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Architecture is an art form as ancient as civilization. We've always needed a place to live, and we've always strived to make it as beautiful, functional, and comfortable as possible.

A professional architect will tell you – it's far from an easy job to do. Architecture as an art form has evolved significantly since the days of pen and paper. Most of the tasks that architecture brings to the table are done through the power of computers.

Computers have revolutionized art as a whole, and architecture is no different. There are programs for 3D visualization, design, and, of course, architectural rendering.

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The Best 3D Architectural Rendering Software Solutions Around

Finding a solution to your 3D architectural rendering project is not always an easy task. With millions of freelancers offering a shady service, finding a real hub of professionals can be challenging.

If you're wondering how one finds a proper solution to a 3D architectural rendering issue, you should look no further than Easy Render. Easy Render is the best hub of 3D architectural rendering professionals, and an ideal place for architecture firms, freelancers, and project managers who seek help with their projects.

If you need a professional 3D Architectural rendering solution, our hub of top-of-the-line professionals is here to help you – no matter the deadline, specificity, and requirements. The sheer amount of professionals ensures that you will be covered.

Project managers, architectural firms, and other individuals seeking out help with 3D architectural rendering are continually looking for a reliable expert to aid them in their time of need. An excellent architectural rendering professional will know how to handle any issue you throw their way.

Here at Easy Render, we pride ourselves on our community. Our community is made of the best professionals who use top tools for things that exceed mere 3D architectural rendering.

Our professionals are prepared to handle most visualization issues, such as:

  • 3D architectural rendering
  • Image rendering
  • Product design
  • Interior design
  • 3D visualization
  • Project optimization

As long as you need professional, timely, and affordable services – you will want to be a member of our ever-growing community of professionals and consumers. The community is the bulk of what makes Easy Render so great.

Why Hire a Professional?

Architectural rendering is solely dependent on the models which make up the bulk of the render. If you're looking to visualize an architectural project's aspect, you will want to make the models as well as possible.

The parts that make up the blueprint of your design are as crucial as the design itself. An architectural render is nothing without attention to details – and this is why you need a professional.

Everyone can participate in different forms of 3D visualization these days. There are many different software pieces, and quite a significant number of them are available for free. Everyone with a decent knowledge of a certain platform can call themselves an expert.

You can easily tell the difference between a professional and an amateur. A top professional will make sure that every aspect of their design is well optimized.

The job of an artist is never actually over – but deadlines are a very present thing. If you're a project manager looking to get an architectural solution promptly, you're not going to get a good-enough product from an amateur.

A professional will know the importance of deadlines and is bound to deliver without hindering any detail. Making your idea come to life is impossible if you miss out on all the little components that interact with one another to give your design a lively, realistic, and professional feel.

While the architectural design is nowhere near as tightly detailed as product design, it needs to have all the little perks, quirks, and features that bring it to life.

The importance of these details exceeds aesthetic purposes. Functionality is a significant aspect of architectural design, and including as many functional elements is integral to the design process itself.

Having your project come to life with detailed, functional, and aesthetically pleasing components makes it much easier to make critical decisions. Aside from choices, it has immense presentation properties.

Any architectural firm and project manager will know, a building is nothing if it's not realistic. An excellent 3D architectural render will serve a vital purpose in presenting your idea and design to an investor.

If the design itself is beautiful, detailed, and functional, it shows the investor all the little details that might influence him or her to make the correct decision. When it comes to the artistic perspective, proper visualization with all the little information will tell the actual designer what needs to be changed.

The reasons for hiring an architectural rendering professional are many, and Easy Render is the right place to seek them.

What Does a Professional 3D Architectural Render Consist Of?

A professional 3D render doesn't consist of just the bare shell of a design. It is an intricate art form with many moving parts, and that is why making it as realistic as possible is such a sophisticated task best left to professionals.

To help you in your decision-making process, we here at Easy Render have decided to list all the moving parts that make up an architectural rendering. If you're aware of the components of a good render, you'll be able to recognize good work from amateur work. So, without further ado, here are the most critical components that make up architectural rendering and why they are so important.


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any visual presentation. Even when you're talking about a selfie, lighting plays a very prominent role. Imagine the importance that it has when it comes to architectural renderings.

Architectural rendering and lighting go hand in hand. So, whether its interior or exterior design, presenting your project in different angles of illumination will give you a better perspective on how it's going to turn out.


Your architectural project's modeling will play a significant role in how it turns out. While you can play with it as much as you want, you will have to keep it tame to an extent if you're looking to get it approved by investors.

Modeling all the little things that make up your architectural project will bring it to life. As you know, architecture consists of multiple components, all of which need to be models in a similar style. While you can think of something unique, it's best to stick to the ground rules when it comes to modeling.

Environment and Atmosphere

If you have a revolutionary idea for an architectural project, you need to consider where it will be. That is why modeling the environment around your building is just as important as modeling the architectural project itself.

Urban planning is a big thing for a reason, and making your project blend in with its surroundings will be one of the essential factors in its design.

Interior Design

If your architectural project has an interior, it's going to be as important as the exterior. What good is a gorgeous building if it's not functional? That is why you have to pitch an idea of how your project will look in a real-life setting and how it's going to accommodate consumers.

Architectural projects mandate proper interiors, as they're one of the main selling points. Interior design is also going to give interior designers some idea of what the architect envisioned, and allow them to do their job to a better degree.


Structural integrity is one of the foundations of architecture. If your project is out of this world when it comes to design, accommodation, and presentation – it's still not going to be applicable if you've imagined it without structural integrity.

Structural integrity is closely tied to the laws of physics, and professionals are well aware of this. That is why amateurs sometimes present things that seem too good to be true – and more often than not, they are.

Actual Applicability

Actual applicability is a blend of all the factors that make up a professional architectural render. If you're looking to make an excellent product, you will have to make sure that it works.

A project can fail even if it fulfills all the basic principles – and that's because it simply doesn't work in its given setting. Make sure that you garner feedback from professionals, and ensure that your project will pop.

Promotional Material

A product, or in this case an architectural render, is only as good as its marketing. If you're looking to market your architectural render, you'll need a way to present it. Now, this is why presentation plays a crucial role in the 3D architectural rendering process.

Some of the most popular ways to present your project as promotional material are:


Nicely angled images will make your project pop. That's best done through proper angling and lighting, excellent design to back your rendering up, and some post-production magic.


Just like images, videos will have to show as many features in the best light possible. That is done through multiple angles, lighting, and some ground rules behind video presentation. An excellent video presentation is a perfect way to seal the deal with investors.

VR Presentation

A VR presentation is relatively new, but it shows immense promise when it comes to presentation. While VR presentation is the trickiest medium to present a project, it's by far the most impressive. Make sure to test this thoroughly yourself before submitting it, as a VR presentation will show all the features and shortcomings of your design to their full extent.

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