6 Most Accomplished 3D Artists in 2018 – So Far
6 Most Accomplished 3D Artists in 2018 – So Far

Art has always intrigued us and awakened our creative side, which is why it comes in various forms. People love art because it can speak to them in different ways and invoke new emotions and feelings that they haven’t experienced yet. Since there so many mediums through which artists can express themselves today, you can now simply choose your theme and focus on an art style that you feel comfortable with.

There are people who like art in the form of music, some prefer poems, other paintings, and so on. What’s important is that there are so many different mediums out there but, in every one of them, there are creative and inspiring artists who continue to provide great content. And with the latest tech advancements come new forms of art as well.

The latest art forms are heavily influenced by television and the whole concept of motion pictures. In the beginning, TV shows and movies were very simple but today they have amazing graphic animations that spark great interest. Today 3D artists work for movies, video games, TV series, and other similar mediums to present their creations and enhance our experience.

There have been some amazing trailblazers in this area over the years, so let’s explore the work of some of the best 3D artists around the world.

1. Tomstrzal

Tomstrzal is a name of a 3D artists that is a graphic designer and has been working in this field for more than a dozen years. The real name of this artist is Tomasz Strzalkowski but he is known by his artistic name and for his various forms of dark art that many people found interesting. He was first noticed through social media when a lot of his work went viral.

Many big social media pages and large websites shared and posted his work and the crowd responded really well to it. On the Zbrush Central website, fans can even find his sketchbook and see what his work process looks like. He became really famous with audiences that love darker art, but even those who don’t can recognize his talent instantly.

Tomasz has worked and contributed to many triple-A video games on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Some of the titles he worked on are Hell Wars, Painkiller, Bulletstorm, and Gears of War.

2. Daniel Dociu

Born in Romania where he got his industrial design master’s degree at one of the most well-known Fine Arts Academies in the country. Today, Daniel Dociu is one of the best concept artists and art directors. When he got his degree, he stayed at the academy for some time and worked as an assistant but soon enough he decided to leave the position and go to Greece, where he would work as an artist and a graphic designer.

This is where he started drawing attention to himself. After only a couple of years, his door to America opened and he went to the US to work for some of the largest game development studios in the world such as Electronic Arts, Square, and Zipper Interactive.

Additionally, he was able to grab a lot of different rewards during that period such as Game Developer Magazine Power 50, Lurzer’s Archive, The Best Fantastic Art, and Into the Pixel.

He also got many excellence awards for working in different fields such as creature designs, concept art, science fiction art, environment art, and transport art. At the moment, Dociu is the main art director at NCsoft North America. His son is following in his father’s footsteps as a 3D artist and he works in the Sucker Punch Productions video game Company.

3. Christian Severin

Christian Severin is one of the most well-established visual effects artists in the 21st century. Apart from having knowledge and experience of working in both Art Departments and Animation Departments, he realized that Visual effects were his calling and that this is where he thrives.

Ever since he made this switch he made a lot of success in his career and worked for many interesting franchises in Hollywood.

He worked on big films such as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The Reagans, North Shore, I Robot, 300, American Gangster etc. He also worked for many famous TV series such as Sons of Anarchy, Desperate Housewives, Suit Up, White Collar, and others.

4. Edgar Mueller

Even though our list has been going in this direction so far let’s mention the fact that 3D art is not just about animation and graphic designs – there are other fields where one could attain great success. Edgar Mueller is a 3D art painter where his art comes in the form of an illusion that makes paintings look completely real.

Muller can be classified as a street painter, 3D artist, and an illusionist that became famous because a lot of his paintings simply went viral on social media, mostly on YouTube. After a while, a lot of people knew his name and many subscribers were anxious to see him upload his new work on YouTube. Throughout the history of art, Edgar Muller was the first person ever to try and use photoluminescent paint for art.

This kind of paint creates images where the colour changes when the light changes. This means that people are able to see different paintings during different parts of the day. He is truly a unique kind of painter who not only creates great art but also combines 3D art and painting in a fascinating way.

5. Derek Spears

Derek Spears probably reached the height of his career when he won two Emmy’s for his work done on the Game of Thrones TV series in season 5 and 6. He won these awards as a Visual Effects supervisor in one of the most iconic TV series ever.

The fact that he has a background in electrical engineering is probably what makes him so unique and good at understanding the relationship between technology and art that encompasses visual effects.

Before working mostly in the film industry, he was employed at Silicon Graphics where he worked on the compositing system that won the Academy Award. His portfolio is full of films, commercial effects, and television. Some of the best-known movies he worked on are Superman Returns, X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Wolfman, Around the World in 80 Days, The Mummy 3, and many others.

At the moment, Derek is working in Pixomodo but before that he was working in Television, supervising and creating high-end materials. Apart from working on Game of Thrones from season 5 to season 7, he also worked on other famous TV series such as Black Sails, Midnight Texas, and The Walking Dead. He is a member of both Television and Film academies and likes technology and art equally.

6. Rayn

Rayn is the name of the artist with the full name Raynante Martinez. He has a computer science degree and works as a digital artist, photographer, a storyteller, and a trainer. However, all of the design skills and art that he has done so far, he owes to himself, as he worked on his skills over the years until he was able to come up with great art pieces.

These design and computer skills have helped him earn a couple of different awards such as the Digital Arts Award, Stellar Art Award, and an award at the Philippines International Art Show. He comes with a rich background in different areas such as art, animation, modelling, graphic design, character animation, photography, web design, illustration lighting, and many others.

What’s great about his portfolio is that all these areas are connected in some way and they complement each other well. This is what allows him to look at things from a different perspective and create art that is truly memorable.

These are some of the most exciting 3D artists to look out for in the future. Of course, this is our opinion and everyone has their own favourite. On top of that, there are really countless worthy 3D artists today and keeping track of them all is simply impossible. Do you like our list or is there anybody else you would like to see on it? Feel free to share your opinion and give us some artists that you like.