7 Ways You Can Use 3D Rendering for Marketing
7 Ways You Can Use 3D Rendering for Marketing

No matter what type of business you’re running or what type of product you’re selling, if you want to make it big, you have to invest into innovative marketing techniques. Placing a product on a saturated market is complicated, but communicating its value, functions, and features to customers is even more challenging.

So, if you want your product, design, or idea to stand out and attract more customers, you should think about investing in a 3D render. A high-quality render will help you get your audience on board as it’s much more detailed than a simple photo or PowerPoint presentation. Stay with us, and we’ll explain everything in more detail.

What is 3D Rendering Actually?

3D rendering is a process of transforming a 2D image into a 3D model that can be viewed from all sides. There are many different types of 3D renders. Some are made to be non-realistic by default, while others look almost 100% real. All 3D renders start with detailed 3D modeling.

Many different industries widely use the technique during the product development stage because it allows designers to find and correct errors before the product is ever made. It’s also a compelling marketing solution as it will enable sellers to introduce products and ideas to a broad audience for a very affordable price. Instead of spending a fortune on photographers, designers, and artists, you can save a ton of time and money with one detailed 3D render.

3D Rendering in Architecture

3D rendering has a significant role in architecture as it drastically reduces the time and effort architects put into their designs. Before 3D rendering, architects and designers had to spend countless hours drawing every detail on their designs by hand. When the drawings were finally done, clients could only see a 2D image, making it much harder to visualize the final design.

With 3D rendering, things can go much smoother. Architects can create a realistic 3D render of their ideas and help clients understand each detail much clearer. With advanced 3D rendering tools, designers can easily recreate any exterior or interior and even create entirely realistic virtual walkthroughs that allow clients to experience a design in VR. Generally speaking, 3D rendering has definitely changed the world forever, and many companies today invest in the latest 3D rendering technologies to save time and resources during product development.

The ability to experience an architectural design in full 3D long before construction ever starts has changed the world forever. Marketers and real estate agents can now help clients visualize every detail of a future building or project. That makes it easy to sell a property and find investors, but it’s also an excellent method of finding errors and changing the design on time. 3D rendering gives architects much more freedom and the ability to experiment with different ideas and solutions.

Marketing is Essential in Architecture

3D rendering is a powerful method of generating unlimited images ideal for marketing purposes. Images will make your website look professional and serious. Potential clients will get a better idea of how the final building will look, which will greatly impact their purchasing decisions.

You can use 3D renders to show different designs, view the building from all sides, introduce customizable features and different color options. It’s simply a method that will show your customers that you have a solution for any type of design and idea. Let’s take a look at the most significant marketing benefits you can expect to get from advanced 3D rendered images.

1. Renders are Great for Websites

Images play a significant role in purchasing decisions. The more product images your website offers - the bigger the chances of making a sale. 3D rendering can answer most of your customer’s questions before they are even asked. Detailed renders will show your customers how the building will look like, multiple types of environments available, as well as accurate dimensions and decor.

If you include virtual walkthroughs and 360 views, they will get even more information and a better customer experience. Your customers will appreciate the ability to rotate the design, zoom in on details, and see how different options could look. Not only that but if you show customers that you mastered the latest technologies, they are more likely to trust your designs.

Lastly, 3D renders also have a positive impact on SEO. As your prospects click on images, review different options, materials, colors, and designs, your website will get more traffic, allowing you to get a better search ranking.

2. Good fit for Architecture Blogs

Blogs are an excellent way of reaching out to potential customers and expanding your audience base. However, you can do that only with well-designed and unique content. That’s where 3D rendering jumps into action. It’s a technique that will help you communicate your ideas quickly and boost your overall rating.

You can create portfolios with your best work and place them in your blog to allow visitors to get a better idea of your style and design solutions. That can help you land more work, get access to top clients, and boost your company’s brand. There are hundreds of architecture blogs people visit to stay in tune with the latest industry standards. Blogs double as a marketing platform which will help you sell a design and generate leads faster than anything else.

