Most Innovative Architecture Firms Where You Can Learn
A 3D exterior visualization of a lake with a dock and apartment buildings in the background with people walking around the lake.Most Innovative Architecture Firms Where You Can Learn

Attending an architecture university might not be enough to become a great architect. Having theoretical knowledge simply doesn’t cut it in today’s world. To make it as an architect, you need practical skills and experience as well.

And what better way than learning from the best? Below are some of the most innovative architecture firms where you can learn. Some of these companies offer a wide variety of careers and internships.

Just touring some of their unique projects will give you plenty of insight into the world of architecture. Even if you’re not interested, we invite you to look at companies known for some of the most beautiful buildings worldwide.

Moody Nolan

With over 40 years of experience, Moody Nolan has been in the architecture game for a while. Starting in 1982 as a two-person firm, they have a team of over 340 people today.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, they also have strategically placed offices all over the country.

If you’re ready to learn about unique design and create memorable spaces, head over to their site. You can hire them, partner with them, or work for them.


Based in the US, SO-IL is an innovative architecture firm that centers itself around cultural architecture. Not believing in traditional offices, they use “work spheres,” basically working anywhere and anytime.

Their projects can be seen worldwide, from New York, USA, and Leon, Mexico, through Milan, Italy, and Paris, France, all the way to Seoul, South Korea, and Shanghai, China.

Although the website has limited information about careers and jobs, you can head over there and email them.

Lever Architecture

Headquartered on the west coast in the USA, Lever Architecture has offices in Portland and Los Angeles. They are a team of architects and designers who work on buildings, interiors, and research.

Focusing on using specific qualities of a place, like a climate, materials, and resources, they create excellent architecture worldwide. What makes their buildings unique is their simplicity, elegance, beauty, and usefulness.

Take a look at Lever Architecture if you’re willing to learn or even join their team of over 50 people. They’re always looking for talented architects and currently offer positions in Los Angeles and Portland.

Tom Wiscombe Architecture

Also known as TWA, Tom Wiscombe Architecture is an international firm known for attractive graphic qualities, cultural and housing projects, as well as ecological thinking and technology that goes into their projects.

With a unique and creative office in Westlake, Los Angeles, they offer a fantastic workspace with iconic views of the city. Shoot them an email, as they’re always on the prowl for talented architects.

Apart from employment, TWA also offers lectures and presentations about architecture. Take a look at their site to see when and where they’ll be next if you want to learn more.


Founded in 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia, Illuminarium is a company that creates experiential attractions in immersive theaters called “illuminariums.”

Currently, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Atlanta, Georgia, these attractions are both engaging and extraordinary. The tour takes from 45 to 60 minutes, and they offer various experiences like “Space,” “Wild”, and “After Dark.”

If you’re willing to learn about these “illuminariums” and the incredible architecture that went into creating them, take a look at their website and see the various job positions they offer in these two cities.

Block Research Group

Known as BRG for short, they focus on researching masonry structures, analyzing graphical and design methods, and dealing with computational form finding and structural design.

Their goals are understanding complex structural design and engineering problems and developing new algorithms and tools for design.

Consisting of a smaller team of around 20 people, they currently have no open positions, but they do have a vast number of courses where you can learn so much more about architecture.


Placed by Fast Company among the world’s most innovative companies of 2022, HKS is an international design firm that believes great design should start at the local level.

Along with architects and 3D interior designers, HKS also employs researchers, urban designers, graphic designers, nurses, and more. They strive to research, experiment, improve and design smarter solutions.

With 26 offices from Tokyo, Japan, through London, UK, all the way to Los Angeles, California, they offer a wide variety of careers and internships where you can learn more about architecture.

Prince Concepts

Based in Detroit, Prince Concepts is a real estate development and property management company with 10 years of experience.

Having built 20,000 square feet (SF) of new housing and having created 15,000 SF of public space since 2012, they received nine international awards for their project.

Being a small firm with projects only in New York and Detroit, they don’t seem to be hiring currently. Still, you can listen to the director of Prince Concepts – Philip Kafka, at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, as he is a lecturer there in the architecture department.


With over 3000 projects and 35 years of experience, Populous is a global design firm on four continents. Priding themselves on designing places where people love to be together, Populous is best known for designing stadiums, arenas, and airports.

In fact, they received an award from “Rolling Stone” for “Best Arenas and Stadiums in America.” Also awarded by “Fast Company” as “One of the 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World”, Populous ranked number one in architecture in 2022.

Always on the lookout for creative, innovative, and authentic talent, Populous has a massive number of open positions all over the world, so head to their webpage to find out more.


Becoming an architect in today’s day and age isn’t exactly easy. Apart from attending architecture schools, you will want to hone your craft by visiting and studying real-life projects and learning from some of the best architects in the game.

We have presented some of the most innovative architecture firms where you can learn. Touring their unique projects can give you some practical knowledge about the profession. Apart from that, some of these firms offer apprenticeships and jobs where you are sure to perfect your architecture skills.