How 3D Rendering Costs Are Calculated
3d interior visualization of a wooden reception desk with two black computer screens and a large palm tree to the left of the deskHow 3D Rendering Costs Are Calculated

A question that comes up frequently in our business is how 3D rendering costs are calculated. Customers are curious about what makes their renderings cost more or what they could do to save money with the services we offer. In order to help clients better understand what they are paying for and why they are being charged the rate they are, we have put together a guide to detail how prices are determined in the 3D rendering business.

How Soon You Want the Render

The deadline for the renders are one of the key components to determining price. Your 3D rendering company can give you an estimate on how long it will take for the 3D model and images to be completed, but if you need that timetable pushed up and want the renders sooner, your cost will likely go up. In order to meet a stricter deadline, we may have to prioritize your request, which could mean more working hours for some of our staff, and they will have to be compensated for that.

The Number of Renders

How many images do you want for your package? That could determine pricing as well. However, if many elements are shared between the different renders, that can help to keep the costs down. If new assets have to be created for an additional render, then that will increase the price.

Render Types

It’s not just the number of renders that affects the pricing but also the kind of rendering you want done. When making 3D images for a project, we factor in whether the shots are interior or exterior, as these require a different set of digital assets. We also take into account whether the image is VR 360 or aerial. The pricing for each image and the total package considers just how much space is needed to be rendered. The more space we have to render, the higher the cost tends to be. If you want a small space rendered and you prefer only interior shots, then that will help to keep the overall cost low.

You will want to consider the rendering types needed for your project based on what your budget is, and we can help you figure out how much various shots will cost you and how that will affect the total package price.

Scale of the Project

Similar to rendering type, we also need to factor in the type of project requested and the scale that would be required for that. So, a personal housing project will be much smaller in scale than a residential building, a set of offices, or a school. The type of project often determines the scale and how big the shots need to be (i.e. how much space needs to be rendered).

3D Model or No?

Will you be providing a 3D model for us to work from? If so, that will make the project less expensive and help us to finish faster. If you do not have that available or are unable to provide it, we will need to work from 2D plans. If you are looking to keep costs low, factor in this expense as well.

Working within a Budget

We know that many of our clients have a strict budget that they have to adhere to, and we do our best to accommodate them. If you are trying to stick to a budget, then let us know what your needs are and your expectations for this rendering project. We can accommodate you by giving you some options for shots and rendering packages that will work with your budget or close to it.

You know that as you are preparing a building project, you have many other costs to consider. You have to plan for construction of the building, permits, post construction cleanup, staffing, and more.

If you are building an addition to an existing structure, you have a number of costs to factor in as well, such as cleaning services for the building, utility installation, and of course the construction costs too.

All of this adds up and can eat into your overall budget, so we will work with you to keep our prices affordable and competitive. You should have some idea of what the 3D rendering costs will be for your project ahead of time, especially if you are working with a tight budget. We can give you an estimate at your request and work within the confines of your budget, if you let us know what that budget is.  

Quality Is Important

While you may be able to find a cheaper rendering service elsewhere if you start looking, we want to stress to you how vital it is that you do not skimp on quality. If you go for a lower quality set of renders, you may not be happy with the final product.

They say that you get what you pay for, and it is true of 3D rendering as well. For clear resolution and a true representation of what your finished structure should look like, you will need to pay for a quality rendering service. We have a peerless track record and can provide you with crystal clear renders that embody the dream you have for your project.

You may have the opportunity to cut corners on your project and save money in some areas, but we urge you to go for quality 3D renders since you will be working from them for the duration of your project. The images and models we provide can help you to share your vision more effectively with investors, board members, or others who have a stake in the project, and they can give your architects and builders a very clear and concise idea of what you are wanting.

We will work with you to give you 3D renders that are true to your ideas and that will inspire you as you move forward with this project. Before long, the image you have in your mind can become a reality.