Why 3D Renders Are Great Marketing Tools For Travel Agencies
Why 3D Renders Are Great Marketing Tools For Travel Agencies

Some might not know that 3D rendering is not stuck into one branch of business like architecture or interior design. Since its humble beginning, this type of software evolved into a useful tool for many different industries that seized the opportunity to use it to grow their businesses.

Good examples where 3D rendering played a big role are the movie industry and landscape design. In their success, we can see how investing in such technology improved their businesses while also saving money along the way.

That success didn’t go unnoticed by the travel agencies, which saw a great opportunity for enhancing their presentation abilities and improve the client’s experience even before sealing the deal.

If you’re thinking about why your competition is doing better, we’re here to talk about the technique that brought them success and can do the same for your travel agency.

Travel Agencies Sell Experience and Excitement

One of the first mistakes of travel agencies is that they often forget that the client’s experience and excitement are as necessary as selling them the package. Without them, your agency offers vague content and poor service in the eyes of the client, who might look elsewhere when planning a vacation.

Keep in mind that vacation days are very limited for many, so what they’ll be looking for is a way to make every moment count. You should prepare a high-quality presentation that will convince them you’re trying to sell them an experience of a lifetime.

3D rendering software will play a significant role in creating a presentation of your agency’s offers. An expert in 3D rendering can recreate those scenarios so that everybody can look at what they might expect if they decide to go with you.

It’s All About Sparking Interest

If you want to sell anything, you first have to spark the client’s interest by presenting your product in the best possible way. The same goes for travel agencies, as they have to do their best to keep the client and seal the deal.

With so much competition between the agencies, keeping a client is a challenging task. What’s a better way of sparking the interest in someone than recreating a live 3D tour of the places and accommodations in your travel packages?

The top-rated agencies in the world use this technology for quite some time now, and ever since then, their sale numbers have been off the chart. When you spark that initial interest in a client, taking the next steps in sealing the deal should be smooth and easy for any experienced agent.

On the other hand, presenting something you can’t deliver will destroy your reputation as a quality travel agency.

You Need to Show How a Place Looks

What some of us might experience before is booking a place and get disappointed when we reach there, because it’s not what we’ve imagined it to be. That’s the reason why every client will approach you with a lot of caution and will ask you to prove yourself worthy of their trust.

Creating live 3D tours of the places must represent the real version of it, without being retouched for better looks. If the place needs to look better than it is, then you might consider avoiding selling it in the first place.

Putting yourself in a position where a client will call you as soon as he gets there, demanding his money back is the worst way of advertising your service. The word will go around that you’re not a trustworthy agency, and many will avoid dealing with you.

Make the presentation look good, but in the limits where you know that you’ll be able to deliver the promises.

3D Renders Are Very Immersive and Realistic

We can guarantee that while you were browsing the social networks, you’ve seen many 3D renders without having a second thought if it’s real. The technology and the experts behind it make some of the most realistic visualizations you’ll ever see.

As we mentioned above, the movie industry implemented this technology with great success. What props experts could only do in the past, it’s done now by 3D rendering specialists behind the computers.

Scenery and architecture done by this software are so realistic that many times you’ll not notice anything.

It made movies look better and saved a lot of money for movie companies. Hiring 3D rendering experts proved to be a valuable investment, which was a wake-up call for other industries looking into it.

You’ll see 3D renders on all major real-estate websites that sell properties while they’re still in construction for presenting the final product and spark that initial interest in the client.

They Can Be Used on Site

Your website is a platform where you’re presenting yourself and your agency. All the site content should look organized and accessible, which will have easy access for everybody. 3D renders can be a big part of your site and will make your brand recognizable and never forgotten.

It will help you pass your competition that’s investing in old tools of advertisement and presentation that can’t compete with the growth of new technologies. It’s the right thing to do if you’ll ever stand a chance caught up in a constant battle with other agencies that invested in 3D rendering technology.

We must mention that creating this type of presentation on your site will cost you more because of the website maintenance expenses. You shouldn’t look at it as you’re wasting money because, in the long run, this type of site will bring a lot of profits.

