Elite property of Dubai
3d rendering of water fountains in front of a commercial development surrounded by skyscrapersElite property of Dubai

The Dubai government suggests a wealth of investment possibilities for foreigners, ensuring the safety of their capital. One of them is to buy luxury properties in Dubai. High liquidity, ROI of up to 10% per year, and minimal exposure to inflation have turned villas and apartments in Dubai into a reliable asset that allows you to save and increase funds. Today, the market has become more accessible to foreign investors, while real estate in the elite locations of Dubai is in special need. Consider the most expensive and prestigious of them.

The most costly places with flats

Flats in the emirate of Dubai are particularly needed among expats and tourists. For foreign investors, acquiring this type of housing will be an excellent opportunity to obtain a regular passive revenue from its short-term and long-term lease. Next, we will talk about the most pricey locations of Dubai.

Dubai Marina

It is considered one of the most prestigious places of Dubai. There are more than 200 superior residential properties here, most of which are represented by the next categories of accommodation:

  • studios
  • 1-bedroom flats
  • apartments with two bedrooms.

Real estate costs in this prestigious area of Dubai are second only to the center of the emirate. Popular tourist attractions, luxury complexes, cafes, and other amusement venues exist. Due to its prestige, developed infrastructure, and transport accessibility, Dubai Marina attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

Downtown Dubai

One of the most costly locations of Dubai, where all the active life of the emirate is concentrated. Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, dancing fountain performance - this place needs no introduction. From Downtown, you can easily get to anywhere in the emirate, thanks to a developed transport network, the absence of a car is not a problem. The main demand among the luxury housing in Downtown Dubai is studios and 1-bedroom flats. Even though the area is the tourist center of the emirate, housing here is in demand not only among tourists. Due to the expanded infrastructure, good location, and proximity to the Sheikh Zayed Road, property in this expensive area of Dubai is in need among citizens.

Business Bay

The elite district of Dubai, where the city's business life is concentrated. The offices of large local and international companies are located here, so housing is in demand among expats and foreign investors. The main water artery of the emirate, the Dubai Water Canal, passes through the territory of the district. The high demand for studios and 1-bedroom flats has largely influenced the cost: a square meter is kept at the level of similar housing in other prestigious areas of Dubai, such as Dubai Marina. The Business Bay location is constantly growing, and its proximity to the city center only raises asset attractiveness.

The most expensive areas of Dubai with villas

Foreign investors acquire prestigious villas in Dubai for personal residence and long-term lease to wealthy foreigners who live in the UAE with their families. Here is a rating of the most elite districts of Dubai, where a foreign investor can buy a villa at a high price.

Palm Jumeirah

It can be confidently called the richest area of Dubai. Luxury villas with remote shores, luxurious restaurants, boutiques, and SPA complexes represent this unique project. Palm Jumeirah is valued for enjoying a secluded beach holiday of the highest level while enjoying all the possibilities of a noisy metropolis - the island is connected to the mainland by a bridge. Villas in Palm Jumeirah are distinguished by their large area, thoughtful layout, and exclusive design. Prices start at $2 million. The richest street in Dubai is called the "Street of Billionaires". This is one of the branches of the palm tree, which reflects all the luxury of the UAE, the prices for villas in this place reach tens of millions of dollars.


A real urban agglomeration, where the entire infrastructure was fully planned at the development stage. The area attracts tourists with the largest theme parks, luxury hotels, and sports complexes where all kinds of sports are available, including auto racing. Premium-class villas and flats in Dubai represent real estate here. The Dubailand area is far from metro stations, so you can get to the community by bus or taxi if you don't have a car.

Arabian Ranches

One of the most prestigious suburban areas of Dubai, which the locals call a paradise in the desert. Arabian Ranches includes 3 Al Andalusian-style gated communities surrounded by greenery. The atmosphere of measured life, round-the-clock security, developed infrastructure, and a large golf club attract wealthy families worldwide to this area. Lavish villas with amazing layouts and designs represent luxury real estate. Community infrastructure includes swimming pools, tennis courts, and recreation places. Being a suburban area, Arabian Ranches does not have a metro station, the nearest one is 10 minutes away by car. At the same time, the Sheikh Zayed Highway is located nearby, along which you can easily get anywhere in the emirate.

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