How to Create a 3D Logo: Guide and Examples
How to Create a 3D Logo: Guide and Examples

As technology develops, logos have gone through an evolution, making way for the 3D logo to become a very popular option. If you are struggling with creating a unique logo for your company, consider giving 3D a try. You can look for software online with 3D free draw features, they are mostly used by a professionals.

In most cases, 3D logos are used as a tool to showcase the complexity of a company. To give the idea that the company does more than what meets the eye. It also gives room to show the flexibility and creativity that your company has. It sets you apart from others and gives you a unique brand.

Reasons to Use a 3D logo


The biggest plus side to using a 3D logo is how engaging it is to the consumer. It catches the viewer's attention and ensures they will be more attentive. And we all know that if a company’s logo is pleasing to the eyes it creates trust between the customer and the company.


Most people believe that it is immensely important for a business to have a digital presence. This means that your 3D logo should be designed professionally so that it is possible to seamlessly integrate it into your social media networks.

3D icons have a major impact on brand identity, for this reason you have to be very careful with the design of your 3D logo to make sure it has no negative implications on brand identity.

Increase Brand Image

A creative 3D logo helps market you in a positive light. This is possible if you include your logo on every platform to increase brand image. If your logo is eye-catching, you will increase brand recognition. It is also important that your logo showcases what your brand stands for, whether that be products or services. Everything should be tied together seamlessly.

Use Shadows and Gradients

The best trick you can use in 3D logo design is the use of shadows, gradients and much more. With the use of shadows and gradients you can create artifical depth within your two dimensional image.

You can also add a long shadow underneath your logo to create the illusion of a hovering or floating logo. This will separate the logo from the background and give it a more realistic look.

Another way to create depth is by utilizing highlights, shadows aren’t enough to create depth. With the help of soft light, you can create contrast between the highlighted and shadowed parts of the logo which will bring it to life.

For example, The logo for Dropbox is a great example of using shadows and gradients to create the illusions of depth.

Create Depth in Hand Drawn Logos

With the help of Adobe photoshop or illustrator, you can turn a hand drawn logo into a more realistic 3D logo. Hand Drawn logos have had a lasting impact, it creates the sense of intimacy, trustworthiness and warmth.

Most times, hand drawn logos are used by small brands to draw away from the feel of them being a large corporation. The hand drawn nature of the logo gives a sense of trust to the customer towards the brand in question.

The best way to create depth in a hand drawn logo to make it more 3D is by playing with perspective. With the use of overlapping and lines you can create an optical illusion that will look 3D.

A great example for this is the famous Walt Disney Logo. It is the logo that popularized hand drawn logos on a larger scale.

Texturize your Logos

Generally, in graphic design, texture is used as a tool to add depth into anything you are designing. This also stands for 3D logos, as well as giving narrative to the design.

By adding textures that are fitting to what your company does, you can also represent what your company stands for.

For example, If you own a furniture shop, you can incorporate wooded grain textures into your 3D logos. There are many options to pick from, try to compile a list of associations, from surface to textures and see if you can incorporate them into your design.

Another way to use texture is as a backdrop being your logo, It creates depth between the logo and the backdrop, same way as a long shadow does underneath a logo.