3. Social Media Sharing and Renders

3D renders will also help you expand your reach on social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Once you upload your latest 3D renders and projects online, other people will be able to view and share them with friends. That will help you inform more people about your company, real estate offer, and ideas. Finding the right people to invest in a project or buy a property you designed can be very difficult, but you will have a much further reach if you make your content shareable.

Renders will act as an ad for your business. Many people who see it don’t want to buy a property, but they will appreciate your design and ideas. Some of them will share your renders with friends and family members, who will then share them further. Who knows, your renders might reach an investor looking for a partner he can trust with a demanding design. One thing is for sure, you should make your 3D renders shareable, and you will be able to generate a ton of leads without any extra effort.

4. Newsletter Marketing With Renders

Email marketing has been around for a long time, and it lost the impact it once has. Many businesses use newsletters to inform their customers about new offers and products. However, since most newsletters look the same, many customers don’t open, let alone read through companies’ newsletters. But, if you include a cool 3D render into each email, you will have a massive engagement boost.

According to some research, comprehensive visuals generate a whopping 650% boost in audience engagement compared to standard text-only newsletters. While your emails will still have text in them, a 3D render that reinforces your offer will give you a considerable edge over your competition. It will also increase your click-through rate and conversions as well.

When a potential client gets a quick product demonstration along with an informative text, the chances that they’ll visit your website and maybe even make a purchase are drastically increased. Other, more advanced options such as 360 views and 3D animations might arouse more interest. Overall, 3D rendering will help you revamp your email campaigns and express your creativity much better.

5. 3D Renders at Presentations and Trade Shows

Trade shows are the place where most architectural ideas are bought and sold. Designers, real estate agents, and investors from far and wide flock to trade shows hoping to find new offers and build partnerships with like-minded professionals. Imagine opening up a stand at one of these trade shows and, instead of using classic PowerPoint presentations and 2D drawings, presenting your work through detailed 3D render animations and virtual walkthroughs.

Doing so will not only help you attract more visitors to your stand, but you’ll also have the edge over your competition. People will be able to experience your ideas through powerful visuals that will tap into their emotions and positively affect their purchasing decisions. Everyone will want to see what your practical product powerpoint is all about. Once you capture your audience’s attention, you’ll have more success in selling your ideas. It’s that simple.

6. Join Contests

Winning an architecture contest can help your business go a long way when it comes to attracting new customers. Contests are an excellent place to showcase your skills and share your creative designs and solutions with people who understand architecture. If you manage to win a contest, you will earn respect from other business professionals, and people with high authority will confirm your ideas.

Even if you don’t win, the fact that your application went through says enough about your quality. Contests are also an excellent place where you can meet experts, exchange ideas, and learn new tricks you can implement in your future designs. Modern 3D rendering solutions will give you a head start, as many architects and designers still stick to traditional hand-drawn techniques. Also, many of these contests offer huge cash prizes, and everyone likes money, right?

7. Find Your Place in Magazines

Many magazines are willing to showcase 3D render architectural design solutions, allowing you to spread the word about your work further. However, your renders have to be extremely well designed if you want to make it to a magazine. With the proper use of tools and ideas, you can create breathtaking designs worthy of a magazine cover.

One image could be enough to land you a major project. It’s important to know that many magazines also include short interviews with designers, which could further benefit your business.


3D rendering has changed the game for real estate marketing forever. It became the go-to solution for design presentation because it saves a lot of time and money in the process. Instead of hiring half a dozen people to cover all design ideas, businesses can now get better results by hiring a single 3D render expert. The renders can then be used to help customers get a better feeling for the final design, which increases conversion rates and helps sell the property before construction even starts.

So, instead of bombarding your clients and customers with ads and empty promises, a few well-placed 3D renders will help you generate more leads. They will also give you a competitive edge and increase your overall audience. Give it a try, and you will see your business explode literally overnight.