3D Rendering Costs Overview: What You Need to Invest to Create a Competent Team
3D Rendering Costs Overview: What You Need to Invest to Create a Competent Team

Humans are highly visual creatures, and we love seeing everything fully rendered, in three dimensions, from every angle, and under different lighting. It’s the best way for a client to get a feel for a project and imagine themselves using the space.

Well, 3D rendering takes into account every single aspect of an object. Whether you’re looking to scan and digitally render a building, room, or even a human, you can do it.

And since 3-D Rendering is a rising star in the design industry, it’s entirely normal that the competition is cut-throat. But how do you stand out?

How do you make your business prosper with so much competition? The answer is a smart investment.

Invest in Proper Labour

You need to know what the driving force behind all your business is. The driving force behind everything you do is not only your equipment but your manpower as well.

You can’t design anything without proper designers, and you can’t expect to have a competent team if you don’t know how and who to hire.

Remember the three golden rules.

Employ Professionals and Amateurs

Professionals are a given. If you want to get professional service, you best hire some professional employees. But while professional employees can give you some fantastic service, the fee of a fully professional team could be staggering.

This is why you should consider adding a couple of amateurs into your ranks. If you add a couple of amateurs to your business team, they can work and learn alongside the professionals. And the best thing is that you only have to pay them a fraction of what you pay the professionals.

The biggest problem with amateurs is the attitude people have towards them. Amateurs are not incompetent – they are just inexperienced. If you balance the professional-amateur quota properly, you’ll get a great service for a low price.

Don’t Overwork Your Staff

You’ve got yourself a fine team, and they are working like a finely made automatic watch. Congratulations. However, you need to know when it’s time to let them rest. Design is a creative business, and it relies not only on skill and experience but on a creative drive.

If your employees are overworked, most of that is going to reflect on their work quality. Make sure you always have someone working but don’t make it the same person every time. This will make your 3D rendering team happy, and your projects delivered on time, every time.

Pay Out On Time

The biggest driving force behind your employees isn’t the creative release they get by putting out that great project – it’s ultimately the money they get.

People can’t eat, party, or drink with a creative release. Time your payouts properly and never skimp out on your team. They are the driving force of your business, and you should treat them accordingly.


If all goes wrong, and you’re in a pinch with time, consider outsourcing your needs to outside countries. Outsourcing is far simpler and less frightening than it might sound. You need to find a reputable and well-reviewed firm overseas to do the job you need to be done. English is the universal language, after all.

If you don’t want to outsource your business completely, that’s fine as well. You can always keep an outsourced team in your pocket if you ever find yourself in a pinch. It’s always good to have a backup!

Outsourcing can be extremely beneficial for every online company and can provide you with some fantastic benefits for a fraction of the cost, such as:

Cheaper Labour Costs

Since different countries have completely different prices for 3D rendering, you can get a better product for a fraction of the price if you outsource your business needs.

Already Existing Professional Equipment

Something that people often overlook is the equipment. If you find yourself a professional team to outsource your business needs to, they are bound not only to have competent staff but professional equipment.

This will again shorten the costs of the business and shorten the time it takes for you to deliver the product to your client.

Faster Execution

Speed is everything in the 3D rendering business. Alongside quality, how fast you can deliver a professional product is instrumental in maintaining a reputable 3D rendering business.

Outsourcing your needs will not only ensure attention to detail but will make sure your business is running smoothly and quickly.

Expert Insight

There are experts outside of your area, and their prices are much lower than yours. People tend to spend a lot of money on expert insight without even considering outsourcing outside their country.

Outside experts not only work on the project for the price of amateurs, but they can also provide some insight into your project, and how you could improve it.

Invest in Minimizing Rendering Time

It should go without saying, rendering takes a lot of time and resources – and I’m not only talking about money.

Rendering requires an incredible amount of processing power, and it can take a lot of time, even on some highly specialized computers. You need to make sure your equipment works well all the time, to minimize the rendering time.

Minimizing the rendering time and allowing your designers to work in tandem with the computers through CAD software will give you an edge on the industry.

It won’t only allow you to finish your projects quicker, but will also take some strain off of your workers, and clients. Ultimately, it will make you more money.


You need some good software to make your 3D rendering teamwork properly. You can’t give an expert car mechanic a stapler and expect him to fix your car, can you?

Of course not. Your professional team needs professional tools. Consider investing in programs that will aid the team in creating professional renderings of 3D objects.

This is not an expense – this is a necessary investment.


Hardware is equally as important as software. You need to have good computers for your designers to work on, to make their job easier, and deliver your projects on time.

This is another tool you need to perform your business properly. If the hardware is weak or outdated, your software won’t be able to perform. If your software is not performing to the highest of standards, your team won’t be performing well either.

Invest in Proper Marketing

Have you ever heard the expression, you need to spend money to make money?

This has never been as true as with online businesses. The biggest problem is – it’s incredibly simple to create a brand name and logo, register a domain, and establish a presence on the internet. People are extremely likely to fall for the first thing they see.

To get ahead of all the competition, you need to invest in proper marketing. But, how does investing in proper marketing help you get a good team?

The answer is simpler than you might think! If you have an established company with a decent reputation, you’re more likely to grab the attention of professional designers who are looking for work.

When in doubt, outsource your marketing needs as well!

It only takes a bit of planning and reasonable investment to create a good 3D rendering team. A lot of things can also be outsourced to make your life easier and save you some money. Just keep in mind the points we’ve covered in this article and be careful when defining your priorities.