Big Family, Big Kitchen: 10 Kitchen Cabinet Solutions for Large Families
A visualization of a modern, contemporary light grey kitchen with a pale beige parquet floor.Big Family, Big Kitchen: 10 Kitchen Cabinet Solutions for Large Families

Do you live with a lot of family or friends but at the same time feel like your kitchen is just way too small? Are you struggling to fit all your cooking essentials in your existing cabinets? If so, you’re not alone. Many households with multiple members and busy lives face exactly the same challenge. But don’t fret, there are plenty of practical ways to make the most out of your limited kitchen space.

With the following ten clever cabinet solutions, you can make your own efficient and organized cooking space. It may even be enough to be useful for your large family. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

10 Great Kitchen Cabinet Solutions for Large Families

The more people in a household, the more unique their needs will be when it comes to the cooking space. With multiple people trying to find space for their favorite ingredients, spices, cookware, and meal prep services, it can be quite a challenge to keep things organized. The problem is further compounded if you live with people who may have food allergies. Here are just some ways to maximize your existing kitchen space while still being open, accessible, and accommodating to everyone at home.

Built-in Wall Ovens and Cooktops

Ovens and cooktops that have been embedded into the wall are ideal solutions for large families with limited space. These appliances free up extremely important floor space, allowing more things to fit in a kitchen, including people. Wall ovens, in particular, can be either single or double, depending on the family’s needs. These can have a wide range of features, such as temperature settings for baking, roasting, or broiling.

Corner Cabinets with Organizers

Sometimes, the corner of the room is the most forgotten place in the kitchen. They may just eat up dust and other particles, and accumulate dirt. However, making use of these corners by placing cabinets or organizers will help maximize storage. Since these pieces of furniture can be tucked away safely in the corner, they do not usually take up too much space in the kitchen. The corner cabinet can easily be integrated into a kitchen design, as they are generally out of the way.

Adding organizers to the cabinet, as well as any kitchen furniture really, is another great way to maximize the potential for storage. These come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Some options range from adding pull-out drawers to adjustable shelves or to even simply small baskets. Anything can become an organizer as long as it segregates things easily.

According to the experts of UB Kitchens, this is a nice way to add a bit of a personal touch to a cabinet without actually modifying it. Your future self may even thank you, as keeping things organized will help you find things in the near future. Perfect for those frantic kitchen moments where things may get messy and chaotic. Say, for example, you need a certain spice, oil, or sauce. You can easily find those without fumbling around. Nobody wants to have salt placed into a dish instead of sugar!

Organizers can also come in the form of a simple divider. This tool would let you create your own sections within the cabinet. You can set your own size and shape for each of the sections depending on your need. You can even create odd-shaped sections if you so wish! The sky’s limit when creating your own personal system of dividing things up. Dividers make it easier than ever to keep your pots, pans, and utensils separated and correctly categorized.

A small corner cabinet could also be an aesthetic statement. Choosing something practical that also looks great could help you create your own personal design. A sleek cabinet could seamlessly fit in with a wide variety of kitchen furniture styles while also providing tons of storage for your essentials. Something more modern could also be placed in the corner, making it stand out from your other amenities. So, if you’re looking to keep things organized while also saving space, consider adding a cabinet to the corner of the room!

Under-Cabinet Drawers and Shelves

We all know that the mighty Cabinet can hold tons and tons of kitchen essentials. However, adding a drawer or shelf under this cabinet could be a smart way for families to even further maximize the storage space available to them. Under-cabinet drawers can free up valuable floor space as well since they literally just hang under your existing kitchen furniture. They are an efficient way to keep things hidden and out of sight as well.

Shelves and drawers naturally can house a wide variety of items, though they are limited in terms of their height. We’d traditionally put our cutlery, silverware, spoons, or other flat utensils in an under-cabinet drawer. These fixtures usually have adjustable designs, making them easily accessible to all users. They are also usually quite sleek and stylish and will generally compliment any kitchen’s aesthetic. Be sure to choose a material and color that compliments your kitchen’s decor scheme.

