Looking for a product renderer or 3D artist?
Looking for a product renderer or 3D artist?

Not sure if that new lamp design would look better in a metal or plastic finish? Or perhaps you just need that new product brought to life for marketing purposes? Well, we know that looking for a product render can be quite daunting, especially with so many different services out there. Not to mention so many questions and uncertainties - Will it be terribly expensive? Can the website be trusted? Can they guarantee the 3D render or 3D model will be of high quality?

Well, don’t worry we are going to give you all the necessary information you need to tackle these questions head on!

This guide will help you learn:

1. Why product rendering can help your business.

2. Where you can find a great product renderer and 3D artist?

3. How to choose and hire the right product renderer for your business.

So let’s get started, what exactly is product rendering or product visualization?

Product rendering & product visualization

Happy you asked! 3D product rendering is the process of creating a 3D image of a product from a 2d or 3d model using 3d rendering software. The creation of computer-generated 3D objects started around the 1970’s and has evolved and improved exponentially ever since! So now you can get product renders of pretty much anything, from small pieces of jewellery to huge furniture pieces.  

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Why do we use product rendering?

Effort vs Time vs Money!

Product rendering is often used in technology, engineering and the design industry because it gives designers the chance to “bring their ideas, prototypes and inventions to life” before going into the more complex stage of building it.  

Most importantly it means that product rendering answers lots of questions…Will that bedside table lamp look better with round or sharp corners? How would that car look if we removed the door handles? Would our users prefer it?

Product designers sometimes will know exactly what will work and what will not, however, getting your clients or users to vision it is slightly more difficult. So rather than pulling out your hair trying to imagine what your users want, you can actually bring them to life with product renderings and show them…  

More to the point product visualizations give designers, architects and their clients a truthful and realistic sneak preview of their vision from all the angles. Inside and Out. Left and right. Furthermore, if there are any aspects of the product that users want to change or perhaps don’t like, the product designer could easily redesign and re-render the product in minutes – Saving Time sweating over that drawing board.

Product rendering has another great advantage. Visualizing products and their elements digitally in 3D allow designers to identify flaws in the design before the production stage. This not only avoids unnecessary revisions but it could also save you from issuing a faulty production order! (You wouldn’t believe it but it does happen – all the time!).

Finally, in addition to this, 3D product visualizations assist in the marketing of the project there after. It is very common now to see beautifully rendered images of product, which just have that extra something that you sometimes just cannot achieve with a photograph.

Why should my company care about product rendering?

Product Rendering and 3D Visualizations Stand Out

It is a very well-known fact that great design helps you stand out in an already overcrowded market. Product renderings and 3D visualizations do just that, in fast paced consumer world where clients have little or no time at all. High-quality product renders allow your clients to quickly visualise your product or idea in detail. Your clients are now in a better position to make an informed decision and therefore will be more likely convert into a customer.

Design Pays Off

There has been an increase in the number of organizations that are using 3D product visualizations due to the advantages that 3D modelling and product rendering give you during the design, prototyping, and marketing phases (to name a few!).

Sticking designs, adaptability and a variety of choice (size, colours, finishing’s) in now becoming an essential component of any website in so many industries, even the ones you wouldn’t expect.

Who doesn’t want to save time and money?

Product renderings give designers an opportunity to make alterations based on user feedback at early stages in the project life cycle. Correcting the faults and making alterations which are vital to the success of that product, save your company time and money and avoid disappointment down the line. Who wouldn’t want that?  

Where do you find a product renderer or 3D artist?

Fortunately for you, finding a product renderer or 3D artist for your project is relatively straightforward.

You could:

1. Ask a friend

Recommendations from friends, colleagues and family are usually a great place to start and a reliable indication of what to expect from your product renderer or 3d artist.

2. Ask Google

Google it! Google is an incredible source of knowledge and you expect to find 3D rendering studios, 3D rendering services and 3D product artists within a matter of seconds. Another thing to be aware of is – google is cleaver and usually refers you to rendering studios “locally”. This can be a great asset because you can pick up the phone and give them a ring or just walk in to discuss your designs. For those of you who live in the capitals of the world – London, New York, Sydney, this could potentially put you at a slight disadvantage because finding a good product renderer can be more expensive. So check your settings and search the web – there are some great platforms out there, as well as, internationally based online rendering services to choose from!

3. Use a 3D Rendering Platform like Easy Render

Easy Render is a 3d rendering platform with a worldwide network of 3d artists. Its goal is to help people like you quickly find the right 3d artist for their project at an affordable price.

Apart from being fast, finding your product renderer online also gives you the opportunity to spend time browsing 3D artist portfolios. This ensures that their technique and 3D rendering style fits your project requirements. The majority of online services provide you with one quote: take it or leave it. Posting a job on Easy Render means you will quick get offers from their worldwide network of 3d artists. Finding the best 3d artist at the most competitive price has never been so easy.

So now you know where to find them… but how do you choose the right 3D artist?

How do you hire the right product renderer for your company?

So whether you decide to go with one of the 100’s of studios out there or a 3D Rendering Platform, we always recommend you start by asking yourself the same four questions:

Do you like the product rendering style?

It is important to find a 3D artist whose product rendering style and technique fits well with your project. Have a look at these 3D artist portfolio’s to understand what I mean.

If the 3D artist’s portfolio does not immediately grab your attention, then it is likely it won’t grab your users or client’s attention either… keep looking!

Do you know who you are hiring?

Now, that you have researched your 3D Artists it is important that you know “who you are hiring” to avoid disappointments. So we recommend you ask your rendering service or 3D artist some questions. Can you guarantee quality? Consistency? Deadline? How many revisions do I get? What happens if you fail to perform? It does not matter if you are searching on Google or reviewing candidates from a product rendering service, what is important is that your 3D rendering service or 3D artist offers you a guarantee of his ability to perform.  

This takes me to my next point…Guarantee

Can they meet my deadline?

It is essential that your product rendering service or 3D artist offers you a guarantee of the quality of the work and that it will match the product renders that he advertises in his portfolio.  

A 3d rendering studio will generally ask for a down payment in advance before commencing any work on a 3d rendering project. Some 3d rendering studios ensure you only pay at the end of the project, once you are happy with the work. Easy Render holds your funds in escrow until the project is complete and only releases the funds to the 3D Artist once you have approved the work. Having these types of guarantee gives you and your company piece of mind.

We strongly recommend it!  

Is that a reasonable price?

This is something you will have to determine based on your budget and the type of service you decide to hire for your product rendering. Most product rendering services provide you with a quote upfront, while some 3D Rendering Platforms allow you to get multiple offers from their worldwide network of 3D artists so that you can get the best possible price on the global market.

The choice is yours!


Well, hopefully you have found this short guide on how to find the right product renderer for your company quite useful. Now you have all the necessary tools and knowledge to get out there and do your research. We wish you all the best in finding the right product renderer for your project!

All the best and happy rendering!