Is It Worth Hiring an Independent 3D Visualization Artist?
Is It Worth Hiring an Independent 3D Visualization Artist?

3D visualization wasn’t always part of the architecture. Architects used blueprints and hand-drawn sketches for their projects. Nevertheless, with the advent of modern technology, digitization, and computerization, architecture went through a major transformation. Essentially, being employed in architecture in the past was completely different from what it is today.

New approaches to architecture also indicated the need for additional knowledge and an improved skill set. Therefore, new job positions started appearing, including 3D artists. Today, 3D artists have a crucial role in architecture, and no project can be realized without them.

If you’d like to learn more about 3D artists and whether you should hire them, just keep reading.

Do they really exist?

Everyone seems to be talking about 3D artists and 3D visualization, but as it turns out, finding one in real life is more complex than it seems, especially if you live in a country where this field still hasn’t gotten its big break. So, do people who specialize just in 3D visualization even exist?

To answer this question simply – yes, specialized 3D artists do exist. While 3D visualization is still a fairly young and new concept that hasn’t reached its full potential yet, numerous individuals understand its importance and choose to unravel what 3D architecture has in store for them.

What’s more, the total number of 3D artists is growing each day, thanks to the high demand for 3D architecture. What was once only a hobby of some architects and graphic designers has developed into an entirely independent field.

As a result, universities and colleges worldwide created specific bachelor, master, and Ph.D. programs that already taught several young generations how to master 3D architecture, which motivated numerous students to launch their careers independently and not rely on big corporations.

With that in mind, we can only expect to see more and more 3D artists in the future.

Where to find freelancer 3D artists

Now that you know 3D architecture is becoming increasingly popular among the public, how can you get in touch with them? As previously mentioned, this could be a problem, especially if there are no 3D artists yet in your area.

Luckily, finding freelance 3D artists has never been easier. Thanks to the internet and its countless advantages, everyone can find what they’re looking for in just a few minutes. The same goes for freelance 3D artists, who do everything they can to increase their online presence and successfully launch their careers.

Platforms like Easy Render make this process even simpler. Namely, all project developers or business owners looking for a 3D artist can easily find one with the help of Easy Render. It’s a platform specially designed to connect 3D artists with people who need their services.

All you have to do is create a job posting and wait for 3D artists worldwide to make an offer. Then, hire an artist who best meets your requirements and expectations to work on the entire project together.

Their prices

All individuals interested in hiring 3D artists are curious about the price freelancers ask for in return for their services.

There’s no way to predetermine how much money you’ll need to pay your 3D artist. Prices aren’t universal and are influenced by numerous factors. For instance, a large part of the price is naturally the size and complexity of a project. Each project has unique properties, so it’s only understandable the price will vary depending on what you’re asking for.

Moreover, the price will also depend on your artist. Reputation, previous projects, experience, knowledge, and skills are among the most important factors influencing the final price. The more experienced, skillful, and knowledgeable your 3D artist is, the higher their price will be. A good reputation also increases the price.

Another factor that can alter the price is the country of your 3D artist’s residence. Each country has different economic standards, so something affordable to you could be expensive for someone else and vice versa. If you connect with 3D artists from different countries, you can get high-quality projects at incredible price deals.

Finally, 3D artists typically charge less than companies. Companies need to charge more because they have various additional costs, including taxes, insurance, and salaries. With freelance artists, you can get the same outcome for a lower price.

Level of commitment

If you want the highest level of commitment from your artist, you can’t go wrong with freelancers. Although the exact level of commitment depends on each artist individually, they’re without a doubt more committed than employees working for a company.

Since company workers aim to sign up for highly-paid deals, they usually end up working on multiple-story buildings or entire complexes that pay a lot of money and don’t require much customization and commitment. Therefore, your artist’s commitment depends on the project too.

Freelancers take each project seriously and fully commit to it, whether it’s a one-time project or just the beginning of a series of regular cooperation. If you’re still unsure, reviews are a great way to determine whether your artist is ready to commit to each task.

Knowledge matters

People spend many years learning about and perfecting a particular field. The same goes for 3D visualization and architecture, requiring a lot of time, effort, and patience.

Whether they acquire this knowledge through formal education or alternative methods, including courses and learning through experience, all knowledge matters, and nothing should be taken for granted.

Contrary to the common belief that freelance 3D artists don’t know what they’re doing, a large majority of young freelancers have a degree and can do their job just right. Furthermore, older 3D artists, who couldn’t study 3D visualization as it wasn’t popularized yet, also show impeccable knowledge they gained through years of working in a similar field.

