able to explain your ideas down to the tiniest detail is extremely challenging, especially if you're explaining your thoughts to people with no prior knowledge. That can make your communication quite challenging.

It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to do it. Instead of wasting your energy, you can improve your communication by using 3D renderings. One image speaks more than a thousand words.

3D renderings can help you engage your clients in meaningful conversations that will result in mutual understanding. Clear visuals with high-quality details make any project easy to communicate.

2. Cost-Efficient Alternative

3D architectural rendering was quite expensive initially, but thanks to the latest, most advanced rendering software tools, that's not the case anymore. In fact, architectural rendering is affordable nowadays and easily accessible for a wide range of budgets.

If you introduce 3D animations to the table, things become even more interesting. You can say pretty much anything by using 3D animations. They are like 3D images but better, upgraded, and more fitting for storytelling.

With architectural rendering software becoming more accessible to a wide range of people from all over the world, Easy Render takes pride in providing a reliable source for finding 3D rendering artists that offer their services at more affordable prices than most rendering companies.

3. Reduce Error to Minimum

The problem with complex projects is fixing any possible errors that might come up in the process. Since there's no way around it, 3D rendering can help identify any possible and potential project errors before they escalate and endanger the entire project.

Now, we can't emphasize enough how important this is to the entire cooperation and collaboration between artists and clients. Being able to detect errors early, before the project moves far away is the best way to save time, effort, and money.

Any error in the project means more time, effort, and resources to fix it. If a project is about to enter the construction stage, any potential error might endanger its realization. However, 3D architectural rendering allows professionals to streamline the entire process and give their clients insight into every stage of the project, to make sure everything is in order.

Clients can use these photorealistic renderings to see if the project before them is according to their specific needs and requirements.

4. A Powerful Marketing Tool

There's no better way for 3D rendering artists and architects to attract wider audiences than using mind-bending images to amaze their clients, prospects, and investors. Photorealistic images are a powerful marketing tool that you can use to showcase your knowledge, skill, style, expertise, and so on.

It's also an excellent way to gain some competitive advantage that you can leverage to stand out from the crowd in your business niche. In a visual world of today, clients choose artists and architects based on their online portfolios.

These portfolios provide excellent sources of images and other rendering works that clients can use to make an educated decision before they decide to hire.

Now that you're fully aware of the importance of architectural rendering in today's world let's look at the top architectural rendering software tools of the year 2020.

Easy Render's List of 2020 Top Architectural Rendering Software

Here is our guide to the top-class architectural rendering software tools for architectural visualization, special effects, animations, 3D modeling, and more.

1. 3Delight

Designed for the ultimate level of compatibility with a wide range of industry standards, 3Delight rendering software is the latest thing on the rendering market. Rooted in the RenderMan shading language, 3Delight is easily integrable with most modern 3D modeling solutions.

This software is currently the most used tool for feature film effects. It works well with Maya, an extremely popular 3D modeling tool that gives the moviemakers the much-needed level of flexibility to do just about anything, and create breathtaking movie effects.

Its best feature is that it supports physically-based materials, as well as OpenVDB and Open Exr. If you're using this software as a single user, you get it for free.

2. Arnold

Arnold is named after Arnold Schwarzenegger, and just like the famous actor, its main feature is its strength, or in terms of rendering, its rendering power. It's a CPU-based renderer designed to be extremely fast.

Since speed is one of the most important things in the world of architectural rendering, Arnold is an excellent choice for all those who need rendering services in real-time. With that in mind, Arnold allows the user to make changes during the process of rendering.

These edits will be instantly included in the ongoing project, which saves you a significant amount of time while providing excellent results. If its control that you're after, no other rendering software gives you the level of control that Arnold does. It's also essential to mention that it supports volumetric and includes a very thorough material editor that's based on nodes.

3. Artlantis

Here's a top-class rendering software that has been designed to address the specific needs of designers and architects. Its biggest perk is providing a wide range of amazing features that allow for a quick turnaround. For example, if you need natural outdoor or indoor lighting, Artlantis provides.

It has a library of materials that are physically based, making this architectural rendering software the most commonly used tool in architecture, as it helps achieve photorealistic results.

Aside from the most advanced shaders, Artlantis also provides a wide range of naturally luminous materials that allow professionals to choose from many different lighting options. It's an exceptionally fast renderer that's compatible with multiple devices.

It will help a professional minimize the time it takes to complete even the most complex rendering tasks. If your goal is to create VR sequences and objects, iVisit360 panoramas, HD 3D renderings, and high resolution still images, Artlantis should be your go-to software.

4. Blender

Time and time again, Blender has been mentioned as one of the best open-source and free 3D creation suites in the world. And this isn't just because people can use it for free. It’s a multi-functional cross-platform architectural rendering software suite, packed with amazing tools and features that you can use as a support for your entire 3D pipeline.

That's not just another rendering software. It's the ultimate tool and simply a must-have for every serious architect and 3D rendering artist. Now, Blender is an excellent software solution for motion tracking, rendering composition, simulation, animation, rigging, and modeling.

That aside, Blender also works as an integrated game engine while the latest version brings the user a completely new interface that makes using the software much easier and more organized than before.

Customize your workspaces, use interactive tools and icons to achieve the most photorealistic results, and more. The latest version also supports rendering sequencer, compositing, animations, and still frames.

5. Clarisse

Clarisse is rather a new software on the 3D rendering market, but it's already making waves, adding credit to its name. Aside from being widely acknowledged as an incredibly fast rendering software, it provides a fantastic level of customization and flexibility.

Each user can customize the software any way they see fit. It allows the user to set up scenes intuitively. With highly advanced rendering capabilities, incredible speed, and fantastic integration features, Clarisse allows professionals to create the most mind-bending, photorealistic, and detailed 3D rendering works.

These are the biggest reasons why this software is the most widely used solution in a variety of commercial studios. On top of all this, Clarisse is also an excellent solution if you want to streamline your production pipeline.

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