Best 3D Artists You Should Follow
An interior rendering of a cabinet made with blue and brass panels and a set of steel legsBest 3D Artists You Should Follow

Every 3D artist may sometimes experience a lack of inspiration or motivation and may find themselves in a creative block. However, some artists want to inspire others with their work and give their fellow artists an insight into different perspectives about the world. These 3D artists want to help everyone on their visualization journey, even beginners.

We will mention some of the best and most influential artists you should follow if you lack inspiration or want to start your visualization journey. You will find your style and get creative after seeing their work.

Tom Green

Tom Green was an Australian artist who wanted to express his inner state through art. This artist used the abstract painting method to tell a story on the canvas, which can truly move you. Although the shapes are not clearly determined, his paintings will awaken certain emotions in you, and you will surely understand the story behind each of his paintings.

Antoni Tudisco

Antoni Tudisco is a contemporary 3D artist whose work includes earthly and extraterrestrial elements. He uses humanoid figures and transforms them into abstract and extraordinary 3D objects. Moreover, he has partnerships with many leading fashion brands, such as Gucci, and creates 3D art for these companies – he will inspire you to create something futuristic.

Savva Tsekmes

Savva Tsekmes’ work consists of real-life objects made in their 3D form alongside some imaginative elements. His work breathes an earthly atmosphere due to the darker tones he uses in his visualizations.

Moreover, his work leaves an impression of motion, although the objects are still in the picture. You will feel like you are looking at a video, although nothing is moving.


Visualdon wanted to combine vintage colors with contemporary elements, which is what his work is based on. He uses vivid colors (used in the ‘80s) to give that retro feeling to his contemporary art. Moreover, in each of his projects, you can see elements of space, such as stars or planets, that contribute to the mixed atmosphere of retroelements and contemporary art.

Yonito Tanu & Jessica Chapiness

The Yonito Tany and Jessica Chapiness duo created a studio in Spain that produces some great 3D art forms. Their latest art collection, which focuses on keeping the summer alive throughout the year, has definitely fulfilled its primary goal.

This Hunky-Dunky duo uses colors to tell a story behind certain elements and combine the impossible. Their work is truly a sight for sore eyes.

Jonathan Quintin

Jonathan Quintin wanted to make the best out of sacred geometry, thus creating complex and vivid 3D designs. His work is based on incorporating as many geometrical shapes and creating symmetry, as well as incorporating colors that will make the design look and feel extraterrestrial.

By profession, he is a cosmologist, so it’s not surprising that he wants to create art that worships the universe.

Nico Warschauer

Nico Warschauer loves to mix contrary elements and colors. His work usually consists of sharp, hard objects alongside soft, liquid-like objects. By doing so, he can make hard objects appear soft and vice versa.

Moreover, he likes to design realistic projects such as cars that will make you question whether it is a design or a real object in the picture. His work will surely leave you confused yet amazed by his imagination and creativity.

Annibale Siconolfi

Annibale Siconolfi is an Italian artist whose first 3D love was architecture. His designs represent cities and states in the future – he designs cities that are overcrowded yet very functional. Moreover, he has a vision of the future and how far civilization will progress.

His designs show some futuristic elements, such as floating living spaces and flying cars.

Martin Salfity

Martin Salfity uses 3D visualization tools to create objects that appear close. For example, in some of his collections, you can find visualizations that look like they were pictured under a microscope.

He focuses on smaller things that form a bigger unit, and each of these small elements has its own meaning. Additionally, it is incredible how he manages to create 3D art that looks almost identical to microscope findings.

Sarper Baran

Sarper Baran is a Turkish 3D artist who creates designs that appear fictional. He also incorporates human figures into his work, but he makes them appear mythical and mystical.

You will feel as if you are watching the creation of a new deity or as if you are in an epic fantasy movie (for example, a contemporary version of “The Lord of The Rings”). You will also see superpowers from both humans and nature.

Jeff Han

Jeff Han is a passionate gamer, so his 3D art is based on some of the games he is playing. Most of his designs incorporate vivid colors and appear as realistic images of certain game characters. Additionally, his 3D art looks and feels like an oil painting. Instead of focusing on the realistic aspect more, he wanted to give games and characters a more artistic feel, thus preserving their beauty.

Josh Pierce

From Josh Pierce’s work, we can conclude that he is very connected to nature. He creates 3D visualizations of nature, but with a little twist. In his work, there is always a small, abstract, light element that is characteristic of his art.

That may imply that nature should be a part of the future and that we shouldn’t leave behind our natural resources. Nature and the future can coexist, thus creating heaven on earth.


3D art requires you to be as creative as possible, creating unique designs that will carry your signature elements. This type of art allows you to mix your passions and present your inner state through three-dimensional objects.

You can make the impossible seem possible, just like the people we have previously mentioned. These people use 3D art to create vivid and beautiful art that will make you wonder what the story behind their projects is.