40 Spot-on 3D Artists You Should Follow on Behance
40 Spot-on 3D Artists You Should Follow on Behance

Tech development hit the 3D art world and transformed it completely. Instead of drawing manually with vanishing points, using programs for 3D modelling and rendering, artists in this field of modern art have a lot more freedom.

This is why artists from creative fields like architecture, interior design, graphic design, industrial design, web design, art direction, and many others are using the best available technology to improve their modelling and rendering skills.

Every creative field has many great artists, but some of them are able to stand out from the competition. Here are some of the greatest 3D artists from different fields that you should follow on Behance.


Architects and civil engineers are using 3D programs to attract investors since a picture is worth a thousand words. Urban planning, interior design, and exterior design are the most popular branches of architecture, so we prepared a list of top 10 architects you definitely should follow on Behance.

1. Alexander Merchi, Moscow, Russian Federation

This 3D artist interested in geometric design has an impressive portfolio covering interior design, but also incredibly realistic elements of the interior.

2. Tharik Mohammed, Singapore, Singapore

This 3D visualizer from Singapore has some incredible works. His renders and visualizations of architectural and interior design drawings are hyper-realistic. Carefully selected textures in combination with natural and artificial lighting point out all the important details.

3. Sonny Holmberg, Copenhagen, Denmark

This architect has focused his 3D art on architecture, illustration, and digital art, and he is creating truly stunning renders.

4. Qingfeng Dai, Shanghai, China

You should follow this 3D artist if you are interested in seeing innovative architectural visualizations. All the renders of incredible architecture done by Qingfeng Dai are inspiring.

5. Krzysztof Nowotka, Warsaw, Poland

This freelance architecture visualization specialist is focused on digital art, visual effects, and architecture. His portfolio contains hyper-realistic renders and excellent work!

6. Andrey Kabanov, Moscow, Russian Federation

The portfolio of this creator of mesmerizing and stunning industrial interior designs is excellent. All recommendations for following this 3D artist!

7. Arthur Kariev, Moscow, Russian Federation

If you want to see some innovative architectural design and even better visualization, be sure to follow the work of this architect.

8. Julia and Anton Siriak, Kyiv, Ukraine

If you follow them on Behance, you'll see simple and elegant interior design, residential architecture, and architecture visualizations.

9. Elnur Hajialiyev, Baku, Azerbaijan

This architect should be proud of his visualizations of residential buildings, public buildings, and modelling of the environment!

10. Olzhas Aldabergenov, Almaty, Kazakhstan

The portfolio of this hyper-realistic 3D visualizer is full of great architectural solutions with even better renders. If you want to refresh your feed with great projects, don’t leave this artist out.

Graphic design

The use of 3D modelling and rendering in graphic design is of immense importance. Instead of working on 2D design only, graphic designers have the opportunity to model 3D graphics with different textures. We prepared a list of the top 10 graphic designers you should follow on Behance.

1. Irinel Papuc, Dortmund, Germany

His work is stunning. The way he represented the melting of various types of food and other objects is magnificent. Besides graphic design, this 3D artist provides us with the opportunity to spot some industrial design and landscapes on his profile.

2. Vincent Dromart, Toulouse, France

This 3D artist is focused on character look development. His characters are unique, and all of them contain suitable textures, so they appear real but like caricatures.

3. Blake Kathryn, Los Angeles, CA, USA

This graphic designer has a great sense of composition, and her pastel and neon work provides us with positive vibes!

4. Mohamed Halawany, Cairo, Egypt

If you like creepy, dark design, you'll thoroughly enjoy this 3D artist’s profile. His unique and original design will surely leave a strong impression on you.

5. Marc Urtasun, Barcelona, Spain

The portfolio of this 3D artist is fantastic, full of various shapes, textures, and colours. His colourful profile is an excellent place for relaxing because all these colours have positive effects on visitors.

6. David Padilla, Almeria, Spain

The interesting approach to photo manipulation and graphic illustrations as advertising make this graphic designer's profile one of a kind. Use of various textures and pastel colours make his art even more engaging.

7. Felipe Goldsack, Santiago, Chile

The profile of this professional graphic designer is different and unusual. His portfolio contains strange shapes and characters, and various textures and colours, which make him stand out from the competition.

8. Santiago Moriv, Medellín, Colombia

This graphic designer and 3D artist is focused on illustration, character design, and graphic design. His Behance profile is full with different 3D characters which will surely cheer you up.

