How to Attract Local Clients as a Professional Architect
A 3D render of a luxurious resort with a decorated garden featuring beach beds, sofas, and bushes overlooking the street.How to Attract Local Clients as a Professional Architect

Becoming a successful, recognized architect may require researching the market and finding the best ways to stand out. All professional architects started their journeys in their local area. If you want to work your way up but don’t know how to attract more clients, we are here to help.

You must be patient, though, because you cannot get a developed network of clients when you start your journey as a professional architect. Remember that it will take some time before you start being recognized locally and eventually internationally. Here are some tips that can make this process faster.

1. See what the locals need

Every city or area has its own specific architecture type. To fit into the description of your local market, you need to consider what your projects should look like to satisfy this market. You must also see what is lacking in your local architecture businesses and propose novel ideas.

Your local market may require more one-story houses or wants to build buildings that will become the landmark of your city or local area. Before you start offering your services to your local market, do your research and see what the local needs are. You will likely be accredited for your attention to detail and innovative ideas within the local community.

Local needs should be your priority if you want to make it in the architecture business.

2. Talk about local issues

Every area has its issues when it comes to architecture and city plans. If you have a creative mind and want to make your city more visually pleasing, you should create your plan and propose it to the authorities. You can cover various issues, such as insufficient parking spaces, crowded buildings, hostile architecture, etc.

To improve your local architecture, you need to understand what makes it bad and what makes it good. Once you come to this conclusion, you can create your own project and present it to your local architecture industry. Then, you can discuss how you can solve these local issues and provide your fellow citizens with a comfortable, beautiful space to live and work in.

Solving the issues of your local area will bring you one step closer to becoming acknowledged in the local community.

3. Network with locals

When it comes to solving issues and creating a more comfortable environment, you might need some help. It is always a good idea to connect with people with the same passion as you and develop plans together. That includes being close to the people of influence in your area and discussing your plans with them.

Developing a network with locals is very important for becoming a professional architect. People change the world together, so if you want to change how people in your city live and where they live, you will need some help from like-minded people. Before you start working on your architectural plan, make sure to connect with other people.

Who knows, maybe they will give you some ideas to make your plans even better.

4. Use local marketing strategies

To reach more clients and develop a network of loyal customers, you will need to put yourself out there and create a marketing strategy to which people in your area will be attracted. If your goal is to reach people in a city, the best marketing strategy might be to put up billboards as your advertisement option.

Wherever people go, they will see your work and constantly be reminded of your services. You can also use other marketing strategies, such as social media marketing targeting your city or area, newspaper marketing, etc. That will allow you to reach your audience and attract them to your company in various ways.

Make sure to explore what type of marketing will be the best in your area and which has the most significant response rate.

5. Respect the needs of your target market

We understand that you may have some innovative ideas and want to turn your city into an innovative one. However, the market is not looking for what you want – your clients will have their own needs and desires that you must address to become a successful architect.

Sometimes, all you have to do is listen to people and ask for their opinion. People who have lived in a city all their life know the best; they know what they need and don’t, what would be good and bad. As an architect, you should be ready to fulfill their wishes and propose ideas that will fit the needs of your target market.

In the architecture business, putting others’ needs first is essential for becoming recognized in your area and considered a true master of your craft.

6. Honor tradition but offer innovation

Some citizens admire the beauty of traditional architecture and wouldn’t want to change it due to the meaning and history these buildings can carry. If you have a knack for innovation and want to take a more modern approach to the projects in your local area, but other people don’t share this enthusiasm and are more traditional, you should respect their decision.

To improve your city’s architecture, you won’t need to start all over again and create a whole new city plan. If other people are against innovation, you can offer different solutions, such as renovating the existing buildings and giving them back their old glory. You should respect tradition, but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t intertwine with some modern aspects to create something beautiful.

After all, adding modern elements to these older buildings may increase their lifespan and preserve their beauty.


The professional architecture journey requires you to do a lot of searching to find what people actually need. If you want to focus on your local area, you need to understand the needs of the locals. It will help you become acknowledged within this community and get many new opportunities. The tips we have presented above will help you become a professional architect while supporting your local community.