The Best Online Resources For Hiring 3D Visualization Artists
The Best Online Resources For Hiring 3D Visualization Artists

For architecture, interior, and other design firms, having access to a handful of quality 3D rendering artists are worth their weight in gold. Especially for small offices, being able to pick from a pool of trusted freelancers will elevator workflow, improve online portfolios, and make it easier, cheaper, and faster to impress clients and move important design projects forward.

However, it isn’t always easy to find reliable help. Alternatively, you could hire full-time employees to handle any and all visualization needs, but that can be expensive, and there might not always be enough rendering and modeling work to keep them busy.

There are less expensive alternatives to ensure the money you are spending on visualization help doesn’t detract from money spent on the design and execution itself. The following online resources help businesses connect with 3D visualization artists and utilize them as it best fits in with workflow, necessity, and budget.

Easy Render

Easy Render is quickly growing into one of the most robust, effective, and reliable marketplaces for freelancers to connect with prospective clients. For architects and designers, it couldn’t be easier (sorry) to find the right talent for the right budget. Searching freelancers is a breeze, and you won’t have to spend a dime until your work is delivered up to the expected standards based on the hiring process.

Easy Render takes the headache out of finding freelancers that have a wide range of experience that span any niche of 3D rendering and visualization. They are a company that is passionate about the 3D rendering industry, and it show through with how they treat clients, workers, and everyone in between.

Freelancers 3D

As its name would appropriately indicate, Freelancers 3D is a marketplace where freelance rendering artists and those in need of visualization help can connect, negotiate contracts, and engage in a working relationship with one another. The service is streamlined in a way that is friendly to both artists and employers, providing a safe environment for businesses to thrive.

Freelancers 3D allows you to browse by keyword, search, or simply run through a list of staff picks and trending artists. No matter which 3D visualization industry you might be involved with, there is a freelancer out there that can be found at Freelancers 3D.


In the past 5 years, UpWork (formerly oDesk) has climbed the ranks as one of the most widely-used job finding service for clients and freelancers. The range of jobs with which UpWork handles is staggering, including a large pool of talented 3D rendering artists waiting to be contacted by curious design studios in need of visualization help.

UpWork does a great job of weeding out sketchy or otherwise untrustworthy jobs and freelancers. You’ll be able to gauge an artists talent and personality by how they’ve been ranked and reviewed by previous clients. UpWork doesn’t specialize in the rendering industry, but it’s probably the best catch-all job finding service on the internet.


PeoplePerHour is a relatively new job-finding service that is centered on the gimmick that everyone is available only on a per-hour basis. It’s a great tool for finding compatible freelancers that will be perfectly aligned with your budget for any given project. Freelancers on the site are aptly called ‘hourlies,’ and can be browsed based on experience, rate, or popularity.

As employers, you can quickly and easily set up a profile to begin posting job openings which hourlies can then find and contact you directly. PPH utilizes their own proprietary service called WorkStream that lets freelancers and clients manage hours, budget, and workflow in one convenient place.


Guru is perhaps the most straightforward universal job-finding service out there. The rules are simple: set up a free profile, post jobs, hire freelancers. They even take much of the pain and suffering out of the payment process, which can be cumbersome and intrusive with similar services.

There are several different ways to set up contracts, all of which are easy to close out once the agreed-upon tasks are finished. You can pay by milestone, project, hour, or set up recurring payments. This allows for flexibility in setting up 3D rendering artists for success based on the nature of the project they are being hired for.