5 Inspiring Architectural Designs for Your Next Commercial Project
5 Inspiring Architectural Designs for Your Next Commercial Project

Commercial projects can get monotonous after a while. You end up going with the same styles over and over again. However, in the commercial environment, it can be vital to set yourself apart from the crowd. Adding some unique architectural designs is just the thing to differentiate yourself. Here are some inspiring architectural designs for your next commercial project.

1. Inclusion of Glass and Natural Light

Natural light brings a comfortable, energetic environment to a space. Commercial spaces are often void of natural light which can make the space seem dull and tiring for those working in the space.

The best way to bring in natural light of course is the inclusion of more windows. However, if there are a lot of walls and offices around the perimeter of the interior, the natural light will be constricted to those spaces. To keep the natural light filtering throughout the building, incorporate glass panels for walls which will allow the light to disperse and fill the entire interior.

As a last resort, if a lot of windows aren’t an option, there are some great artificial natural light sources that can be placed in the interior to make up for it and still provide a bright, happy commercial space.

2. Playing with Shape

Shape in general can do a lot in architectural design and can be implemented in a variety of ways. Shapes are particularly interesting when they are different than what we are used to. Some places to consider alternative shapes include windows, the exterior, door frames, and even floating ceiling panels on the interior. Let’s dive into these a bit more.

First of all, windows do not have to be square. You can make them circular, reminiscent of a nautical theme, triangular, or even abstractly shaped. Glass can be cut to fit any shape, so get creative with the windows!

Additionally, buildings do not have to be traditional rectangles. Buildings can be round, have multiple points and wings, among other things. On the interior, play with the shape of door frames. Incorporate arches and different shapes within the doors themselves to make your commercial space more interesting.

Lastly, floating ceiling panels can add dimension and interest to the interior. Make them cloud-shaped, abstract, or any shape you can think of. The ceiling is often pushed by the wayside, but it is easy to change up your commercial interior with floating ceiling panels.

3. Combining Traditional with Modern

Commercial spaces tend to have a traditional architectural design. For instance, most commercial spaces are rectangular with various-sized interior rooms and plain white ceiling tiles.

Speaking of ceiling tiles, decorative ceiling tiles are a great way to upgrade a traditional element so that you can combine it with modern features like exposed metal beams or sleek furniture.

You can also choose to do a traditional building shape with a modern interior implementing the other architectural design elements we’re talking about here.

4. Incorporating Digital Signage

Digital signage has a large part in the future of architecture. In the past, digital signage was more of an afterthought. It was only added after the initial design and construction of the building were completed.

However, more and more businesses are realizing the value of digital signage and are choosing to implement it into the architecture of commercial space from the beginning. This is because it is not only a fantastic visual element to attract foot traffic, but is highly useful to a business.

Of course, digital signage can be incorporated into the exterior or the interior and has been used that range from promotion and advertising to organization and workflow.

One big example of how digital signage has been used as an architectural element is Times Square! We are all familiar with the big digital billboards of Times Square and the amount of foot traffic that comes with it.

Digital signage is a fantastic consideration for your next commercial project.

5. Multi-purpose Interior Layouts

Multi-purpose interior layouts are an architectural trend that will likely be here to stay. This is because there are often a lot of different types of work to be done in a commercial space, each of which needs a different layout. Multi-purpose layouts are fantastic and efficient because no matter what the day brings, you have somewhere that can accommodate it. Whether you are doing a publicity event, holding meetings all day, or need to do individual work a well-thought-out multipurpose space can host it all.

However, one problem with multipurpose layouts can be the sound. Multi-purpose layouts tend to be a more open floor plan which means that sound travels. Acoustic ceiling panels can be a good solution to this as they will absorb the sound without disrupting the openness at all.

Can’t Picture What These Architectural Designs Would Look Like?

Sometimes it is hard to picture what these elements would look like in a commercial space. Luckily, there is a solution to this. Easy Render can help. Easy Render is a platform that connects you to talented 3D artists that can show you dimensionally what particular architectural designs would look like in your commercial space.