Why should I outsource my 3d renderings
Why should I outsource my 3d renderings

Architects have a lot on their plates. Between arguing with city officials and grinding to bring in enough billable work to keep the lights on, it’s a wonder they have any time left-over to - you know - design buildings.

But, among all the other thankless jobs an architecture firm must tackle, the most important one is to make a building not only functional and buildable, but beautiful, too. And it’s in that beauty they hope to spend a sizable chunk of the design budget to express. However, it’s not easy, and trying to communicate the merits of a good design to the outside world remains a challenge for most firms, especially smaller ones with limited resources.

Thank God for outsourcing.

3D rendering and visualization is probably the most useful tool for architects to show the world why design matters. They are physical representations of what could someday manifest itself in an actual building - but not until the people holding the cards (and the checkbooks) are convinced they are getting what they paid for.

Here’s why that work should be handled by dedicated artists who live, breath, and sleep architectural rendering.

It’s What They Do

As I mentioned, architects are a busy people. Yes, they typically have the ability to produce images and diagrams and drawings that could accurately explain the building they are designing. It’s pretty much all you do in school. However, as your career evolves your list of daily tasks quickly fills with things decidedly un-design related, leaving your communication tools dull and outdated.

Freelance rendering artists do nothing but sit at a desk all day and produce work. They are well versed in the software and the technology behind the software in order to get the most out of the time they have to work on it. Sometimes you only have one chance to show a client or competition jury why your design matters, and enlisting a specialist to put that design on the tallest pedestal possible is the only choice when it comes to preserving the merits of your work.

They Take Direction

Freelance rendering artists are there for the very specific task of providing you with the best possible showcase for your designs. YOUR designs. They have no interest in interjecting their own subjective critiques or inputs to question the decisions you made throughout the design process. That job should rest solely on the shoulders of the architecture firm.

If you outsource your work, you’ll get back a perfect representation of what you put in. The 3D visualization artist is only concerned with making you look good, and will take any direction you might give them with a smile and an enthusiasm to make the design shine. It’s something you might not always get from a summer intern with a larger-than-earned ego and a penchant for doing things their own way. Hire a freelancer and cut down on any unnecessary (and sometimes obtrusive) feedback.

They Will Save You Money

Keeping a rendering artist on staff as a full-time employee can incur an incredible cost to a small or mid-size architecture firm. Most offices are better off spending those resources on people trained in architecture and have the ability to design, collaborate, and manage projects on their own.

However, if you have a reliable cache of freelance artists available, you’ll only pay them when you require their services. Most freelancers - even the very good ones - have accessible rates that most clients will happily pay in order to produce work that will better showcase and market their buildings. It’s like going to a restaurant and only ordering what you’re hungry to eat, rather than buying half the menu and letting 95% of it rot on the table in front of you.

They Are Easy To Find

With job finding services like Easy Render at your fingertips, finding a competent 3D rendering artist has never been easier. They let you browse through portfolios and fee schedules with a few clicks of the button and lead to hiring people who not only provide the best work, but do it on a range of budgetary constraints. You no longer have to close your eyes, click on a random CraigsList ad and hope to God they aren’t siphoning your money into an underground Ukrainian bank account.

In the past, finding reliable freelance work was a chore, and relied solely on word of mouth and recommendation to get someone good. Using services like Easy Render will ensure you get the right artist for the right job, and establish a concentrated network of individuals who will shine the light on your designs they deserve.

. . . . .

Hiring freelancers to outsource your rendering and visualization work has never made more sense. It keeps your business lean and productive, and has the flexibility to adhere to any project type, schedule, or design budget. Stop hiring teams of people just to make you look good, and focus those resources instead on making the finished buildings the best they can be.