Best Render Farms
Best Render Farms

Rendering farms exist to give small design offices a leg up when it comes to producing high-resolution, professional grade 3D visualizations. Rendering high-quality images or animations on a traditional PC can take days - even weeks - to complete. This is an incredibly risky prospect, especially if you are relying on that rendering to be perfect for a submittal deadline or an important client meeting.

A rendering farm cuts that time down to minutes, and will let you produce incredibly detailed and impressive images and animations you likely wouldn't be able to produce with your 6 year old Dell and an entire month of rendering time. These 5 rendering farms are the best around, and will elevate your work to be on par with the big guys without destroying your design budget.


RebusFarm is a prominent cloud rendering service that empowers artists, designers, and architects to accelerate their creative projects by harnessing the power of distributed computing. Founded in 2006, RebusFarm has proven itself as a reliable and efficient solution for rendering demanding visual content, such as 3D animations and architectural visualizations. The platform operates on the pay-per-use model and RebusFarm's advanced software is integrated into the artist's 3D software of choice, which allows sending the render job to their network of high-performance servers with just one click. Users of RebusFarm have access to the newest and most powerful hardware, which eliminates the need for individuals and studios to make expensive hardware investments. Their customer support is available 24/7 and all industry-standard 3D software like Blender, Cinema 4D, 3D Max, or Maya is supported. RebusFarm's render service stands out by offering features like team rendering, an intuitive interface, and flexible pricing options. Over the years, they also established a remarkable 3D community, that inspires and benefits 3D artists, ranging from students to freelancers to major studios, all of whom depend on their render service as a key resource.

iRender Farm

iRender is one of the most recommended and professional cloud rendering services in the 3D Computer Graphics industry, especially in Architectural Visualization. 3D designers can leverage the power of thousands of high-end CPU and GPU servers to generate any photo-realistic images or videos of the highest quality at a rate of only $3.8/h. Following the IaaS business model, iRender enables users to have full control of their various types of physical servers online and customize their projects at ease. They support almost all 3D software and plugins, from popular ones including Blender, Cinema4d, 3dsmax, Maya, Keyshot, etc to the software that fewer render farms support such as Lumion, Twinmotion, UE, Enscape, D5 render, etc. Moreover, their experienced technicians and enthusiastic support staff are always available 24/7 to assist customers directly if there are any problems or if questions arise. They often launch promotions for new customers and discounts for daily/weekly rental plans to help reduce the render cost.

Super Renders Farm

Founded in California in 2010, Super Renders Farm has seen considerable growth over the past few years and is now widely considered one of the top render farm providers on the market. With the lowest prices on earth starting from $0.0004/GHz-Hr., discount up to 40%, most software and plugins are supported with super fast turnaround and 24/7 customer support, we would definitely recommend working with Super Renders Farm on your rendering projects.

Garage Farm

Garage Farm offers both CPU and GPU rendering services, giving designers and artists plenty of pricing options for their finished work. They use cloud rendering and provide an easy-to-use interface that works seamlessly with all available modeling software. Signing up with Garage Farm locks you into a $0.015 ghz/hr rate and $25 free trial credits to give the service a test before committing any additional funds. They also have a reputation for 24/7 customer support and a helpful staff that bleeds 3D visualization.

Megarender Cloud Render Farm

Megarender is an online service for 3D rendering working with customers from 20+ countries around the globe. Megarender cloud render farm supports all the major 3D software, including 3DS MAX, Blender, Maya, and Cinema4D. It can be used by animation and architectural studios, VFX companies, and for interior and exterior visualizations. Both big and small companies can find the right balance of cost and speed of rendering thanks to Megarender’s flexible system of rates. Customer support team is available 24/7 through the chat, ready to assist with the workflow and solve any issues. Megarender online service provide new user with the sign-up bonus so they can try out the farm for free, with no watermarks or limitations applied.

Render Rocket

There’s a lot to like about Rocket Render, especially if you’re operating under a strict budget. Not only do they offer unlimited free previews, but free storage as well. Being able to quickly view previews will allow for faster workflow and a truncated design loop that will allow artists to focus on the design and the presentation rather than whether or not they will have the feedback they need to move forward with confidence. Render rocket works with a majority of modeling and rendering software, with recent support being rolled out for Cinema 4D.

3S Cloud Render Farm

3S Cloud Render Farm is a great render farm with Speed - Stability - Satisfaction as their key objective. Based on the AWS infrastructure, they provide high-performance and unlimited CPU/GPU servers and provide the ability to exploit various affordable machine types that fit your different rendering needs. They also offer a Free Preview Render feature to see if outputs are as expected along with a cost & time estimate for final renders, so you can control your budget. Their technical team is enthusiastic and always ready to support you if there are any issues.


There’s nothing particularly fancy or extravagant about RenderNation, it simply works. They hang their hat on the ability to deliver the best results and on a schedule that works for their clients. In addition, they keep a running blog with the latest in rendering news and their ongoing support of the most popular rendering and modeling programs. Their rates are competitive and their customer service second to none.


SummuS is a low-cost render farm that manages to not skimp on quality. They offer 24/7 support and access and will deliver results on time, every time. They often carry promotions like getting double the rendering capacity for the price of one, and are willing to work with small offices and individuals to provide photo-realistic results on-par with large design firms.

Ranch Computing

Ranch computing has a sleek interface that clearly spells out the variety of rendering services they offer designers and visualization artists. They even have sections of their farms available to  ‘rent’ or ‘buy’ and use as you see fit. These are great options for animation studios looking to use massive amounts of computing power on a regular basis. But, even for architecture and design firms, whose rendering demands might be lighter, there are low-cost options and a price calculator to be sure of what you’ll spend before you get the bill.