Best Paid & Free Websites for Learning About Architecture
This cozy country cottage is made entirely of wood. Most surfaces have their natural color, while the doors, windows, fences, and stairs are painted brown. It’s a single-story house with a garage on the side, a front patio, and small gardening areas.Best Paid & Free Websites for Learning About Architecture

Beginning or perfecting your architecture journey may sometimes be overwhelming since architecture consists of many different elements. Luckily, with the development of technology, we can learn online about all these elements that make architecture one of the most impressive art forms.

If you are one of those people who want to explore everything architecture has to offer but don’t have the time to enroll in courses, you might be interested in learning online. You can make your schedule and study whatever you want, from the basics to more advanced concepts.

Here are some of the best free and paid websites to teach you all there is to know about architecture.


Reed is a website that offers many courses on many different subjects. One of these subjects is architecture with all its elements.

Some of the courses you can find on Reed are free, but if you want to develop more advanced skills, you will have to pay to enroll.

Moreover, Reed has partnerships with many college and university professors worldwide. You will be able to learn from professionals at a meager cost. You can also choose what you want to learn and create courses according to your needs and wants. You will surely master your architecture skills with Reed and its valuable content.


YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform in the world. All the videos you can find on this website are free, and you can find pretty much everything you want. If you want to develop a specific skill related to architecture, you can find a YouTube channel that covers the topics you need.

Many people use YouTube daily, but not all know they can use this platform for educational purposes. You can find entirely free courses. The best part is that you can always choose a different “teacher” if you need to. Various YouTube channels are dedicated to architecture; you can find the one you like and perfect your architecture skills.

Art Coursework

Art Coursework is a website where you can find all the different courses about any art. These courses are paid and similar to university work; you must attend classes and do your projects on time.

The best part about Art Coursework is that you don’t have to start at the beginner level; you can perfect your architecture skills. These courses can help you earn a certificate in design and architecture, and you will receive a certificate from the Art Coursework company once you finish your learning.


Udemy is a website dedicated to students and those who want to learn new skills. On this website, you can find various courses on many topics, such as chemistry, biology, music, and architecture. Some (complete) are paid, while some are free.

You must pay to access the courses if you want to learn about architecture and its elements. However, there are individual lessons on specific topics that you can access for free. These free courses are not as broad as the paid versions but can help you have an insight into the basics of architecture and design.


Instructables is a free website that is unlike those mentioned above. This website will collect knowledge from people worldwide and create courses that fit your needs. You can find all the different topics covered by professionals in a particular field and choose whichever explanation you need.

These crafty people worldwide have the same goal – to help each other. You can even post your courses on a specific topic.

Instructables is not only a place for learning about architecture; it is a community that shares the same passion as you. Think of this website as a vast social network where you can educate yourself and others.


Coursera is one of the leading websites providing helpful courses on different topics. Its content is premium, but you will be able to communicate with professionals from over 200 universities and colleges, such as Stanford University.

Coursera provides high-quality lessons you can access anytime. You can make your schedule and listen to the courses whenever you want.

Moreover, you can contact the creator of a particular course and ask them anything related to the topic. You will have a university-like experience from the comfort of your home.


If you don’t want to enroll in group classes but need someone who can explain architecture details to you, Superprof is the perfect website for you. You can hire a professor to give you private lessons whenever you need them. Moreover, you can choose the pace of your learning process.

Superprof also enables you to choose your teacher. The best benefit of this type of learning is that you can ask your teacher any questions anytime. You will be able to acquire architecture knowledge in no time, thanks to the professionals who work for Superprof.


The Wallpaper website is all about design and architecture. This website provides the best and most in-depth courses about architecture and its elements. If you want to go into detail on your architecture journey, this website is for you.

It features various topics related to architecture and design that can help you understand architecture better. These lessons are in-depth, explaining everything there is to know about, for example, a particular architectural tool. Moreover, you can learn all about architectural visualization once you master the basics of architecture.


Domus is an academy in Milano, Italy, focusing on design and architecture, and you can even attend it online. Whether you enroll traditionally or online, Italian professionals in architecture will teach you.

Anyone can apply to this academy; all you have to do is send out your information and express your passion for architecture and design. The staff will even help you decide whether architecture is for you or you should maybe focus on a different art form.

Interactive Architecture Lab

Lastly, Interactive Architecture Lab is a school where you can earn your diploma and start building your architecture career. This school will enable you to learn all the practical architecture concepts and perfect your architecture skills.

Moreover, you will be able to become a part of various projects, practice your knowledge, and acquire new architectural skills. This school has everything, from the basics and theories to practical work. You will learn all there is to know about this art form.


Architecture is one of the most exciting art forms. It allows you to be as creative as possible and create innovative and futuristic projects. Nowadays, more and more people want to become architects but don’t know where to start. The online platforms above are an excellent starting point you can use to develop or perfect your architectural skills.