Tech Talk – What to Expect from 3D Artists in 2019
Tech Talk – What to Expect from 3D Artists in 2019

As technology continues to surprise us day by day, our expectations for new and advanced tools related to all creative fields, as well as for improved software solutions and modern equipment, are also growing.

Each new year represents lots of possibilities and progress across all verticals, including 3D art. Well, let's say those technological achievements have already made us increase our standards related to 3D modeling and rendering programs, as well as their sophisticated end products.

The latest software solutions will affect the entire field of 3D art, including industries such as architecture, animation, graphic design, industrial design, film industry, and much more. Each 3D artist will have a chance to produce the best hyper-realistic renders using various programs!

With that in mind, we peeked into the future and found out what 3D artists have prepared for us! Tanks to the latest 3D modeling software and hi-tech solutions, the world of 3D art will change entirely during 2019!

Since the progress of 3D art wouldn't be possible without advanced 3D modeling and rendering software solutions, let's see what visualization programs will blow our minds in 2019.

1. Autodesk's 3ds Max 2019 and V-Ray 4.0

As we learned before, the golden combination of Autodesk's 3ds Max and V-Ray will continue to rock, especially for architectural 3D modeling and rendering! At the end of 2018, Autodesk released the latest version of 3ds Max, and all the new features amazed both 3D art lovers and 3D artists!

Let’s remind ourselves about the best feature of 3ds Max 2019 – interactive scene layout in VR! Using the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headset, 3D artists will be able to take us to the next dimension of their 3D art! Such an experience allows art lovers to feel the entire scene modeled in 3ds Max 2019!

The most wanted combination of 3D visualization software – 3ds Max and V-Ray – will provide us with much better levels of hyper-realism, and more. Besides the compatibility with VR equipment, the developers of Autodesk's 3ds Max 2019 enhanced lots of features, such as 3D modeling and texturing, UI, workflow, pipeline, OSL support, procedural wood texture, and much more!

2. Blender

Taking about 3D art without mentioning Blender wouldn't be fair! This free, open-source 3D modeling program has been around for a while, and it's one of the favorites among 3D artists from various industries.

Some of the best new features of Blender are painting and sculpting improvements, particles and hair nodes, advanced texturing tools, better tools for procedural textures, better snapping and precision modeling, and much more!

By using the latest version of Blender, 3D artists will be able to improve their skills and provide us with even better and more detailed models!

3. Maxon's Cinema 4D Release 20

Cinema 4D is already a favorite program among 3D animators, but Cinema 4D Release 20 will improve their rendering skills thanks to its advanced features. If you are wondering what’s the best improvement that the latest version of Cinema 4D has brought, it's CAD Data Import!

If you are tired of conversion, using the latest Cinema 4D you can import all CAD files within a few clicks. Other helpful features are Volume Modeling – thanks to the power of voxels and Open VDB, you can combine splines, shapes, noises, and particles using Cinema 4D Release 20. Moreover, the new version guarantees render enhancements as well.

4. Maya

It's not surprising that Autodesk's 3D modeling and rendering software solutions are multiple winners of our list. However, another Autodesk's software which will improve 3D rendering in 2019 is Maya 2019.

Besides the clump modifier for interactive grooming and additional MASH nodes, the latest release of Maya can offer the ability to create a live link to Adobe After Effects®, which allows users to simultaneously make real-time changes and view scenes. Moreover, Maya 2019 has a new UV Toolkit with improved tools.

To figure out what Maya 2019 can offer, download a trial version and check it out!

5. ZBrush

3D artists and enthusiasts will be surprised by the latest release of the best sculpting software – ZBrush. Among lots of enhancements, ZBrush 2019 offers a new standard camera and peel UV plugin. Besides, ZBrush users will be able to simplify the entire process of modeling by auto-matching the ground plane and forming ground shadows.  

Moreover, the option to directly organize Sub Tools in a scene using the Gizmo 3D manipulator or to group Sub Tools into folders will also simplify the modeling.

The best about ZBrush is that you can 3D print your detailed 3D models and create ''physical'' visualization of your artworks! Nowadays, 3D printers can do much more than earlier, so 3D artists can be productive and create almost anything!

The bottom line

Using the latest versions of 3D modeling and rendering software, 3D artists from all creative fields will improve their abilities. Since the correct selection of the equipment and programs are crucial for success, we can say that 3D artists have no reason to stop developing their skills.

As the 3D modeling industry is growing along with technology, we can guarantee that 2019 will be the year of improvements and advances.

2019 is here, so download the latest version of your favorite 3D modeling and rendering software, and show us your skills. If you have any thoughts about what's going to happen to 3D art during 2019, let us know in the comments!