Have a look into sites that use this technology for their presentation. See what they’re doing right and bring in fresh ideas of your own.

You Can Share Them on Social Media

Social media is a great platform that you can use for your marketing strategy. Because so many people use social networks in their free time, reaching out to potential clients has never been easier. Your page on these social media should share links to your website and upload 3D renders of the places you’re offering.

You can upload rendered hotels and rooms available so everybody can have an insight into what they might expect on their trip. Comments and likes on these posts will show how much the people like what you have to offer, and you can use it to your advantage in targeting the right interest groups.

It’s proven that 3D renders have that WOW effect everybody’s looking for, and that’s usually a decisive factor when a client approaches you. With a good marketing strategy and 3D rendering expert on your side, making a sale should be a walk through the park.

Humans Are Visual Beings

We, humans, tend to jump to conclusions on the first impressions we face. The first impression will decide if the clients will have any interest in listening to what you offer to them. If you can’t provide them a detailed visual presentation of what you offer, you can forget about being successful.

We like to see everything first before deciding on anything, especially if there’s money involved in that decision. By using this technology, you can create a virtual tour that will guide your client step-by-step through some of the finest locations.

If they can imagine themselves being there in person, your sale is only one signature away. Visualization is the key, and you should give your best in creating that experience for your clients. If you manage to deliver the promised experience, the client will never have second thoughts in looking for other options besides you.

Get Ahead Over Your Competition

The competition between the agencies is enormous because there are so many out there, and each one is unique in its own way. If you play your cards right, 3D rendering technology will help you surpass your competition, especially on the local level.

If you base your business locally, you will blow out your competition by implementing something new and fresh to the market. Hiring a 3D rendering specialist might be one of the best things to happen to your agency after it took a massive hit by the outbreak of Covid19.

Be ready when everything re-opens by thinking ahead of time and investing in tools that will put you above any agency out there that sit back and wait for their clients to reach out to them.

If you have such virtual tours on your site, anybody can visit and dream about taking a trip to some of the destinations you’re offering. Rest assured that when everything gets back to normal, you’ll be the first one they’ll come to when planning a vacation.

Improve Your Blogs

Your blogs posted on social media and your website will get a new shine when 3D renders give them a new look. Some of the best visualization tools out there will back everything you write. The most popular bloggers use this technique for creating an even better quality of content.

Your words will come to life because the readers will visualize everything you’re talking about by going through your pictures that go along the text. The text will get even better graphic design and look more professional in potential clients’ eyes.

If you add another blog expert into the equation, the more chance you’ll have in creating content that will be on top of Google searches when people look for a travel agency. These are small things, but they have a big impact in the longer run.

A proper team of experts will transform how your business runs, and you’ll never regret investing your money in them.

Overall Content Quality Matters

As we are talking about how important is the quality of your website, blogs, and posts are important, we can’t overlook the fact that delivery of your promises is the key to rounding up a successful deal. Look into what destinations and accommodations you’re offering, and be very precise when describing them.

Avoid offering the places that you feel will not provide the experience and excitement for the clients. Sometimes agencies look for cheaper options to get a bigger profits percentage, and they undermine these key points of making a client happy.

Delivering on your promises will make your agency look good in the clients’ eyes, and besides them coming back next year to you, they’ll also recommend you to their friends and family. That kind of free advertisement is the best thing for your brand, especially in such a big competitive market such as this.

Don’t be afraid to go above and beyond in making their wish come true because that kind of commitment is always highly appreciated. Round up all this into one high-quality offer, and you’ll reach the top faster than you could’ve ever imagined.


Easy Render is an excellent place for hiring 3D rendering specialists and for learning more about it. With them in your team, your agency will thrive and create some of your clients’ most memorable experiences.

One step at a time, your business will make its way to the top of the lather and be the top choice for many who look for an enhanced experience when planning their trip.

It won’t be easy, but in the end, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor, and all your investments will pay off. We hope that we will be a big part of that success by providing useful info and service.

We wish you the best of luck.