Buying a house? Why an architect's advice is essential
Architectural rendering of a single storey, hip roof house in a wild woodland settingBuying a house? Why an architect's advice is essential

A lot of ready-made projects of private houses are sold on the Internet, and construction teams assure that it is easier, faster and cheaper to pay for a typical one, adapt it and build what you want. But in fact, without an architect, it will turn out worse and more expensive. And that's why.

Architects Help You To Be Creative

And in more detail? In a typical project, many points are not worked out, including engineering communications at home, “landing” on the terrain, insolation, foundation, ventilation. The foreman does not always have the necessary qualifications to take into account all these points and make competent drawings. All this affects not only the course of construction, but also the estimate. Conditionally: it was estimated that a house of 200 sq.m would need 1000 meters of cable, and the exact calculation of the architect would show that 800 is enough.

Essential note:

We recommend using a pay stub generator to calculate and make all the essential invoices. It will be a better solution to track the hours your architect has worked and how you should pay for the work done.

Without An Architect You Will Have a Trouble

Everything will be decided in a rush mode. You will not be able to foresee exactly what the costs of construction and communications will be. In addition, "in the course of the play" you will have to figure out what the internal layout of the house will be like, where the windows will be. And not the fact that you will be satisfied with the result.

Yes, without an architect you will be in touch, and you need to appreciate your architect. You can consider buying them some gifts or inviting them for dinner. You can also give your architect travel gift cards as an appreciation for hard work and dedication. Remember that you will enjoy your house and your architect deserves some appreciation and recognition.

The Architect Brings Professionalism

And in more detail? The architect will design the building as an integral organism, taking into account building codes, the nature of the soil and other parameters. If necessary, during construction, he will make drawings of each node. And if there is an overlay under his fault, he will redo the drawings at his own expense. As a result, you will receive a building built in accordance with all the rules, and you will be confident in the reliability of the structure, in the operation of heating, electrical systems.

If you cannot calculate what kind of house you can afford then you are in trouble. Estimate how much house you can afford for planning all the budgeting. Afterwards you can decide how much money is left to hire an architect and work professionally on the project of your house.

If Without An Architect:

A competent foreman, of course, will be able to complete the construction. But communications in the house can be in the most unexpected place (a pipe under the ceiling, which prevents you from placing a closet, and simply spoils the view). And there are also possible errors in the layout, in the location of bathrooms, insolation, etc. The saddest outcome: due to unaccounted for soil features, the building structure may not withstand.

Some Thoughts About Having An Architect

“The architect sees your house “in front”. He has in his head (not only on paper) a three-dimensional picture of what should be, and this is very important both for the project and for implementation.

The architect will design the layout of the house so that it is convenient for you to move and live in your home. For example, he will plan the sizes of rooms with the maximum usefulness of their area. It's great when a cabinet can be made not to order, and it will fit perfectly; when the aisles between the bed and the wall are wide enough, and not 30 cm - even if the bed is non-standard. Specialists will arrange furniture in advance and “build” walls under them, place windows, doorways and sockets. After all, first the layout, then the walls!

And most foremen usually adhere to the principle “Build it, then you will figure it out”. For them, the main thing is construction.