Enscape Releases Version 2.7 of Their Rendering Software
Enscape Releases Version 2.7 of Their Rendering Software

There is always something new and interesting in the field of rendering and architectural visualization. These technologies have come a long way since their inception. What was once a tedious and quite cost-intensive effort is now a time and cost-efficient process that ends up giving the most incredible result.

In the past, architectural visualization of the highest quality was a luxury that only successful companies could afford. It required incredible computing power and tremendous amounts of time to render stunning images.

Well, we can all say goodbye to these long and mundane processes. Out with the old and in with the new. In terms of new standards in 3D visualization, it's time to welcome a new player in town - real-time rendering.

Enscape and Real-Time Rendering

Any process that includes visualizing architectural planning data from any modeling software tool can be considered as real-time rendering. This modeling software tool can be any program of that type, most notably, CAD. CAD allows you to render any data in real-time within seconds.

The best thing about real-time rendering is that you can make any edits and changes necessary directly in the planning data. These edits will be immediately implemented in the 3D model you're working on.

That aside, rendering technology has allowed professional architects, visualizers, and rendering artists to create the most photorealistic images up to date.

Because of that, the most immersive way to experience the real potential of rendering is to get a VR walkthrough. With all this in mind, Enscape has an innovation when it comes to real-time rendering.

This leading provider of rendering tools has been an authoritative force in the realm of architectural visualization for quite some time now, and their latest rendering software is aimed at improving every aspect of the rendering process.

The 2.7 Version Is Aimed Toward Architects

While Enscape's main goal is to provide user-friendly software plugins for popular CAD systems like Rhino, ArchiCAD, SketchUp, and Revit, the latest 2.7 version of their rendering software will bring rendering power that can significantly enhance any architectural workflow.

Since the main activity of Enscape is to provide real-time visualization and rendering solutions to global industries such as construction, engineering, and architecture, their newest software version brings new BIM-driven workflows that are supposed to improve the entire building design process.

This software version will also improve quality enhancements and performance. However, the 2.7 version is meant to directly complement any architectural working environment as this version is an enhanced modeling tool. Architects can directly render full BIM data with just a few clicks.

The rendering engine used is so powerful that it can render any architectural data in mere seconds. Also, the 2.7 version is designed to work in perfect harmony with other CAD tools. Architects, visualizers, and 3D rendering artists can use this modeling tool to easily communicate their ideas and concepts through each phase of a project.

Enhanced BIM Workflows and Other Innovations

While this new version brings many great innovations that will help architects improve their performance, the main goal of this modeling tool is enhancing BIM workflows. The 2.7 version brings a high level of improvement when it comes to usability and enhancing BIM workflows.

Since every BIM process depends on two key elements, drawings, and data, version 2.7 allows users to balance both to leverage immediate advantages and make their visualization and design process more efficient and effective.

BIM stands for building information modeling. That ''information'' part is the most important when it comes to Enscape 2.7 because it helps take advantage of every piece of information.

Each time a user selects a new object, Enscape 2.7 automatically displays any BIM information associated with the object. This information includes prices, manufacturer details, dimensions, properties, and more.

If you're working on any 3D presentation, you can showcase your design and interact with clients by integrating data into your work. In case your clients have any questions regarding your projects, they can ask during review sessions and get immediate answers.

On top of all that, other innovative features include Orthographic Views. This new preset allows you to explore and inspect your design from different angles.

This incredibly reduces the time it takes to complete projects. In the past, architects had to switch between Enscape and BIM to create 2D drawings, but the latest 2.7 version eliminates the need for this tedious and mundane practice.

You can now use this new preset to generate 2D views of the elevation, section, and floor plan with just one click. Use these views from your Enscape model to ensure that you and clients are on the same page when it comes to constructability, design intent, purpose, and so on.

One of the biggest problems in architecture was the absence of an effective solution that would bridge the basic design intent and its constructability. Thanks to Enscape 2.7, this is no longer an issue.

Aside from solving this problem, architects can also easily understand the basic purpose of 3D visualization and the idea or concept at any phase of a project.

Additional 2.7 Enscape Features

Aside from improved productivity and usability, as well as enhanced BIM workflows, version 2.7 also includes a range of usability improvements and enhancements that help make the entire 3D rendering process more photorealistic. These additional features include:

●       200+ new assets - includes a wide range of different assets such as floor and table lamps. It also includes completely new surrounding building models that you can use to take any design and place it in small urban areas or large environments.

●       There is a new German-language edition.

●       There are also improved atmosphere, rendering, and performance effects.

The 2.7 version makes it simple to edit planning data directly in the modeling tool without having to switch between programs or screens. This level of simultaneous synchronization is an excellent way to make real-time changes to the project while visualizing those changes in 3D.

That way, clients can propose changes that they can immediately visualize. Because of this, both clients and architects can communicate their ideas in a much more efficient and effective way.


Enscape 2.7 brings amazing features, presets, and improvements in the realms of BIM, architecture, construction, and engineering. Instead of switching between the programs to make changes, architects can make all necessary edits in real-time and immediately view these changes in the project.

This significantly improves the time it takes to send edited projects back and forth between clients and architects. Instead of wasting all that time, clients can simply propose their ideas to architects who can implement those ideas directly in the ongoing project.

Enscape 2.7 brings enhanced BIM-driven workflows, quality enhancements, improved performance, and a range of other advantages that will help improve communication between clients, contractors, and architects.