Modern Balcony Ideas That Will Impress Your Clients
A modern balcony with chairs and a small table with a city viewModern Balcony Ideas That Will Impress Your Clients

Interior designers are not only in charge of designing mesmerizing interiors. They often work on spaces that feature balconies. Creating one that fits the target interior look and feel while screaming coziness and relaxation can be challenging.

However, delivering fresh and modern balcony designs can mean a big difference in landing more projects and attracting new clients.

Where do you start, then? If you lack inspiration, you might benefit from some new insights. Here are several modern balcony ideas that will help you impress your clients.

Space segmentation is essential.

The most critical thing about a modern balcony design is avoiding over-cluttering it. Getting too many things out there and leaving minimal space for movement can make your design considerably less attractive.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to avoid it. All you have to do is do space segmentation before anything else.

Space segmentation should serve as the most basic blueprint for your balcony design, guiding your decision-making process and enabling you to test different design ideas. You can even have a couple of balcony layouts with differently segmented spaces.

When you have segments, you can easily play with furniture and colors. Color blocking can help you segment the space and highlight the functionality of each zone.

For instance, you can have an area where people can sit and enjoy a beverage, one where they can admire the view, and another where they can partake in an activity such as stargazing.

Think about functionality.

People always assign functionalities to specific areas in their homes and apartments, consciously or unconsciously. It goes from “This is where I will chill after a long day” to “This is where I’ll breathe fresh air while stretching each morning.”

The same goes for balconies. The best way to start thinking about functionality is to see the balcony as a functional extension of the interior space.

You are designing a space for your clients to use and enjoy daily. Even if it is a tiny balcony, it can still serve a purpose. For instance, you can have a wall-mounted cabinet that extends into a collapsible table, a mini laptop stand, or a wooden shelf that perfectly complements one of the corners.

With more oversized balconies, things become significantly simpler as you can introduce several functionalities throughout the space.

Pay attention to details in every functional segment you decide to include. It will help you easily communicate your design ideas to clients and enable them to imagine themself spending time on that balcony.

Don’t force things.

Designers often make the mistake of forcing things into modern balcony designs. If you think something looks too appealing not to be included but it doesn’t complement the space, the chances are it won’t look favorable. When designing a balcony for your clients, you have to respect the area and the rest of the interior design.

There is no need to force things such as putting too tiny furniture to save space, adding an attractive table even if it’s too big for a balcony, or adding any barrier. That area is an extension of the living space, and people should be able to move to and out of it freely.

Yes, you can take the interior design theme and use it as a base for the balcony. However, if you can’t make it work out, don’t force it. Create something from scratch while incorporating only the baseline of interior design.

Make it cozy.

As we’ve stated above, a balcony is an extension of the living space. For clients to love your designs, they don’t only have to see that you have excellent functional design ideas for the balcony. The look and feel have to be inviting as well. You have plenty of options when it comes to making a balcony cozy.

For instance, you can cover the dull tiles with a rug that features an interesting pattern. Greenery is also lovely to have on a balcony. Some balconies will be more suitable for wall-mounted vertical gardens, while others will have more than enough room for the ground ones.

Floor pillows also work perfectly on balconies, with their materials and patterns helping you make the area appear even cozier.

There is a lot of weather-resistant art to choose from, too, and don’t forget the late spring and summer nights. People love late-night hangouts on balconies. You can choose from many light sources, ranging from outdoor lanterns and string lights to sconces and outdoor pendants.

Small tables and cozy chairs go a long way.

While discussing cozy balcony designs, we should briefly touch on the furniture. Furniture can help you achieve excellent balcony designs. You can use it to introduce new colors, patterns, and functionality to a balcony. Furniture can help you paint the space welcoming with that unmissable cozy vibe.

You can add small tables and cozy chairs. The finishing touches, such as a tabletop candle, chair pillows, and a rag over a lounge chair, can complete the design. Even a small item, such as an eye-catching magazine stand, can make a huge difference and help you delight your clients.

Don’t block the view.

Finally, make sure never to block the view; the best balcony design ideas revolve around making the best use of it.

The most crucial step is to carefully segment the area to ensure no big furniture pieces either block the view or stand in the way. The key to a unique balcony design is enabling people to move freely to the handrail to marvel at the city, nature, and local parks.

Additionally, you should ensure that people can enjoy the view whenever people sit or lie down. That means not placing the furniture so that their backs face the handrail. If you have enough space to work with, you can even add items that promote fun, such as a binocular stand or a telescope.


Designing a balcony to impress clients is challenging when you are an absolute beginner. Hopefully, the modern balcony ideas we’ve shared above will help you get on the right track.

Adding appropriate furniture, segmenting the space, and making it feel cozy are only some tips you can apply to create mesmerizing balcony designs.