How to Design a Modern Contemporary House
A ground-floor contemporary-style house with a front yardHow to Design a Modern Contemporary House

Architecture is one of the classical art forms and has a lot to offer to humanity. Thanks to it, we can easily recognize the historical period a specific building belongs to, learn how infrastructures and households looked in the past, and get a rough idea about how they may look in the future.

Whether you’re a beginner architectural designer or want to be creative in architecture, it can be challenging to bring your ideas to reality. This article may help you understand the essential elements to get the hang of when designing a modern contemporary house.

What is a contemporary house?

When we talk about contemporary style in any art form, the 21st-century style comes to mind.

Contemporary is closely related to the terms modern and trending, and it defines the style of living we’re used to seeing every day.

You can instantly recognize a contemporary house when you see one – modern, grounded, and visually appealing structures with a color palette of black, gray, and brown. You may also come across different geometrical shapes in various building forms.

Also, many contemporary houses are made of organic materials and use different methods for watering and heating systems. However, it’s crucial to inform yourself about everything you need to know before you start designing and making your own contemporary house.

Adopt an open floor plan.

Open floor plans have become very popular in the past decade. People have genuinely started enjoying large spaces, and they quickly embraced the open floor plan. Even cafes, restaurants, libraries, and other facilities began implementing this concept.

If you wish to create an open floor plan, all you need to do is remove the walls between two or more rooms.

However, make sure you consult a professional about whether you can break down a specific wall in the first place due to the possibility of it being load-bearing.

Open floor plans can get you a more open concept for your household, and they can give you multiple opportunities when it comes to interior design. So if you wish to achieve that contemporary and modern look, we recommend going with an open floor plan.

Ground floor or two floors?

The number of floors you will need to make your house contemporary depends on your preferences. Although many contemporary houses have only a ground floor, many architects like to experiment with multiple floors.

So many contemporary houses have a ground floor only because it highlights the open floor plan and gives you a chance to experiment with the width of your household. Also, with the right design for your windows, the ground floor can help you enjoy a fantastic view from your couch.

On the other hand, many houses with two floors can be just as attractive as ground-floor houses. It all depends on what you want to achieve and the financial and functional possibilities you have at that moment.

Large windows

Large windows in different shapes are one of the most prominent characteristics of contemporary houses. They look brilliant due to their size, and they also bring an enormous amount of light into your household.

You can also use large windows to bring out your interior and enjoy longer daytime light. You can also experiment with different window shapes that can enhance the exterior design of your contemporary house.

Add many geometric shapes.

Geometric shapes are some of the most significant elements that make contemporary architecture exciting. With the right people who can turn your ideas into reality, you can enjoy different abstract designs in your household.

You can use geometric shapes in interior and exterior design to make your house less monotone. You can also use interesting color palettes to give more pizzazz to your geometrical shapes.

Using geometric shapes in your design can help you achieve a unique look for your household. However, try not to overdo it – sometimes it’s better to go with a more basic style than combining too many things and moving the attention away from the minimalistic contemporary style.

Use mixed exterior materials.

When we look at the exterior of contemporary houses nowadays, we can see the combination of different materials used with excellent taste. You can achieve a modern look by using different textures and colors for your exterior design.

You can combine wood, stone, bricks, fiberglass panels, stucco, and any other material that would look fantastic with one another. Also, you can use these materials if you want to design your garden and enhance your design in the best possible way.

However, it can be challenging to combine these materials correctly. If you ever reach a dead end and are unsure how to realize your idea, you can always seek advice from experienced architects with expertise in exterior design.


Contemporary architecture relies on modern society, and with it, it changes every day with every new trend that comes out. That’s why you need to put a lot of effort into designing your house the right way.

However, designing your future contemporary house can be incredibly fun, especially the part where you experiment with interior design, textures, furniture, etc. We advise you to feel free to experiment as much as you want because you might create something extraordinary.

We hope this article has helped you get a rough idea about what a contemporary house should look like and what you need to design and build it. We wish you the best of luck on your journey and hope you will be happy with your result!