5 Online Degrees That Turn You into a Professional 3D Artist
5 Online Degrees That Turn You into a Professional 3D Artist

Becoming a professional 3D artist is much easier today than it ever was before. Finding a good online course or art school might just be the best way to become a creative 3D artist who can use the most powerful visualization and rendering software to create amazing artwork.

Visualization, animation, and 3D rendering have a huge range of applications in the modern world, from video games and action-packed movies to cartoons and stunning architecture projects. Therefore, becoming a 3D artist is the best way to find your place under the sun and leave your mark upon modern visual media.

Getting to know how visual and digital effects work to your advantage and getting creative with such effects gives you plenty of room to experiment.

When you're working as a professional 3D artist, you can boost your creativity and productivity in any way you want. Anything is possible with the help of the most advanced 3D technology and this will allow you to expand your knowledge beyond your wildest imagination.

What online degree includes

Being an online 3D graduate in arts gives you numerous possibilities. Earning a bachelor's degree in animation, for example, covers a wide range of aspects of multimedia design, including character creation and 3D modelling. A degree in animation will also look excellent in your portfolio when you're looking for an employer.

The truth is, being a 3D artist with a degree means you're qualified as a web designer, illustrator, graphic designer, game developer and so much more. You can freelance, work in film or television, your possibilities and options are literally endless.

Earning a living with an online 3D arts degree

If you're a multimedia artist, you can earn up to $70,000 per year. There are a lot of factors involved when it comes to your salary, like years of experience and level of education but mostly, it's your skill level that counts the most.

Everything comes down to creating a one-of-a-kind portfolio that will impress your potential employers and land you the job of your dreams. The 3D art industry is on the rise and its growth is unstoppable, which only means that there are tons of excellent opportunities waiting for you out there.

With all that in mind, animation and graphic design are the two most popular areas in the world of 3D art and they offer the most opportunities, so getting an online degree as a professional 3D artist in these areas might be the most lucrative solution, but it all comes down to what you want in the end.

Every industry needs a skillful 3D artist capable of creating stunning visual effects and majestic animations. So, let's see what the best options for getting that online degree are.

The best online degrees for future 3D artists

Online education is extremely flexible to both newbies and people with knowledge and skills, and there are plenty of opportunities for becoming a multimedia artist. With that in mind, here are the top choices for earning your online 3D degree.

1. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh is the first name that comes to mind when you say online 3D degree. With both online and on-campus programs on the offer, this institute will help you earn your degree by going one step at a time. The most popular areas you can study are fashion, technology and gaming, film and production, science in media arts, and animation.

Getting an online degree means being able to demonstrate a practical application and understanding of 3D animation, its actions, and movement, as well as position in cinematic storytelling and how it’s related to 3D art. Online courses include:

● Emerging animation technologies

● Organic and hard surface modelling

● Animatics and storyboarding

● Motion graphics

● 2D animation

● 3D modelling

If you have enough time on your hands, you can complete any of these courses in 12 quarters. The truth is, getting this online degree will be an excellent way to prepare yourself for a life in a supportive and creative environment that will allow you to develop the imagination and skills necessary to become a professional 3D artist.

2. Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

Offering both online and on-campus programs, this college of art and design offers you a great chance to become a member of a community of creatives and earn your online degree in Fine Arts and 3D animation.

This degree will give you the most creative and imaginative artistic abilities that will allow you to bring your ideas to life. The 3D animation program includes modelling, stop motion, storyboarding, and much more. Program features are:

● 3D computer animation motion studies

● Introduction of effects and dynamics

● 3D computer materials and lighting

● Experimental computer animation

● 3D computer fundamentals

One really interesting thing about RMCAD is that it's approved for US government tuition assistance through the Department of Defence as well as the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Air Force and Army, which provides even more possibilities and opportunities.

3. Full Sail University

FSU offers a wide range of degrees, but the university is always interested in students who express a high interest in animation and design.

Because of that, they've included a new program for a science degree in computer animation where students get a chance to learn everything about final compositing, character animation, modelling, visual development, sketching, and storyboarding. It takes around 29 months to complete the program online and the courses include:

● Technology in the media and entertainment industries

● Scene compositing and finishing

● Lighting and shading

● Model creation

● 3D animation

A good thing about getting an online degree from FSU is that you'll be required to complete a final project that will help you build a very comprehensive portfolio and prepare yourself for a future job as a professional 3D artist.

There's also a chance for qualified online students to receive a scholarship, as well as a special program for online students who are into visualization, simulation, software, and game development.

4. Academy of Art University

AAU is a place simply thriving with innovation and new ideas. Liberal arts, entertainment, fine art, design, anything that a professional 3D artist needs to know is here, waiting for you in one place. Still, their Fine Arts Degree in Visual Effects and Animation is what you should be pursuing if you want to become a full 3D artist.

The AAU program of visual effects and animation will provide you with the understanding and necessary skills to create your own animations. The program is aimed at teaching you storyboarding, stop motion, 2D and 3D animation, 3D modelling, and visual effects. The features include:

● Fundamentals of lighting and texturing

● Animation and 3D modelling

● Computer animation production

● History of animation

AAU compel their students to complete a collaborative studio experience project as a condition to earn their online degrees, which is an excellent thing as it prepares you for working in a creative environment with other professional 3D artists.

Getting an online degree here means getting a chance to work for prestigious companies such as Crystal Dynamics, EA, Zynga, Riot Games, Sony, and so on.

5. Southern New Hampshire University

SNHU is one of the very first universities to develop an innovative and advanced online learning platform for distance learners, which continues to develop and grow. If you're into animation and 3D modelling, the SNHU online degree is exactly what you're looking for.

Their program focuses on the use of the most advanced 3D animation and modelling software that most professional 3D artist use today. That means Mudbox, Autodesk's Maya, and the Adobe Creative Suite. Program features include:

● Advanced digital graphic web design

● Practice and language of media arts

● Animation and 3D modelling

● Desktop publishing

● History of design

● Typography

SNHU is perhaps the most innovative school in the United States and that's the reason why it should be in your top five choices for getting an online degree that will turn you into a fully professional 3D artist.

There are more online art schools out there, but these five are your top choices if you want to earn your online degree at the most affordable prices.

Becoming a professional 3D artist is one of the best occupations in this digital world, as it offers so many options, opportunities, and possibilities for young people who are looking for creative ways to cash in their skills, knowledge, time, and effort.

Earn your online degree, build an impressive and attention-grabbing portfolio and pursue your dreams as a professional 3D artist.