Where To Find 3D Rendering Jobs Online

Being a freelance rendering artist means you’re always on the lookout for the next job or client to keep the lights on in your modest studio apartment. Finding new work is one of the most important duties as a freelancer, which can be a frustrating, often times deflating, journey.

Luckily, there are plenty of online resources that are geared towards connecting capable freelancers with the design studios, marketing offices, and architecture firms that need help with their visualization needs. These hubs are community-driven havens where artists can bounce ideas off each other, showcase their work, and grab attention of people willing to pay good money for their services.

This list consists of the best online resources when it comes to finding fruitful 3D rendering opportunities. Freelancers are only as successful as their next job, and using these sites will ensure there is always something new and interesting on the horizon.

1 | Easy Render

Easy Render has grown its reputation in the past few years as one of the best places for freelance rendering artists to showcase their abilities and produce meaningful work. It’s a place where rendering artists can create a profile, upload a portfolio of their best projects, and wait for the offers to come rolling in.

It’s equally as easy for employers looking for rendering work to quickly browse through freelancers and choose a handful who align best with their values, budget, and standard of quality. Easy Render guarantees all contracts, and makes sure the work delivered is as promised by the artist. It’s a free market that satisfies all parties.

2 | UpWork

While not specifically tailored to 3D rendering artists, there is still a lot for industry freelancers to get excited about. The vast reach of UpWork alone is enough for a look. There are a lot of big fish out there, and weeding through the bad jobs to find them is worth the effort. UpWork is the largest job finding service on the internet.

Of course, being such a popular avenue for job searching means the competition is incredibly stiff. Expect to take a few less-than-stellar jobs in the beginning in order to grow your reputation and attract higher-paying, more intellectually stimulating work. Invest in UpWork, and you’ll be rewarded with a steady stream of new clients.

3 | ArchiCGI

Much in the same vein as Easy Render, ArchiCAD is a job-finding hub developed exclusively for the 3D rendering and visualization industry. But, artists will find a lot more than just jobs here. There is an entire community of freelancers who contribute to the site in a way that helps beginners and professionals alike navigate the choppy waters of the visualization world.

You’ll find tutorials, texture libraries, tips, forums, message boards, and groups who are dedicated to furthering the careers of freelance rendering artists. Create a profile, and you’ll have access to all of it, including a job-finding service that will provide thousands of leads for worth-while rendering work.

4 | Freelancer

With a name that couldn’t possibly be more on the nose, Freelancer is a job-finding service that puts the power in the hands of people looking for work. While it’s up to the artist to sift through the seemingly endless pile of bad jobs, there is incentive to those willing to put in the time and build up their portfolio.

It’s easy to find work on Freelancer, but not all jobs are created equal. Much like UpWork, your standing with the better clients entirely depends on both your body of work and your reputation on the site itself. If you’re new to Freelancer but have a backlog of experience, you can start demanding the best, highest-paying work right away.

5 | PeoplePerHour

If you’re looking for a highly organized, easy-to-navigate job finding service, look no further than PeoplePerHour. As its name would suggest, the site allows you to choose jobs based on their per-hour offering. Of course, you can still do work on a fixed fee basis (and it will be clear when that’s the case), the main draw remains a job search focused on the bottom line.

Higher paying jobs tend to be more difficult, more rewarding, and harder to get. However, there is enough work on the site so that there will always be something for someone no matter their skill or experience level.

When looking for freelance rendering work, it’s best to diversify your approach and put your name is as many hats you can get your hands on. Use the sites on this list to jump start a budding career, or fill out the gaps in your upcoming schedule.