Best Architecture Blogs to Check Out in 2023
A 3d visualization of a large 3 storey house seen from the driveway and front garden. Best Architecture Blogs to Check Out in 2023

One of the best ways to stay tuned to the latest architecture news, developments, and best practices is to keep tabs on relevant architecture blogs. The only problem is there are so many.

Some are better at regularly posting new articles, while others post less frequently but offer in-depth guides and reviews of popular software. Some are not as valuable as their counterparts.

How do you know which blogs to follow, then? Below you will find the 12 best architecture blogs to check out in 2023.

1. Archinect

Archinect is one of the oldest online blogs on this topic. It has been up since 1997, trying to bring designers from all corners of the world together.

The Archinect blog is quite alive, with new posts publishing daily. You can find articles addressing a wide range of topics. Instead of just scrolling through the blog, selecting a category that interests you would be wiser.

Archinect enables you to filter posts by school, professional, travel, design, technical, and general blogs. You can also sort posts by latest entry or latest comment.

2. Easy Render

Easy Render is a platform that connects established 3D artists with clients. However, the platform also has a very informative and helpful blog section. If you keep tabs on Easy Render’s blog, you will find we update it and post new content on a regular basis.

There are articles about general architecture topics, architectural rendering, and architectural visualization. You can also learn a great deal about the concept of 3D visualization, 3D rendering software, and interior design.

3. Life of an Architect

If you are an architecture student or considering becoming one, Life of an Architect is undoubtedly a blog you should check out. The blog is about what it means to be an architect in this day and age. That includes what to expect at client meetings and how to handle challenges when traveling for work.

The blog has recently undergone some changes, focusing more on podcasts. Nevertheless, the blog publishes new articles every few days. Additionally, there is a section on the site where you can discover notable architecture books.

4. Freshome

If you are interested in interior design, then Freshome is your go-to blog. The blog author, Kelly, shares her valuable insights about interior design. You can find some exciting ideas and learn how various pieces can help create the desired look and feel.

This blog is not only valuable because the author shares various interior design ideas backed up with high-quality features. She also shares her design process to help readers understand how and why she made specific design decisions.

5. Dezeen

Dezeen has established itself as a blog that features all things architecture and design. You can hop on it every time you want to discover relevant news. Students can use it to find internship opportunities or seek jobs. The site also features new interesting architectural projects.

The posts are conveniently categorized into the sections of architecture, interiors, design, and lookbooks. You also have the option to subscribe to the Dezeen newsletter to receive important news directly to your inbox.

6. Visualizing Architecture

Visualizing Architecture blog lives up to its name. You can discover fascinating portfolios and truly understand them as the author analyzes them. You can learn about the most basic techniques in design software.

This blog is an excellent resource for students who want to learn visualization. There are numerous step-by-step tutorials you can complete. The blog also has a vast library of architectural visualizations you can check out for free.

7. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is a perfect resource for students and architects who want to become part of an extensive community. The blog focuses on interior design topics. You will find many helpful design lessons you can learn and apply the information to your projects.

There are many do-it-yourself articles and shopping guides. The blog also regularly adds new decorating and design ideas for every room in a house, including how to achieve a specific look and feel.

8. Arch Daily

ArchDaily is one of the most famous architecture blogs out there. It attracts people from various verticals as it features a range of topics regarding architecture, design, and buildings in general.

You will find that the site is structured to help you find exactly what you are looking for in seconds. For instance, you can discover cultural, healthcare, industrial & infrastructure, and religious architecture under the Projects category.

9. Unhappy Hipsters

Unhappy Hipsters is one of those blogs that cover a wide range of topics. Yes, you can find architecture topics ranging from how to overcome specific challenges to discovering various styles of architecture and their essential characteristics.

However, the site also has interior and exterior sections where you can look for inspiration. There are also practical home improvement guides and DIY projects.

10. The Architect’s Journal

The Architects’ Journal focuses on news distribution and is quite active. You will often find breaking architecture news. If you want to stay tuned to the latest developments in your niche, you should consider bookmarking it.

The site also features building reviews to help you learn what works and doesn’t work to avoid making the same mistakes. Finally, the blog reports on prominent architectural competitions and provides in-depth analyses of successful architectural practices.

11. Contemporist

Contemporist, as the name implies, is a blog where you can find contemporary architectural ideas and concepts. This blog is perfect if you want to learn about modern architecture, its valuable characteristics, and other things regarding this style.

Besides architecture, the blog also features authors that share interior design, lighting, art, and furniture ideas.

12. Cabin Porn

Cabin Porn is a blog that can benefit architects interested in designing quiet and comfortable living spaces. It can give you practical ideas on designing cabins to fit into the natural surroundings perfectly. The blog also issues books every time they gather enough valuable material.

It offers the option to subscribe to a newsletter, which can be beneficial if you have a busy schedule and would rather receive your daily “cabin in the woods” design inspiration in your inbox.


Every architect strives to develop their unique style.

That’s why we made sure to include popular and valuable architecture blogs unique in terms of the topics they address. Some focus on news distribution, while others aim to help architects master their craft.

Since you have unique goals, you should choose blogs that can help you achieve them and become a better architect.