3D Total an invaluable resource for 3D artists
3D Total an invaluable resource for 3D artists

As an artist, sometimes being consistently good means more than the pure talent emanating from your ephemeral artistic essence. For us mortals, we have to rely on hard work, dedication, and an intense level of resourcefulness that allows us to pull inspiration and facilitation from any and all corners of the stratosphere. 3DTotal is an online resource that helps 3D rendering and visualization artists level the playing field against the talented elite. It is an online catalogue of tutorials, forums, galleries, and material libraries that give amateurs and professionals alike the tools to succeed in the field of 3D visualization.

3DTotal is based out of Worcestershire, UK and has been around since the internet’s infancy. It was founded in 1999 as a simple 3D resource catalogue and over the past two decades has grown into one of the most robust, accessible databases of information, assets, and learning opportunity on the web. It houses a passionate community of artists, engineers, and teachers who are loyal to the platform, and contribute their knowledge, experience, and data to the ever-growing pages of available information.

Not only is all this content available to anyone with an internet connection, most of the material files and tutorials the site has to offer are completely free. It would be worth signing up just to have access to such a treasure trove of content - but more than that is the value you will get from immersing yourself in the artist community that fuels the fire behind the scenes.

Also, if you’re looking for a place to expose and display some of your work, 3DTotal allows you to submit your work that will then be considered to post on their ‘galleries’ page. A quick look will reveal some of the best visualization work on the planet, and having that type of exposure could mean great things for a freelance career that is looking to gain a solid foothold. The galleries are categorized according to genre, typology, and style of artwork you produce, so inspiration is always just a few clicks away whether you’re drawing knights and dragons or Sponge Bob Square Pants.

If you’re looking to get a word in with the community, the forums are a great place to start. You’ll find everything from quick tips, trending news, and general conversations to new users introducing themselves to the already sprawling user-base. It might seem intimidating at first, but inundating yourself with people who know the industry will quickly grow your familiarity with the site, and with the profession as a whole. In addition, job leads are often posted for you to pursue and grow your skillset as a rendering artist.

3DTotal has a lot to offer for visualization artists looking to take their abilities and their careers to the next level. For freelancers, especially, having a safe place to collaborate, vet ideas, and gain access to a wealth of resources, there are few other one-stop-shops that offer such high-quality value. Do yourself a favour and sign up today. You won’t regret it.