7 Software Solutions That Can Help Architects Avoid Losing Time
7 Software Solutions That Can Help Architects Avoid Losing Time

Architects have a lot on their minds when it comes to running their business. Just like any other business, there's paperwork, administration, and other things to worry about.

These administration chores, such as marketing, document and office management, insurance, employee payroll, technology, paying bills, invoicing clients, completing projects, and finding new ones, going through all the emails, and so on, can be extremely time-consuming.

So, what can an architect do to avoid losing time?

The answer is rather simple - use software tools and solutions to not only improve productivity but save money and, most importantly, time. It's essential for architects to fully focus on the project and not waste time on trivial things.

That's why we have gathered these time-efficient software solutions that help architects save time while remaining effective and organized. No more wasting time with administrative responsibilities, let technology work for you and with you rather than against you.

1. Document Management

Since architects are required to handle a lot of paperwork like sketches, photos, invoices, blueprints, plans, and other files, they need an efficient solution to manage all those documents. Fortunately, technology has an answer - an online cloud software solution for document management.

It's exciting, new, and trendy, and everyone is using it. Additionally, it allows architects to get rid of the paperwork while working on multiple projects at the same time.

Time greatly matters in architecture, and it's more productive to be spending it doing something useful rather than going through all the documents and paperwork or risking losing a project because you've been working with the incorrect version of a document.

With online cloud software for document management, you can easily share and store valuable and accurate data with all others who are working with you on a project.

More importantly, this time-efficient software tool allows you and your team to access all relevant files with a computer, tablet, or smartphone anytime, anywhere. The most recommended software tools for document management are Dropbox and Google Drive.

2. Invoice Administration

Online accounting and invoicing are essential for modern architects. Well, online accounting and invoicing in the cloud sounds like an excellent solution to save time while improving efficiency.

Invoicing solutions like Blinksale, Invoicera, or Freshbooks allow architects to set up their administration in an effortless and well-structured way.

What makes these software solutions so useful is the fact that they are easily integrated into many payment methods. Aside from helping save time, you can make your business look more organized and professional at the most affordable prices.

On top of all that, these are online software solutions that allow you to access any essential information anywhere, anytime. Time-saving and convenience as well as productivity, all in one place.

3. Employee Time Tracking

By making a small investment in easy and simple software tools like GetHarvest or Hubstaff, you can keep track of how productive your employees are during working hours. There are smartphone apps that allow you to do the same, regardless of what working platform your employees are using. Whether they're on the job site or in the office, you can track and clock in employees easily.

These software tools have great features that show the exact project your employees have been working on. That way, you can save money by eliminating any tasks that waste time and make the entire workflow more efficient.

Forget about archaic methods like paper timesheets and enjoy the utmost level of ease of use and efficiency as well as other benefits that modern timesaving software tools have to offer.

While architects are looking for software solutions to save time, it's also crucial for them to consider the human resources aspect of their small businesses. Managing a team, especially in a remote setting, can be challenging and time-consuming. To streamline this process, consider exploring global HR solutions for small businesses. These solutions can help you manage your team more efficiently, allowing you to focus more on your architectural projects

4. CRM and Client Portfolios

Almost every architect has faced the situation of being overwhelmed with work, having several projects running at the same time. In fact, if you want to remain competitive in the modern architecture business landscape, you have to be able to work on more than just one project.

There's an excellent way to manage projects and clients - Highrise HQ. This software tool allows you to save and organize chat transcripts, SMS, and email conversations, as well as notes from up to thousands of clients.

It also allows you to keep your entire team updated with ongoing information regarding the projects you work on. Highrise HQ helps increase business productivity and you can integrate it in an ongoing project with ease.

Keep customer relationship management, help desk solutions, client chats, marketing, sales and reporting all in one place with this timesaving tech software. What really makes this software stand out from other similar software solutions is that it's integrated with over a hundred plug-ins that you can use to make your workflow much more efficient.

Access any piece of necessary information with only a few clicks and manage your client relationship as well as multiple projects with ease.

5. Project Management

Project management is perhaps the most important element of an architect's workflow. To make sure you're doing it the right way, the most efficient software solutions like TeamworkPM and Basecamp can help. These powerful web-based tools allow you to make project management so much easier.

They provide excellent collaboration features that allow your entire team to keep all relevant information in one place while working on multiple projects. Most multinational architect companies use this software tool as they find its main benefit, the ease of project management, to be very useful.

More importantly, with all vital project data in one always accessible and safe place, architects can easily go through multiple documents regarding projects within mere seconds.

Calendars, time tracking, chat, messages, file sharing, to-do lists, these are just some of the most outstanding features that this amazing timesaving software tool has to offer. Time is money, and saving time means saving money.

6. Website Services

It's impossible to run a business with success without a website. That means that every architect needs a professional-looking and responsive website to promote their services and attract new clients.

Software tools like Weebly, Plebu, Wix, or Webs are easy to use, and they don't require any coding knowledge.

Most modern consumers are mobile and online and they will use the internet to search for businesses and products they need and want. Having a top-notch website is, therefore, the best way to grab their attention and acquire new projects. Organize your website at the most affordable prices and save time by letting your work come to you instead of you looking for it.

7. Creating Site Reports

The ultimate software solution to make you more efficient is right in front of you and it's called ArchiSnapper. It's an online software timesaving tool for architects that allows you to create an online account in mere minutes and eliminate the need to bother with tedious administration duties for good.

Integrate all relevant project data with the software tool and use it on your tablet or smartphone. You can send instant site reports to your clients which is exceptionally timesaving. No more wasting time writing things down. Produce professional and well-organized reports and save time while keeping all vital data safe in the cloud.

On top of all this, this software solution makes all necessary data shareable and accessible to your team anytime. Take your project management to a whole new level with this fantastic software tool that will allow you to make the most of the time you have on your hands.


Running a complex business like an architectural company is all about time, resources, and organization. These factors can make or break your business.

If you prove to your clients that you can manage multiple projects and client relationships simultaneously, you have much bigger chances to get ahead of the competition curve and turn your business into a prosperous company that sets standards for the rest.

Get ahead of your industry with the most powerful software solutions that allow you to enhance and upgrade every aspect of your workflow. Setting up your administration is vital to your business.

There is the power of automation to count on. Stop wasting time looking for double-data entities, documents, and fixing mistakes, dealing with incorrect information, and start dealing with tasks that can guarantee results.

Then, there's also an aspect of being passionate about what you do. If you have to constantly worry about organization, documents, and other things, you won't be able to focus on what matters the most and mistakes and errors will happen.

Avoid all these unnecessary risks and let the passion drive you. Increase your efficiency and improve productivity by saving time and focusing on the most important aspects of your business. That's the only way to become successful. Remember, wasting time is wasting money.