Another good thing about under-cabinet fixtures is that they usually don’t require much upkeep in order to maintain. They just sit there, storing your things quietly. If something breaks from the wear and tear, these pieces can usually be removed quite easily and replaced.

Consider putting a drawer or shelf under your cabinets. They contribute to keeping things tidy and also within reach. They are definitely one of the most convenient additions you can place to your already existing furniture.

Pull-Out Pantry Shelving Systems

Sometimes, larger families don’t have enough space in the home for a fully dedicated pantry room. Some may not even have enough space for a pantry cupboard. These people would do well in investing in a pull-out shelving system. Getting dedicated pantry shelves is a nice way for families to store dry goods, canned items, spices, or other pantry-worthy items, all within a single cabinet. These types of shelves are always adjustable, have multiple layers to them, and are also quite nice to look at.

The shelves all slide out individually, allowing people to easily access only the specific things they need (provided they properly organize their pantry!). This type of system is quite convenient, compact, and most importantly, efficient. Once you get very familiar with what item is placed on which shelf, the right ingredient should always be literally within reach.

There are tons of options when looking for a pull-out shelf, making it quite easy to also match your kitchen’s aesthetics and mood. Ideally, you’d want to have these pantry shelves match the existing style and motif that you have to create a unified look. Since there’s a wide variety of materials available, there should be a perfect price for any budget. Just be sure to find something solid and durable, especially if you plan on storing some heavier items like jars.

Investing in a pull-out shelf system may not initially be on everyone’s mind. The unique kitchen furniture piece though is quite versatile due to the number of choices available. They are a perfect storage item that should be considered for every kitchen.

Base Cabinet Rollouts

Maybe you have a larger cabinet in the lower parts of your kitchen. What do you do then? Perhaps it would be wise to look at some rollout shelves for your cabinet’s bases? Think of these as the bigger brother of the under-drawer shelves. Deep rollout shelves are an excellent kitchen storage solution for some of the larger, heavier, or bulkier items.

These rollouts literally just roll out of your cabinet, revealing the large kitchen knick-knacks that have been hidden within. No matter how deep your cabinet may be, having these rolling shelves will help you reach even the things that may be forgotten in the back. Traditional cabinets have that very problem - sometimes the items stored way in the back can get forgotten, or worse, dirty and broken. Having rollouts should prevent that from happening, as you would get a much better view of what’s being stored and where.

Just like the other pieces of furniture in your kitchen, cabinet rollers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, making it quite easy to find something that compliments your kitchen’s looks. Rollout cabinets tend to have many options when it comes to height, width, and depth.

Most rollout cabinets would have the larger kitchen items stored. Unwieldy pots, pans, plates, or baking sheets are common items to be placed on a rolling cabinet. Some people even put things like their coffee presses and food processors onto these magical cabinets. Having these heavy items closer to the ground makes it less likely that you would drop them from a great height. You’d thus be less likely to injure yourself, or others, while also having a cost-effective storage solution.

Lazy Susans and Turntables

When you think of a “Lazy Susan,” most people would think of the little round fixture that sits patiently on the top of a circular dining table. Most people would think that these are simply for keeping things accessible while on your table. However, there’s more to it when it comes to these useful turntables.

Lazy Susans can often be part of your kitchen furniture, providing you with extra movable storage. Most turntable organizers would be tucked away in a corner cabinet due to their round nature. They can be attached to a cabinet door, revealing a rotating storage option that will help you grab some hard-to-reach items.

Since these fixtures rotate on an axis, they provide easy access to everything stored on top. They can be moved around with minimal effort, as people would simply have to spin the tray. This inadvertently removes the need for family members to rummage through various items, creating additional mess and expending additional effort.

Lazy Susans are usually made up of very durable materials. They traditionally come in plastic, wood, or even stainless steel. Some Lazy Susans even go the extra mile by having a divider in them, creating even more organization options while also looking quite unique. The dividers can make the turntable quite the centerpiece of your table, creating a nice decor that’s also functional.

