The Best Materials You can Use in V-Ray
The Best Materials You can Use in V-Ray

Artists, designers, and architects of today are faced with a serious challenge, as their clients have become extremely hard to please. Fortunately, the latest and most innovative technology made a lot of things possible, so these artists can now rely on the most useful and sophisticated tools to garner the much-wanted response which is vital for success.

Well, that's exactly where V-Ray comes into play. It's the universal plugin and fixer of all problems. Regardless of what 3D modeling software you believe is the best, this engine will turn your design into a believable realization and that's the exact reason why V-Ray is the most preferred tool of architects.

V-Ray Has Been Around for Quite Some Time

V-Ray has been around since the early days of 3D animation and visualization when bites were still measured using mega. Even then, this engine was well-known for its amazing ability to provide the highest quality rendering. It remained a titan in the rendering world due to its incredible ability to create the most outstanding animations and images.

With supplementary content and support staff almost as potent as its rendering capabilities, V-Ray provides its users with a very wide range of texture and material databases, everything they need to create their masterpieces. So, with that in mind, here are a few of the best materials you can use in V-Ray for the maximum effect.


When it comes to visualization and 3D rendering, Evermotion is what makes a true difference. Aside from containing regularly updated lessons, galleries, a tutorial blog, and news all related to V-Ray, it also offers the most user-driven and extensive material library entirely free of charge.

Put simply, if you're an architect or a rendering artist looking for a way to get ahead of the competition in what you do, Evermotion should definitely be your stop number one. There are new tutorials and materials being added every single day and it's a really great source for free textures, materials, and shaders.

V-Ray Materials

While the name already suggests it all, V-Ray Materials is also an extraordinary source of materials that was specifically tailored and customized for V-Ray users.

Containing both paid-for and free materials and textures in its massive library, this source will give your animations and renderings that extra layer of polish that you've been looking for. This is also a great place to start for all those looking to bolster their personal material libraries.

Visual Dynamics

Visual Dynamics and rendering and visualization artists have one thing in common: they both absolutely love rendering. So, naturally, it's safe to assume that this is a great place to look for the highest quality V-Ray materials.

With a robust library full of goodies, VD offers top-notch textures, shaders, and materials. On top of all this, Visual Dynamics is a licensed V-Ray software distributor so rest assured that you will find what you are looking for without any doubt. You can also get a subscription for a modeling program that you prefer, to spice things up a bit.

Flying Architecture

When it comes to architectural visualization, a lot of it depends on the quality of the materials used. Since this is a highly specialized industry, architects need specific materials and techniques to get the wanted effect with their work. With that in mind, Flying Architecture is the best source of such materials as it's fully dedicated to that specific industry.

Aside from it featuring other software, tutorials, and 3D models, it also offers a very useful forum where you can chat with other users about anything interesting regarding experiences, compliments, and pretty much everything else related to architectural visualization and 3D rendering. You can also share files with like-minded individuals and architectural professionals.

The best thing about this material library is that it targets architects more than any other and architects use it the most for that exact reason.


Aversis is mostly a tutorial website, loaded with amazing V-Ray materials and it has a very user-friendly interface, which makes it extremely easy to navigate.

Rendering artists will surely be pleased with the quality of materials and textures here and there are free samples to start with. Aversis is excellent for advertising, architecture, and product design, as it supports photorealistic animation and 3D visualization.

Most importantly, Aversis provides tutorials for V-Ray, 3D models, V-Ray materials, HDRO maps, textures, Photoshop, Rhino, and 3D Studio Max. Since there are various sub-sectors in the 3D visualization and rendering industry, Aversis provides texture packs for sale.

All in all, it's a good place to find the hottest V-Ray materials, as well as useful tutorials that will further deepen your V-Ray knowledge.

V-Ray Maya Materials

Maya is probably the most popular modeler for industrial designers and animators so naturally, if you're a Maya user, this is a perfect place to find the necessary V-Ray materials but most importantly, the best V-Ray materials.

With all the latest materials and textures at your disposal and a huge database with the highest quality V-Ray materials on display, this should be your number one option when you need the highest quality V-Ray materials on a daily basis.

Aside from a few other similar libraries, there's nothing quite like V-Ray Maya Materials, so if you're an industrial designer or an animator who prefers using the V-Ray engine, this is definitely the greatest source of the best V-Ray materials you can find on the net.

No matter what you use, a texture, material or a shader, with all these materials at your disposal, you'll be able to use your V-Ray like a real rendering professional. The satisfaction of your clients is what determines your success so work only with the best.