The list of top architecture 3D modeling scholarships in 2021
The list of top architecture 3D modeling scholarships in 2021

Architecture is a dream profession for many students. There are various areas to study in terms of the architectural field. Nowadays, architecture 3D modeling takes an important place among architectural specializations. However, many students are willing to enroll in the desired university to get the dream profession. Unfortunately, many can’t afford the cost of their studies. Thanks to scholarship programs awarding additional funds for architecture degrees, students can make their dream come true. In our article, you will find the list of TOP architecture 3D modeling scholarships that are available in 2021 and the core requirements to get them. Read on to increase your chances of obtaining the desired scholarship.

How to prepare yourself for studying architecture?

If you are willing to become a skilled architect, you have to choose the desired university and develop particular skills. Among the qualities of a successful architect are being a creative problem solver, perfect sourcing skills, knowledge of history of architecture, and high-level math skills. You should be ready to write your application composition as a professional essay writer. Moreover, suppose your purpose is to be a well-educated and professional architect. In that case, you have to travel a lot, noting buildings and styles to develop your taste and build your visual memory.

What is an architecture 3D modeling scholarship?

If you have decided to opt for a scholarship in 3D modeling, you would have a wide range of options. The field of 3D modeling develops continuously along with our world, which digitalizes very fast. Therefore, many foundations and high schools are interested in talented students who have a promising future in the field of 3D modeling architecture. Such scholarships allow applicants to fully or partially cover the cost of their education. Depending on the scholarship program, funds could cover all years of study or only one of them.

What are the requirements to apply for an architecture 3D modeling scholarship in 2021?

Before presenting you the selection of TOP architecture scholarships in 2021, let us list the core steps to complete if you are about to increase your chances of obtaining the desired scholarship program. Please, note that each program has particular requirements. You have to specify them with the scholarship committee.

Among the basic requirements of obtaining an architecture 3D modeling scholarship are:

  • Creating a personal statement. Usually, the instructions of applying for a scholarship can give you a hint on a topic.
  • Writing an essay on a stated topic. Students enclose this essay in a package with other documents when applying for a scholarship. Not all students are comfortable with such a requirement as writing an essay or a personal statement might be tricky. Nevertheless, there is an alternative of getting support from a writing service that offers cheap essay help. Use this option to form a perfect document package and have more chances to receive a scholarship.
  • Document approval stating that your financial condition does not let you pay for your studies.
  • Documents that confirm the level of your GPA. Certain numbers vary depending on the scholarship you want to receive.
  • Creating an architecture project to show your skills and level.
  • Adding a recommendation letter from your teacher, sports coach, etc.
  • It would be a big plus if you are socially active and can confirm your participation in volunteering, communities, sports, or have experience of working in the field of architecture.

The list of TOP architecture 3D modeling scholarships in 2021

Proceed to find out which architecture 3D modeling scholarships are among the most desired in 2021:

Houzz Construction Management Scholarship

The program aims to support students who are willing to study architecture, landscape design, and other areas. The program has awarded annually since 2016. To become eligible for this scholarship program, an applicant must fulfill the age requirements, being over 17 years old and a graduate or undergraduate. In addition, students have to complete a survey about their goals in the area of architecture. Students also need to become a member of the Houzz community registering on the website, and supplement their website portfolio with images. This scholarship is for applicants studying architecture or construction management, architectural engineering, or design in the U.S. and Canada. The amount that students can get is up to USD 2,500.

PixelPlex Bi-Annual STEM Scholarship

PixelPlex is a company that creates products in the area of innovations. The scholarship is annually awarded to those students who want to develop their careers in STEM fields, architecture, engineering, etc. In addition, the scholarship program also covers such areas as business and economics. Note that the main requirement to get such a scholarship, according to the information from the official scholarship website, is to write a strong essay. The scholarship committee would select and award only one applicant whose essay would be considered the strongest among all. The amount students get is up to USD 2,000. Applying for the scholarship has no fee.

CIEF Scholarships

This is one of the most desired scholarships for architecture students. It was founded in 1995. The focus of the program is minorities in the area of architecture. The scholarship program is opened annually to five successful applicants. To apply, students have to be representatives of such ethnicities as Asian or Pacific Islander, American Indian, Hispanic-Latino, and others. Note that only particular enrollment levels are considered. The levels of applicants must be freshmen or master’s level. A successful applicant receives up to USD 4,000.

Jim Boyce Memorial Scholarship

The program is eligible only for U.S. students who are already enrolled in a degree program and study architecture. High school students cannot apply for this scholarship. Note that the scholarship committee must accredit the educational establishment and program. The cumulative GPA of a potential successful applicant must be higher than 2.5. The applicant’s experience in landscape design, 3D modeling, and other architecture fields would be beneficial. Moreover, there is a requirement to enclose two recommendation letters to an application document package. There is no exact amount of awarded funds, and the sum varies. The scholarship committee defines the amount in accordance with specific insider criteria.

