Tips to hire the right talent for freelance 3D modeling
Tips to hire the right talent for freelance 3D modeling


With the increase in demand for 3D modelers in the freelancing industry, there is a need to look for skillful talent to create technically appealing and visually immersive experiences with the advancement of technology.

Finding the right candidate with the right skill set, experience, and expertise level is essential. Ultimately, acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth. The right candidate can enhance performance and growth, execute the project, drive innovation, ensure team productivity, motivate others to grow as well, and help the brand achieve its goal.

Understanding the requirements to execute the project:

Stating the scope and requirements of the project is an essential part of the project management. Consider the strategies for identifying the scope and requirements of a 3D modeling project:

  • Stating goals

The first step to take before starting any project is defining the project. It may include identifying the product to be modeled, finding the target audience for the model, and setting the intended use of the model. 

  • Allocating useful resources

The importance of having accurate reference materials to work from to create high-quality 3D models is unchangeable. Allocation of resources like drawings, photos, sample designs, or other materials that can be helpful in providing detailed information about the design and features of the product.

  • Tools and Techniques

After allocating all the necessary resources, you can start creating the 3D model, which typically involves using 3D modeling software to create a virtual representation of the product.

  • Testing and reviewing

Once the initial models are created, it is important to test and make necessary changes if required. Reviewing and refining are an iterative process that may involve multiple rounds of feedback and adjustments before the model is finalized.

  • Results

It is important to make sure that the model meets the project's standards and expectations. The model should be optimized for efficient performance. 

How to determine if the freelancer is a right fit or not:

With the right technical and soft skills, you can hire a freelancer for 3D modeling. To become efficient in 3D modeling, one must have soft skills like problem-solving ability, creativity, communication, and collaboration, along with proficiency in modeling software tools and techniques.

Finding the potential 3D modeler:

Hiring a skillful freelance 3D artist can be tricky. But there are certain platforms and marketplaces where it is easy to find and hire 3D modelers according to their skillset and ratings. Freelancing platforms like UPWORK, FIVERR, DESIGNCROWD, 99DESIGNS, CGTRADER, and many more open a wide range of options to find skilled freelancers to hire for your brand.

Evaluating Portfolios:

Evaluation of a portfolio can help to determine if a freelancer has relevant experience and expertise in the required industry. With proper skills and experience, it can be easier to onboard a freelancer with their professionalism.

Establishing effective communication: 

Clear communication can directly affect the work outcome. So, it is important to establish clear communication with potential freelancers and be very specific in intentionally communicating the goal of the project, which may help build a mutually strong relationship and set high-value work ethics by building trust.

Setting project deadlines:

Setting expectations, deadlines, and project milestones upfront can help ensure that expectations are met and the project is delivered to the clients on time. Establishing checkpoints throughout the project timeline can be helpful in monitoring the progress, addressing the issues, and providing feedback.

Negotiating and Closing Deals:

Typical freelancers may charge based on hourly rates, per-project rates, or rates on gig work. However, it is essential to understand and consider the standards of 3D modeling freelancers in terms of their skill level, experience, quality, and ability to work on complex projects and industry demands.

Determining the minimum acceptable rate (MAR) is essential for negotiation for fair pricing. It is viable to pay the price according to the skill level, expertise, geographic location, project complexity, and industry demands of the freelancers.

Assessment of the technical skills: 

Before hiring a potential 3D modeling freelancer, it is essential to verify the skillset and proficiency they have in their work. This may include various steps like reviewing their portfolio, taking software testing, technical interviews, giving them practical projects, and providing feedback sessions.

While choosing the freelancer for your brand, you can consider asking them for their work samples and test projects to verify their technical skills and hands-on experience in doing such projects, which will provide an overall outlook on the expertise of the technical aspect of the candidate.

Evaluating professionalism:

Setting high standards for working can be very professional in terms of work ethic values. Considering factors like responsiveness, reliability, and professionalism of a freelancer is essential as it can be effective for the brand in driving goal-oriented results.

Through LinkedIn or other professional networking and portfolio websites, you can check the endorsements, ratings, recommendations, and references from their industry peers for their service, which determines the quality and productivity of the freelancer.

Managing relationships:

Since freelancers are individual workers, it is constantly required to communicate and collaborate with them throughout the execution of the project by providing constructive feedback and guidance, which may lead to successful execution.

It is inevitable that problems and issues will arise while working on the project. Through constant support and communication between the employer and freelancer, these issues can be addressed to ensure the success of the project. 

Ensuring the quality of the project:

After the completion of the project, it is necessary to review and approve the finalized 3D models so that they are perfectly aligned with the client’s requirements and demands and presented to them. To ensure the reviewing process, you can make checklists of the requirements of the project and proper performing factors for the models. 

Once the project is executed successfully, it is time to revise the models and take feedback loops from others to ensure the proper working of the model and to achieve the desired results, making sure that the product is ready to launch.


If you are looking to hire the right freelance 3D modeling talent, then get in touch with Easy Render. Look for freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr, 99 Designs, etc., to get skilled and professional 3D modeling freelancers. Consider these tips:

  • Do check their portfolio
  • Know their skill sets and expertise level
  • Check if they have any recommendations or reference
  • Communicate and collaborate
  • Hire according to your preferences.

Be it any project, it is important for the employer to emphasize constant research for the right freelance candidate to hire and look for the right skill set and expertise, along with clear communication and successful collaborations.