Architectural Design: How It Reflects and Influences Societal Changes
An architectural visualization of a geometric and peculiar building.Architectural Design: How It Reflects and Influences Societal Changes

All architectural design professionals can interpret their environment to create and innovate. Each work seeks to reflect a unique way of perception and how combining elements gives unique results which can be seen by checking SMRT Architects and Engineers as they provide a team of experts ready to help.

Architectural design and history

Contrary to what you might think, architectural design development has marked each epoch in man's life. Since time immemorial, it is easy to see the reflection of the perception of each designer.

Obviously, not everything is the same in every era. The currents that drive design are constantly changing and consider certain factors.

If one looks closely, in ancient times, the use of architectural design arose due to the need to find solutions in the daily life of the inhabitants of a specific place. This means that to satisfy those needs, it was necessary to consider the specific problems in that area.

However, the evolution of the elements would not be long in coming for this area. Nowadays, it’s no longer only about satisfying needs, but also about reflecting trend patterns and linking them with the culture of an area.

As a result, it can be noted that the designs of a culture, however different they may be, often have similar elements.

Recalling the definition of architectural design

Before finding the reasons why architectural design reflects the reality of a society, it’s necessary to review a little of its initial concept.

In short, architectural design is nothing more than a union of creativity and science: it unites the basic elements of architecture with engineering data. This union seeks to create living spaces or various modern buildings, thus marking the growth of modern society.

In other words, it serves as a bridge between these two elements, which are important components of a whole, although not similar.

This means the harmony between these two parts can be seen in the final result. Today, companies can establish an ideal design for each occasion.

In the end, architectural design represents an era in a society. Both architecture and engineering came together to clearly show the interpretation of the professionals of the time of both their society and its growth.

Evolution of design and society

As mentioned above, design is a function of the changing society, reflecting its evolution and resolving new problems that this brings with it.

Very easily, this can be reflected in the main architectural features of each era, where the reality of the civilization built for that moment is shown.

If talking about antiquity, images of the constructions of that time quickly come to mind. It’s very common to see that the current in antiquity is related to temples and buildings of imposing characteristics and also wrapped in a bit of mystery.

Nowadays, the construction of these buildings and other elements can be observed gratifyingly and invites us to think how wonderful the engineering was at that time when they didn’t have the current technology to erect such impressive monuments.

On the other hand, in the Middle Ages, society changed a lot. The architectural design of the buildings of the most favored people shows huge castles taking advantage of a great amount of space, becoming a luxury that not everyone had access to.

Social change through architectural design

Each culture has an interesting story to tell, which is why it is possible to understand a little more about it through its architecture.

The architectural design reflects the society in which people live because it adapts to the current world and all the elements that interact in a specific area.

But architectural design can also shape the civilization that has established its main characteristics.

It can be considered as the expression of cultures, where they transfer the characteristics of the way of life of its inhabitants in visual and habitable elements.

How architectural design can modify or represent society

Architecture and engineering can easily manifest the truth about society. In the first place, if we are in the presence of societies whose technology grows according to any need shown by their inhabitants, they will have the capacity to innovate in their designs and consider the new elements that can be incorporated.

On the other hand, large and important constructions can often be prepared in such a way that the behavior of the inhabitants suffers an irreversible change due to its characteristics.

This would be an indirect way of modifying society and its members without introducing invasive methods or requesting a constant modification of what the collective does.

Change is constantly occurring as society grows, so the next time we want to define civilization in a specific era, it would be good to take a look at its architecture.

Architecture and social changes in the future

This process was present in the past and will continue to show itself throughout history. Today, various constructions reflect different states of society, cultures and social strata.

While there are constant changes in how creativity and ideas are modified as the ages go by, this situation will surely continue to repeat itself. After all, architecture defines a society and will continue to be directly related to it.