Upcycling for Beginners: 6 tips for making old furniture new again
Visualization of a modern minimalist living room with a cream colour scheme and banana plant in one corner.Upcycling for Beginners: 6 tips for making old furniture new again

When you’re only just starting your upcycling journey, knowing how to breathe life into old furniture can be quite difficult. Do you keep original timber intact, or paint over it? Do you dismantle furniture or maintain the original shape? These questions are all issues upcycling beginners find hard to answer! Luckily for our readers, we’ve shared 6 tips for making old furniture new again, below. Now, forget about panicking when upcycling something well-worn or thrifted!

Hidden pops of colour

A muted cabinet or wardrobe can really be livened up with a pop of colour on the inside! You could line the inside of your drawers with bold, patterned wallpaper or a solid accent coat of bright paint. There’ll be something to look forward to every time you open up a drawer! This works best if the outside of your furniture is neutral or painted monotone.

Transform your tables

A table frame can make or break a table, even though it’s a furniture piece we often overlook. Transform your tables by upcycling the actual frame with new industrial legs for a modern touch, or with a fresh lick of vibrant paint – a bit of colour on the frame goes a long way in making an old table seem new again.

Thrift your furniture

Thrifted furniture is too often brushed over by home decorators! Cheap and often made of a quality material, thrifted tables, chairs, mirrors and more can add bundles of character to your home. All you need to upcycle them is a good clean with a bit of warm water, and maybe some timber varnish from the local shop!

Reupholster your chairs

The structure of your old chair might be sound, but the upholstery might diminish the look and comfort of the piece! Reupholstering is simple; by choosing a more contemporary fabric, or just by replacing the fabric at all, you can bring these chairs into the current age – brand-new and beautiful.

Mix-and-match textures

The biggest complaint many people have about old furniture is that old furniture is boring! Dull timber and out-of-date designs leave old furniture relegated to the trash heap, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Consider mixing-and-matching textures with your old furniture; something as easy as gluing cane webbing to your cabinet doors or throwing a woven rug over the back of a dated chair can freshen up these pieces superbly!

Add a personal touch

You may have inherited an old furniture piece from a beloved friend or family member. In this case, it’s best to upcycle the piece with a personal touch – like adorning furniture with accessories from your youth! These accessories can be as impactful or as small as you’d like: everything from a small ribbon to a loveable stuffed toy can be incorporated into old furniture as a breath of new, fresh air.

Are you ready to upcycle old furniture? With our tips, you’ll go from beginner to expert in a matter of minutes! Check out some new, wonderful furniture pieces at reputable companies like The Hairpin Leg Co., today.