9. Osama Homs, Istanbul, Turkey

If you are interested in lighting, the 3D graphic design done by Osama Homs will amaze you. Great visualizations and additional tidying up of images look pretty good.

10. Conspiracy Studio, Barcelona, Spain

If you follow their page, you'll see many different 3D designs from characters, fashion, illustrations to classic graphic design.

Fashion and industrial design

Grand designs start with big ideas. The ability to make 3D models of fashion designs changed artists’ approach. Many designers from this industry, such as accessory designers, have the opportunity to 3D-print their work, which allows them to get their ideas out to the world quickly and make changes on the fly.

The advantage of using 3D software affected industrial designers too, since many things can be 3D printed. Besides, creating 3D models is the best way to represent your work. Here are the best fashion and industrial design artists on Behance.

1. Kazuya Koike, Osaka, Japan

This designer and 3D artist is focused on industrial design. His page contains pastel, minimalistic design.

2. Rob Bryant, San José, CA, USA

He is focused on art direction, fashion, and textile design. His page contains a lot of remarkable designs and textures.

3. Rafael Maia, Guimarães, Portugal

He is a graphic designer focused on packaging design, branding, product design, and 3D/CGI. His page contains various designs and every model has suitable textures.

4. Constantin Bolimond, Minsk, Belarus

This 3D artist created many industrial and packing designs. His page contains various solutions from different creative fields.

5. Tsaruk&Ahmadova design, Brest, Belarus

Their 3D art is sophisticated. Pastel colours of their minimalistic 3D industrial design might calm you down.

6. Dmitry Gusev, Saratov, Russian Federation

This 3D artist's page on Behance contains different industrial designs. If you are interested in seeing 3D cars, electronic equipment, and many other applicants, you should follow him.

7. Mateus Morgan, Franca, Brazil

He is a graphic designer, but besides characters, his portfolio also contains footwear models. His detailed and well-textured shoes will make you think they are real.

8. Andres Reisinger, Barcelona, Spain

A page of this art director and 3D designer contains both industrial and fashion designs. Everything is hyper-realistic, so make sure to follow him.

9. Samir Sadikhov, Gandza, Azerbaijan

If you are interested in seeing a futuristic industrial design, you must see Samir Sadikhov's page on Behance. The first association of industrial design is usually car design, so this page represents it perfectly.

10. Javier Wainstein, Buenos Aires, Argentina

He is a 24-year-old industrial design student, but so experienced. His work is amazing and his page contains hyper-realistic industrial designs as parts of interior designs.


Using 3D art to create animations was a huge game-changer and allowed for some exciting artistic liberties. Since creating an animation is a complicated process, these days 3D animators can finish their work faster than with older methods, but they can also take things to a whole new level.

1. Tom Green, San Diego, CA, USA

Tom Green's 3D work is choice of sci-fi lovers. The realistic and futuristic renders on his page are very attractive.

2. Los York, Santa Monica, CA, USA

If you are interested in seeing car races or other hyper-realistic animation, you must visit their page.

3. Savva Tsekmes, Melbourne, Australia

This freelance 3D animator and photographer has created various interesting animations.

4. Emanuele Marani, Los Angeles, CA, USA

He is a motion graphic designer and 3D animator, and his art covers various topics.

5. Yonito Tanu & Jessica Chapiness, Madrid, Spain

Hunky-dunky is a creative studio formed by the 3D Artist Yonito Tanu and the Art Director Jessica Chapiness. If you are imaginative, the concept of their art will appeal to you.

6. John Hughes, Detroit, MI, USA

This designer's and animator's 3D art is simple but effective.

7. Jeff Han, Los Angeles, CA, USA

If you like robotic characters and hyper-realism, you'll like the art done by this art director.

8. Martin Salfity, London, United Kingdom

He devoted himself to the detailed processing of textures, which makes animations of this 3D artist even more realistic.

9. Nico Warschauer, London, United Kingdom

He is a sound designer, composer for motion graphics, advertising, films, and documentaries. His 3D animations are incredibly sophisticated.

10. Toast Studio, Brooklyn, NY, USA

They created many colourful, pastel animations. Implementation of that many various textures influenced the realism of their animations.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed these lists and that you can agree with our choices, as every artist was picked carefully. There are a lot of incredibly talented 3D artists on Behance, but we couldn't include them all in our top lists.

Furthermore, there are many other creative fields we will discuss in some future articles. Creative fields like branding, illustration, interaction design, motion graphic, and web design also have many skilled 3D artists.