Must-Read Interior Design Books in 2022
This image shows a restaurant interior with beige brick walls, hanging lights, and wooden grill windows. There’s a long orange sofa stretching along the wall with comfy pillows. The tables are aligned next to it, while the other side has gray chairs with soft cushioning.Must-Read Interior Design Books in 2022

Reading books provides many benefits, such as reducing stress, enhancing brain activity, improving sleep, and more. One of the most important benefits of reading books is that it helps you improve your imagination, which is crucial in interior design.

Interior design is about making your rooms comfortable and creating a relaxing atmosphere. By reading books written by people with different perspectives of the world, you will surely feed your imagination and creativity while boosting your motivation to start an interior design project.

Here are the top books that can inspire you and help change your view on interior design.

Live Beautiful

In Athena Calderone’s book “Live Beautiful,” we are presented with interior designers from all over the planet. By reading this book, you will have an insight into the backgrounds of many renowned designers and see what inspired them to create true interior design masterpieces.

You will learn what it takes to create an interior that will breathe comfort and serenity and how to combine different patterns and materials to contribute to the interior’s atmosphere.

The people interviewed for this book stated the importance of taking care of the details in the interior. Moreover, it is essential to keep a modern home practical. You will undoubtedly find your inspiration for creating a futuristic yet functional interior design.

Playbook For The New Normal

In this playbook, modern and renowned interior designers talk about the troubles interior designers have faced during the global pandemic. The pandemic has affected many people and businesses in the past several years. The Foyr company wanted to provide people with the most optimal solutions for their interiors.

During times of hardship, many people lost their will to work on and improve their interiors, which is why this playbook came into existence. It states the importance of working on your interior to enhance your happiness.

Additionally, this playbook suggests new and modern ways of designing an interior that meets the needs of businesses and individuals after the global pandemic. After reading this book, you will look at interior designs differently and in a more modern fashion.

The Kinfolk Home

Many people nowadays don’t have the time to focus on different things and live in maximalist surroundings. “The Kinfolk Home” by Nathan Williams is for those who want to switch off at the end of the day by enjoying their interior. Many celebrities and influencers choose minimalist interior designs because fewer distractions lead to better rest.

Nathan William takes us on tours around many houses influential people worldwide own, especially in the USA, Scandinavia, and Asia.

In these developed countries, time is money. Therefore, interior designers from these countries aim to create minimalistic yet highly-functional living spaces. If you want to learn how to make that possible, “The Kinfolk Home” will provide you with all the tips you need.

Still: The Slow Home

Natalie Walton explains the importance of ecological awareness in her book “Still: The Slow Home.” We all know that global warming is taking place and that climate change affects all of us. If we want to save our planet, we have to start being ecologically friendly.

One of the things that can harm our environment is, ironically, our home. Natalie explains all the different ways to make your home more sustainable and safer for the environment. Additionally, she states that you can be happier if you live in such a home, knowing that you are saving the home of all of us – the planet.

Interiors in her book help us understand how we can redecorate our interior spaces and help the environment simultaneously.

The Garden: Before & After

“The Garden: Before & After” by Randle Siddeley is not just a book about redecorating your garden and giving it a whole new life. The author has dedicated his life to establishing the ground rules of gardening while also decorating influential people’s gardens.

This book will provide you with some fantastic tips on bringing the outdoors indoors. You will learn the importance of nature and greenery and how to make the most out of your space.

If you incorporate greenery into your interior, you will undoubtedly feel more relaxed and at ease. This book will help you achieve this calming effect by following a few simple rules.

Home: The Foundations of Enduring Spaces

Ellen S. Fisher’s “Home: The Foundations of Enduring Spaces” is an evergreen book. In this book, you will be able to find different interior designs made according to the New York School of Interior Design. Ellen touches upon the most lavish homes, as well as more modest ones.

Since you will discover various designs in this book, you will find your inspiration and genuine passion. You will have an insight into different design types, pattern mixing, color mixing, etc. By reading this book, you will understand the science that hides behind interior designs.

Living With Pattern Coffee Table Book

Rebecca Atwood, the author of “Living With Pattern Coffee Table Book,” is known for examining different patterns in interior designs and coming up with the best possible solutions for any space. In this book, you will learn all there is to know about patterns and how they function together.

Patterns can genuinely bring your interior to life if used correctly. Depending on the story you are trying to tell, you can mix different patterns to enhance a certain feel of the place you are designing. Rebecca also focuses on Parisian architecture and what makes Parisian interiors so calming yet so luxurious.

Habitat: The Field Guide to Decorating

In Lauren Liess’s first book, “Habitat: The Field Guide to Decorating,” the author explains the importance of making your house a home. You cannot call a place your home if you don’t believe that the interior expresses and complements your lifestyle.

Moreover, we humans have a natural need to be one with nature. Lauren explains the importance of incorporating natural elements into your interior.

If you want your interior to be as reflective of you as possible, you need to take a deep dive into your personality and determine what makes you the happiest. However, don’t forget your roots; we all come from nature and need to praise it even in our homes. To learn how to do so, you should use “Habitat: The Field Guide to Decorating” as your guide through the process.

Homes & Gardens Magazine

Although it is not a book, you can use “Homes & Garden Magazine” as the perfect guide to finding your inspiration and style. This magazine covers various interior design topics, from pattern mixing and furniture orientation to lights; it has everything you need.

If you lack inspiration, we sincerely recommend looking at what “Homes & Garden Magazine” has to offer. You will find all the different interior designers worldwide who will motivate you to create something innovative. Moreover, you can find various facts that can change your perspective on interior design.


Interior design is all about adjusting your spaces to fit your lifestyle. Designing an interior can sometimes be overwhelming since you can incorporate a seemingly infinite number of things into your home.

We’ve presented some of the best interior design books you can read this year to find your motivation and express yourself in this exciting world. These books will surely inspire you and set your imagination free.