Promoting Your Accommodation Using 3D Renders
Four wooden cottages in a forest park with a neat grass area around themPromoting Your Accommodation Using 3D Renders

Improving the booking rates of your accommodation isn’t an easy task. You need to establish a positive reputation, reach out to your target audiences, wow them with your offer, and make an excellent impression on them. Most importantly, you need to up the ante on your marketing. The best way to do it is with 3D renders.

3D rendering is the process of bringing architectural designs to life in the digital environment. It’s an architectural visualization technique that enables you to present your property in the best light possible, helping you grab your audiences’ attention and enticing them to experience your accommodation in real life.

Learn how to improve your booking rates and start using 3D renders to your advantage.

VR tours

Virtual Reality (VR) tours are the most effective marketing tool you could have in your toolbox. They allow your audiences to get a first-hand experience of your accommodation, all from the comfort of their homes.

In a nutshell, a VR tour is a simulation of your physical property. It’s a computer render of the interior and exterior design of your accommodation that enables your audiences to familiarize themselves with your offer.

VR tech is commonly used in the entertainment industry (for movies and video games, specifically), as it creates an immersive digital environment that mirrors the real world.

Your VR tours can be composed of still images and video sequences, or they can be made fully interactive, containing narration, unique sound effects, and more. With the help of a VR headset, your audience can be transported to your property. People can walk around each room, explore the surroundings, and interact with the environment.

VR tech offers an immersive experience that no photograph or traditional video could recreate.

Showing the physical space in a digital environment

While VR tours are the best use of 3D renders for promoting your accommodation, they aren’t always the most practical. For your audiences to enjoy them, they need to have the right equipment at home.

Even though over 11.2 million VR units have been sold in 2021 alone, not every household has one, so prospective clients might not be able to experience your accommodation in a VR tour.

The good news is that 3D renders aren’t limited to virtual reality. You could easily create 3D rendered images and videos of your accommodation, upload them to your website, and let your audiences enjoy them as soon as they come to your landing page. They’ll still be able to explore every minute detail of the physical space in the digital environment – they just won’t need any fancy equipment to do so.

While not quite as immersive as VR tours, these presentations offer a unique way of engaging your prospective clients and getting them interested in visiting your property in real life.

Emphasizing unique aspects of your accommodation

With 3D renders, you can easily highlight the most appealing aspects of your accommodation that set your property apart from others. You can create unique landing pages for your different customer personas and emphasize the amenities best suited for them.

If you want to attract families, create 3D renders that showcase the playground and the surrounding parks. If you want to attract business people, professional 3D renders of your conference rooms in use could be the perfect hook. Emphasize your fitness areas, highlight any leisure activities in your offer, and create 3D renders that distinguish your accommodation from that of your competitors.

Each aspect that makes your accommodation stand out can be included in the 3D render of your property to help you improve your booking rates.

Bring your experience closer to the viewer

Traditionally, the only way to bring your experience closer to the viewer would be to present a few pictures and try to explain what makes your property stand out. However, that usually leaves much to the imagination, especially when your clients don’t speak your language. It leaves too much room for miscommunication and misunderstandings.

If you want to truly speak to your audiences and bring the experience closer to them, you must follow the principles of “show, don’t tell’. Use 3D renders to show what your accommodation has to offer.

Promote the property as the best location for a summer vacation by rendering designs with plenty of natural light and sunshine. Attract visitors during the winter months by including renders of your property covered in sparkling snow.

Show your potential visitors exactly what they can expect from your accommodation by creating realistic 3D renders that highlight the best of what your property has to offer.

Interactive and engaging elements

One of the best things about 3D renders is that they can always go deeper and provide more interactive and engaging elements to your audiences. You can easily add layer upon layer of content and seamlessly drive your visitors through your sales funnel.

Include additional videos in your VR tours to transport your audiences to other aspects of your accommodation. Change up the appearance of the tour by including different weather elements, depending on the time of year (or time of day) when your audiences visit your landing page.

Add hyperlinks that provide your visitors with more information and create engaging content that supplements your VR tours and 3D renders.

Sharable content

Most property owners upload 3D renders to their websites or use them for in-person presentations. However, you can easily share them on social media to spread the word about your accommodation and reach wider audiences.

Whether they’re still images or lengthier videos, you can seamlessly share them on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn, encouraging your followers to share them and engaging with your audiences in the comment section.

You can even include the 3D renders in your newsletter and email campaigns or use them on your traditional marketing channels.


3D renders are a powerful tool that allows you to connect with your audience and provide them with a unique, immersive experience before they even set foot on your property. As soon as you start using them, you’ll notice what a difference they can make for your booking rates.