Where to Seek Inspiration for 3D Interior Design Ideas
Where to Seek Inspiration for 3D Interior Design Ideas

3D interior design is a very challenging vertical. Not only is the competition harsh, but the trends and the tools 3D interior designers use rapidly change. Juggling fresh, unique, and practical concepts, becomes quite hard over time.

This can easily cause a 3D interior designer to hit a creative block. These blocks are bad for businesses, as they can easily put multiple projects on hold and stir many clients away from your company.

Is there something that you can do? Of course, there is. We are well into the digital age. There are plenty of opportunities, both online and offline, to pursue your inspiration. Don’t know where to look? We have compiled a list of the best places to seek inspiration for 3D interior design ideas.

Video Games

Yes, you heard us right. Video games are an excellent choice when it comes to looking for inspiration for 3D interior design ideas. After all, the Unreal Engine started off as a 3D engine for the game. So what are your options? Don’t worry – you have plenty of them.

The most obvious choice is Sims 4, of course. The game features so many cool options that you can use to play around with 3D interior designs. The creative block has hit you so hard that you can’t even do this? Here are some great 3D interior designs your colleagues created using this surprisingly versatile game.

If you are more handy with your smartphone, then the next one will serve you better. Design Home is a perfect iOS and Android game. It lets you explore 3D interior design just like the first day you discovered it – through playfulness. There are several million active players of Design Home. Feel free to kick off by Googling the images they posted online.

Fable 3 also packs some serious power when it comes to dissolving creative blocks for 3D interior designers. While we have no doubt that you’ll have a blast playing the role of a king or a queen, there is more to Fable 3 than meets the eye. You will be put in a position to design interiors for cottages and castles for the good of your people.

Strolling Down The Social Media Street

With 500 million Instagram users active every day, and approximately the same number of active users across other social media platforms, taking a stroll down the social media street is the next logical step. Let’s see how you can structure your hunt for inspiration on social media.


Let’s say Instagram is the first place you want to visit. After all, it’s a social media platform based on sharing images. There is one great thing about it, though – it features hashtags. Hashtags are like these virtual directories that store images with the same tags.

There are millions of hashtags on Instagram, but the ones you should start following are:

● #3D

● #design

● #3d

● #render

● #interiordesign

● #architecture

● #interior

● #homedecor

Apart from hashtags, you can also follow interior designers on Instagram. Not all of them are into 3D interior design, but you might be inspired by some of their works anyway. It will only take you a minute each day to scroll through their profiles. The most popular ones are:

● @joannalaven – interior designer with a sweet tooth for modern interior-scapes.

● @pierre.yovanovitch – if you want to see how various shapes, lighting, and colors come together to form breathtaking interior designs, this guy should be on your watchlist.

● @dactylion_design – Hanne Gathe will take you on a trip filled with inspiration. Her posts feature stunning modern interior designs, each one with a specific character.

● @kellywearstler – Kelly Wearstler is the star of chic interior designs. If you want to see something fresh and unique, you should definitely follow her on Instagram.


Facebook is also a go-to place for 3D interior designers who experience a creative block. There are plenty of people on Facebook and even more images. There are several ways to seek inspiration on Facebook – subscribe to interior design magazines, follow fellow interior designers, and join 3D interior design groups.

You have plenty of options when it comes to interior design magazines. You can follow Design Milk, HomeDSGN, StyleAtHome, and so on. All of these magazines are pretty active on social media, and by following them, you will increase your news feed’s inspirational potential.

Your fellow interior designers are not only on Instagram – they are also on Facebook. You can look for some of your favorite role models up and subscribe to them.

And finally, you can join specific groups and like interior design pages. Some of the very active interior design groups on Facebook are: “What They Don’t Teach You in Design School”, “Interior Design Community”, and “Ivy Designer Network”.


Pinterest resembles Instagram in many things. Essentially, both of these social media platforms are based on people sharing images. Only here you won't use hashtags but pins. There are countless pins for you to check out daily.

With so many interior designs and 3D interior renders and visualizations at your disposal, you’ll never have trouble finding inspiration again.

Start with good old Architecture Digest, and then work your way through some of the more popular pins:

● Interior Design

● House styles

● 3D Visualization

● Interior design renderings

● 3D architectural rendering

● Dreamhouse

● Home interior design

● Kitchen inspirations

● Modern house design

What’s even better, you can make your own collections of images and get them under a custom-named pin. This is a great thing to do when you are casually browsing through Pinterest content. You will always have your pins to go back to when you hit a wall.

3D Interior Design Blogs

Fortunately for you, blogs are very popular in this niche. It appears that they work perfectly fine when it comes to generating leads and expanding reach in the interior design world. In fact, there are so many blogs that you will never run out of them.

The above-mentioned Design Milk page on Facebook is also one of the most famous blogs out there. If you have some spare time, hit their website, and enjoy the variety of topics on interior design. There are plenty of images for you to look at as well.

Another great blog to read every day is Apartment Therapy. Here you will find DIY interior design guides, look at breathtaking house interiors, and even go on house tours. With a bit of luck, Apartment Therapy will turn into creative block therapy and get you back to drawing in no time.

Trendland is the next blog you should bookmark. Here you will be able to see some of the most amazing works of established interior designers. One of the recently published articles is Andrés Reisinger’s Stunning 3D Interiors. Take your time to go through it. While you are at it, take a look at:

● “John Mellencamp’s Industrial Soho Loft”,

● “The Stylish 3D Interior Renderings of Ana de Santos”,

● “Timur Mitin’s 3D Constellations”, and

● “22 Stunning Interiors That Will Inspire You To Paint Your Space”.

Interior Design Magazines

While there are no magazines that exclusively cover 3D interior design, many of the established interior design magazines cover this niche regularly. Browsing through these magazines can help you get back to the drawing board. In any case, you don’t stand to lose anything.

Remember the Architectural Digest pin from the Pinterest section? Well, that’s a pin by one of the word’s greatest interior design magazines Architectural Design. With almost 60 posts per week, covering topics that range from innovative homes to inspiring decorating ideas, this magazine has a lot to offer you. Feel free to stay tuned to it even when you are at your creative peak.

Homify Magazine is an independent magazine. It covers hot topics in several fields, including interior design, interior decorating, architecture, and construction. The hundreds of interior design ideas you’ll find here will help you overcome even the harshest of creative blocks.

The next magazine on our list is Deabita Magazine. This digital magazine offers entertaining information on numerous topics. DIY projects, decoration ideas, and interior design sections will definitely spark your imagination.

For a more casual read, we recommend Style At Home Magazine, a famous Canadian magazine. This one covers the topics about home decor, interior design, and home organization.

Some of these magazines have social media pages as well. Feel free to find them and like them if you want to see the fresh posts on your news feed.

There are plenty of ways to get those creative juices flowing again. Since you have your personal preferences and needs, we decided to give you several different ways of overcoming creative block as a 3D interior designer.

Choose the one that resonates with you the best, take a moment for yourself, and allow yourself to be immersed into the world of brand new 3D interior design ideas.