Soprema Scholarship Program

Soprema is a dynamically developing company that launches large and successful projects in the field of architecture. It is great for students who are pursuing a career in the area of architecture and want to study in a four-year college program. The program is eligible for high school seniors or graduates. The amount of scholarships that are awarded annually is up to four. One of the core particularities of this scholarship is that students do not require confirming their financial condition and need. This point is actually not considered by the scholarship committee. The funds are given to applicants who demonstrate strong leadership, take part in student communities, and have work experience in 3D modeling or other areas of architecture and design. Note that writing a strong essay is among the requirements for applicants. A successful recipient would receive an amount of up to USD 5,000 awards.

Fontana Transport Inc. Scholars Program

If a student wants to apply for this scholarship program, he or she has to be aware that it is for non-U.S. citizens only. There is a strict requirement to have at least a 3.5 GPA. If a student wants to receive the Fontana Transport scholarship in 2021, there is a requirement to confirm that he or she attends a four-year study in a university in the United States. Among the requirements is a recommendation letter. It is not obligatory; however, having it sufficiently increases your chances of getting a scholarship.

Gensler Diversity Scholarship

Gensler is an organization that stands for diversity representing minorities and making lasting change in society. Therefore, students who represent ethnic minorities are the participants of this program. The goal of the Gensler Diversity Scholarship is to create a bright and diverse future. The amount awarded is up to USD 10,000. To apply, a student must represent an ethnic minority and enroll in any area of an architecture program. Moreover, recipients can get micro-support up to USD 2,500.

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

The Alliance For Young Artists And Writers has awarded talented teens with valuable grants on their studies since 1923. Each year the Alliance collaborates with various companies and organizations to support talented scholars and graduates within U.S. high schools. Among the particularities of this scholarship is the age of applicants, which is lower than usual. A recipient must be at an age that is not lower than 13. Applicants can receive up to USD 10,000 to study architecture 3D modeling and improve the industry with their knowledge.

Payette Sho-Ping Chin Memorial Academic Scholarship

The core peculiarity of this scholarship is that the recipients could be only women. Among the core requirements are the need to have a GPA no less than 3.0. When it comes to a particular architecture program, the recipients must note a list of accredited programs confirmed by NAAB. Among the requirements is the particular year of study that must be third or fourth. In addition to funds for education, successful applicants receive a mentor for the year of study that is covered by the scholarship program. If the recipient’s application was not successful, he or she could apply once again next year.

Diversity Advancement Scholarship

This scholarship is one of the most desired because of its reward amount of up to USD 20,000. The application is open for U.S. citizens only. To apply, a recipient must represent a minority as the program aims to widen diversity. There is a strict requirement for GPA that has to be at least 3.0. The program in the architecture field cannot be random and must be approved by the NAAB. Successful applicants must enclose to the package of documents additional information about themselves, including their biography and a personal statement.

Jason Pettigrew Memorial ARE Scholarship

This scholarship aims to give talented specialists a chance to pursue their dream careers in the area of architecture, 3D modeling, and other areas of study. Note that this scholarship is for U.S. citizens only. The program was named after Jason Pettigrew, who is a member of AIA (one of the biggest industry associations). Eligible applicants have to contribute to the architectural field. The privileges are mainly given to applicants who contribute to the profession at the early stages of their careers. Beneficial recipients must be a part of professional communities and perform on a high level of creativeness.

The David Kenneth Specter Fellowship Fund

This scholarship program provides perfect opportunities for international applicants who are willing to study architecture at Harvard. The fund is among numerous others that support students with financial needs allowing talented people to pursue their career by attending one of the most solid educational establishments in the world. There is a requirement to confirm the financial need. Moreover, students have to enclose in an application package additional information about themselves, recommendation letters, personal statements, biographies, etc.

Charles Abrams Scholarship

The scholarship is established by the widow of Charles Abrams, who was a significant figure in urban affairs and died in 1970. Awards are granted to students who are planning to enroll or already attending an architecture course particular schools in the U.S. (Harvard University, MIT, the University Of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, and New School University). To receive this scholarship, students have to prove their financial need. Moreover, there must be a personal statement enclosed in an application package. Finally, there is a specific student planning program that applicants must consider if they decide to apply for this scholarship.

These are the TOP scholarships for students in 2021 for a degree in architecture 3D modeling and getting additional financial coverage of education-related expenses to hit the road on a dream career. We believe that you would speedily achieve your goals! We hope you have found this information valuable enough to apply when searching for the best scholarship option.