By combining the power of a Lazy Susan and a corner table, big families can unlock the hidden potential of their kitchen. They will be able to maximize their storage even further, as you will utilize both a cabinet as well as a nice, turnable, Lazy Susan.

Multi-Level Islands

Kitchen islands don’t need to just simply float there, being just a table for hungry family members. Instead, some islands can come with multiple levels installed, making them another good tool for larger families to make the best of the space they have.

Since these pieces of furniture have multiple levels (hence the name), they have a large number of storage options. Lighter and more frequently used items can be stored on the upper levels, such as spices, sauces, or smaller utensils. The lower levels would usually be reserved for larger items, such as pots and pans. Lower levels are also typically used as your “traditional” storage, where you put things that you don’t often need to reach for while cooking.

Multi-level islands also tend to be quite the center of attention, literally. Since island tables are usually in the center of the kitchen (or sometimes even the dining room), they need to be eye-catching pieces of furniture. As they are essentially tables with storage, islands can also be used for entertaining guests.

Due to their design, they are an ideal table for food preparation or artistic presentation. Some even like to situate their island tables under mood lighting, further accentuating the quality of your well-prepared meal. Additionally, a sleek-looking island table would easily match any existing motif, making the addition of a modern touch to the kitchen space quite a breeze.

As these kinds of tables would be very frequently used, it would be quite important to find one that’s very durable. Look for pieces that have been constructed with quality materials, such as solid wood. Avoid cheapening out on this kitchen centerpiece. Your frequent visitors or large families will thank you in the long run.

Door-Mounted Pot and Pan Organizers

People tend to forget what’s behind the doors of their cabinets in the kitchen. Most eyes would zoom into the cabinet, darting around and looking at individual organizers. However, forgetting that the back of the cabinet door exists would be a great disservice to those who love maximizing their space.

Attaching mounts to the inside of your cabinet doors is an amazingly efficient way to create even more storage options. Mounted organizers are likely to come in the form of strips that have a number of hooks attached. These can be used to store things with loops in them, such as the end of a pan, or some larger utensils like mixing spoons.

There are also organizers that are specific to large pots or pans. These bits of storage come in either metal or wood to ensure that they are sturdy and can handle heavy kitchen tools. Since they have different styles in terms of shape and size, they are also quite versatile. You aren’t limited to keeping pots here. Sometimes even larger ceramic plates or other cookware fit in the door-mounted organizers just fine.

The biggest benefit of these mounted storage options is that you can literally create storage from an often-forgotten corner of your cabinet. Having one that looks good would be just a bonus on top.

Built-in Refrigerators

Built-in refrigerators are highly recommended for large families because these not only offer extra storage options but also take up enough kitchen space without being overbearing. They also blend well in kitchens and are considered extremely durable.

These refrigerators are designed to fit seamlessly into any kitchen decor so you still have enough space to store frozen meat and ice cream. These technological marvels even come in various shapes and sizes, making it very easy to find one that suits your needs and sense of style. According to Realtor Darren Robertson of Northern VA Homes, built-in refrigerators and appliances can increase your home's sale price by at least 3%, too.

What’s more, is that many models feature adjustable shelves and drawers, allowing you to organize them however you like. Additionally, the modern models are energy-efficient so you get to save on monthly electricity costs. All the more reason to get one, especially if you’re saving money and still own a very old refrigerator.

Overall, built-in refrigerators are an excellent choice for large families because these can maximize small kitchen spaces without being a nuisance. In addition to the extra storage they provide, they help make your food remain organized because of their easily customizable compartments. These refrigerators are also stylish and can certainly be paired with kitchen cabinets online to create a vibrant space to unleash your culinary masterpiece!


Large families who are looking to make the most of their kitchen space have several options at their disposal, from door-mounted pots and pan organizers to built-in refrigerators. Not only do they remain aesthetically pleasing, but they also help keep your kitchen extremely organized.

So if you’re searching for ways to maximize your kitchen space with the best modern designs out there, then consider taking a peek at these ten cabinet solutions. Don’t forget to share this article with family and friends so they too can benefit from these brilliant ideas!