Key Takeaways from the Latest Interview With 3D Artist Nicole Ruggiero

The 21st century and rapid technological development had a significant impact on all known industries, so many artists took advantage and grabbed the opportunity to create something unknown and unique. Involving virtual reality and 3D modeling into art has opened a wholly new spectrum of possibilities, especially for architects, interior designers, graphic designers, and 3D artists, like other computer-related types of artists.

Nicole Ruggiero, 3D artist, or how she defines her work – net artist, took advantage of technology development and the internet, and after only a few years, achieved a lot when compared to the competition.

Actually, her work is that unusual and innovative that she's beyond any competition. She described 3D art as art that comes from a computer and, unlike 2D art, it can be 3D-printed. Over the years, she developed her 3D art and raised it to next level.

Nicole Ruggiero's art contains elements of the past, present, and future, which is the first impression you get from her work. Although she started with 3D art without textures, today her animations and 3D art contain many textures and details.

After the phase of colorful, unrealistic art, she started working on more realistic projects. As the human body is hard to draw, rendering of hyper-realistic people is also challenging. Especially for perfectionists, the processes of modeling and rendering might last very long. Adding details and improving the 3D art and renders might last forever.

The connection between Nicole Ruggiero's and Andy Warhol's art

A few days ago, Nicole Ruggiero was interviewed by Whitehot magazine, and she's proud of it. Since she is a graphic designer, in the interview, she said that her position in the field of modern art is reminiscent of Andy Warhol's work, since he started as a commercial illustrator, but wasn't genuinely respected by the traditional art world.

Unlike single editions of paintings, the mass production of Warhol's art can be identified with digital art as the production of multiple copies in digital art is also possible.

Social media and 3D art

Social media allows the omnipresence of virtual artists, which means that opportunities for new collaborations are more significant. Her art has become viral, with 22k followers on Instagram.

‘’For a while I was conducting sales on Instagram DM.  Opening an online shop helped me with that process.  Currently, I am selling limited-edition prints – in sizes from 8 x 8 inches to 25 x 25 inches – and several enamel pins.’’, Nicole Ruggiero said and added that she will soon add a clothing line to her shop.

Clothing line

When she started, her models were naked. She said that she wasn't disturbed, but Instagram deleted a lot of her art because it's so censored.

In the interview for Posthuman bodies, Nicole Ruggiero also said that she would like to add a clothing line to her shop and she described why her models used to be naked for so long.

‘’I’ve been getting more into doing clothes lately. I never really had a purpose for them. I think what’s available as clothes digitally, free made stuff, is not necessarily styles that I want to represent or that represent my ideas. Right now, I am looking for a clothing collaborator because I actually want to start making my own line.’’

Her virtual models might wear clothes from her collection, which will be an exciting and revolutionary way of dealing with the fashion industry. Now, we can just try to imagine how incredible her clothesline will be.

What makes Nicole Ruggiero's art so special

The line between hyper-realistic rendering and Nicole Ruggiero's work is simultaneously thin and thick. Her art is realistic, but she is trying to highlight that it's computer-generated. Her art wouldn't be that effective if she started rendering hyper-realistic renders which looked like photography.

Unlike taking a photo or doing a 2D art, making 3D models and renders is much more challenging and it takes more time. Her audience has recognized all the effort she invested in her art, which make it even more impressive.

How including her private life into her work reflected on Nicole Ruggiero's art

Many people, especially those who have the affection of their audience, are trying to hide their private life from the public. Often, that works great, but this New York girl shared pieces of her life story, and that's awesome.

Creating art based on everyday struggles, problems from childhood, beautiful moments from the past, present, and even future affect the emotions the artist awakens in their audience. Art is a way in which the artist relieves stress, but at the same time, it conveys feelings that the audience interprets in their own way.

If that kind of interaction includes a personal touch, the audience can connect with the artist, which results in a more powerful impression.

“I Wish” is one of the segments of her art based and closely related to her privacy. ''This message is for queer kids struggling today. This old Nokia text brings me back to a time when I was about 13. I had just (accidentally) come out. I went to the bathroom and my dad went on my computer and saw my AIM chat with a cute girl from middle school. We were talking about maybe kissing each other...'', she wrote on her Instagram page. ‘’Be strong, be brave. You are worth it and I am with you.’’, this New York girl added.

Bottom line

Every art form allows both the artist and the audience to express all sorts of emotions. Interaction with people through art is an excellent type of communication. Overcoming reality and being able to do revolutionary things in the art world will enable future generations to develop something fresh, exciting and truly unique. This generation of artists is changing the art we know, and we should support them if we want to see more of these brilliant works.