Something that sets 3D artists apart from others is the desire to improve constantly. Because they don’t work for a company, but for themselves and their name, many professionals choose to work on improving their skills and mastering new trends in 3D architecture.

Check out their reviews

Reviews can say a lot about independent artists, and you should never disregard them. You’ll undoubtedly come across hundreds of viable 3D artists, especially if you use platforms like Easy Render. Even if you have the two top candidates, deciding which one to go with can be very difficult, let alone if there are more candidates than that.

If this sounds familiar, checking out the reviews of your potential 3D artists might help. People who have previously worked with them will gladly share their experiences publicly and help others make easier decisions in the future.

Here you can find out anything you need to know about the 3D artists you’re interested in. From making a deal and common language to the client’s happiness with the result, there’s nothing you can’t find out by reading the reviews.

It’s something we highly recommend you do before contacting the artist, as you can get an idea about what to expect from them, so there are no surprises.

Do they have a portfolio?

All freelance artists have a portfolio that contains some of their best work. They typically use this portfolio for promotional purposes as it clearly shows the artist’s knowledge, skill, and ability to respond to various demands requested by the clients.

Portfolios aren’t only great for learning a bit about how your artist works, but they also help you come up with ideas. Namely, portfolios can be an excellent source of inspiration if you aren’t certain what you’re looking for or lack the creativity to enrich your idea and make it more unique.

Finally, portfolios are very helpful to individuals who don’t know a lot about visualization, architecture, or interior design. Maybe they know what they’re looking for but can’t find the words to explain it accurately. In this case, an easily accessible portfolio will act as a communication tool and help 3D artists and their clients find a common language.

Simply put, the portfolio of freelance 3D artists drastically improves the communication between the customers and artists, which results in successful project cooperation.

Specialization is important

You might think 3D artists don’t focus on a particular field and accept just about any offer they receive. It couldn’t be further away from the truth as 3D artists understand how important specialization is.

Most 3D artists choose a specific field quite early on in their professional life and work on improving it throughout their whole career. Furthermore, the artists are commonly known for the area they specialized in, whether that’s the type of buildings, style, location, or something else.

Specialization among 3D artists is important because it allows them to improve and create more as artists and move in the circles that could lead to potential business deals.

Nonetheless, young artists who have just started their careers are encouraged to experiment with as many fields as possible until they find something they’re passionate about and good at, which will bring them the most joy while specializing in that field.

They are more likely to commit

As mentioned previously, freelancers are more likely to commit to their projects than workers of the most famous companies. Big corporations and international enterprises have many partners, sponsors, and clients that bring them money. Simply because these companies have a lot of work, they can’t devote all of their attention to a single project.

The common consequence of this is the frequent disappointment among the clients, whether they have just started working with a company or have years of successful collaboration behind them.

Even though Easy Render can’t promise your freelance 3D artist will fully commit to your project and invest a lot of time and effort in it, the chances of better commitment are highly increased. Freelancers are known to be more careful and attentive towards their clients just because it’s their name and reputation on the line.

While artists have different levels of commitment, you’ll quickly find committed individuals on Easy Render. Before making a final decision, make sure to check out the reviews and ensure your 3D artist will value your project and collaboration.

Level of professionalism

Last but certainly not least, another misconception concerning freelance 3D artists is that they are unprofessional individuals who haven’t managed to find a job in a strongly competitive corporate world.

Freelancing offers countless benefits no other job position can afford, which is why many employees even quit their regular jobs just to become freelancers. Additionally, some artists never even worked in a company because they found freelancing more rewarding and enjoyable.

Some of the benefits freelancing provides and artists greatly value are:

  • Higher income
  • Flexible working hours
  • Freedom to choose projects
  • Genuine connection with clients
  • Honest commitment to all projects

Freelancers’ level of professionalism is at the highest level, often even higher than at the companies. They value and appreciate their clients, so they’ll do anything it takes to meet deadlines and implement all the customer’s requirements into the project.

In any case, we strongly suggest that you check out the reviews and do your research before deciding on a 3D artist for your next project.


Finally, it’s time to answer the ultimate question – is it worth hiring an independent 3D visualization artist? Our answer is a strong yes backed up by multiple reasons.

Working with independent 3D artists will give you a completely different experience than working with companies. What’s more important, the experience you’ll witness will be overwhelmingly positive. The care, attention to detail, professionalism, and level of commitment you’ll experience from freelance artists will show you that you need never go back to working with companies.

If you’re still thinking about whether this is the right move for you, make sure to check out Easy Render and all its advantages that’ll ensure you have a pleasant collaboration with 3D freelancers.