Minimalism: How to Bring Lightness to Interiors
3d interior rendering of a bright living room with a spectacular viewMinimalism: How to Bring Lightness to Interiors

The minimalist style continues to break records in popularity despite the emergence of other, "loaded" with decorations, fashion trends. There's nothing strange about it—minimalism combines good design, comfort, order, space, clearly defined functions, and healthy restraint. How can you decorate an ever-fashionable interior in a minimalist style and bring this lightness into a space? Here are our tips!

Let brightness prevail

The brightest and most neutral colors are one of the key elements of the minimalist style. You can boldly use white in all its rich variations, light ash gray, gray, and beige. Add a few black accents-especially if you want to emphasize the chosen function of the room.

If you want a uniform design, avoid sweet pastel tones and bold, saturated colors.

Interiors that are super bright and full of light

After sunset, the rooms should still be bright, so make sure all important functional areas are illuminated. Choose bulbs with the most natural light color-not too warm, but also not unpleasantly cold.

The choice of doors can also help a lot. Lift-and-slide double-wing glass doors let in tons of natural light into a room. When renovating, you might consider buying plastic lift-and-slide doors.

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Simplicity above all

Plan a transparent, clear room layout. None of the household members or guests should have doubts about the functions of the respective place or object. Choose as few pieces of furniture as absolutely necessary. Remember that they should have a modern, simple shape. Decorations—especially those that do not have a practical function-contradict the minimalist furnishing philosophy. If you have a collection of jewelry, travel souvenirs, and other fictional items that are valuable to you, you should look at their beauty from time to time (when you take them out of the designated storage).

Minimal additions

In a minimalist style, as the name suggests, both furniture or appliances and all additions should be limited to an absolute minimum. Do the pillows on the sofa serve a function other than decoration? A rug? A vase? How many plants can really decorate the space without overwhelming it? Get rid of everything that "clogs" and narrows the space. Remember that everything unnecessary creates chaos. Don't be afraid of free space. Of course, you don't have to get rid of everything at once. You just have to make sure that things are stored in a place where they are easy to reach when you need them.

Also, remember not to fall into "furnishing paranoia": The apartment is there for you and your loved ones, not the other way around. Leave the pillows on the sofa if you use them, and hang plain, pattern-less curtains and drapes on the windows to ensure intimacy.

Plain materials

Minimalism loves raw, simple materials: concrete, cement, wood, stone, leather, and natural linen covers. The less decoration and patterns they have, the better. Choose, for example, ceramic tiles that look like stone, and prefer monochrome collections that are subdued and do not have a clear drawing of stone patterns. Similarly, for collections that imitate wood, choose those with a homogeneous color scheme and not collections with strongly contrasting wood shades.


Minimalism is very practical, which is why this fashion is still among the top trends in interior design. If you decide to furnish your own space, keep the following rules in mind:

  • Choose subdued colors-white and its shades, gray, and mild beige tones. Use darker accents to separate functional zones in interiors. Avoid saturated colors and sweet pastels.
  • Focus on simplicity-both in interior design and in the selection of equipment. Opt for modern, uncomplicated furniture of good quality and uniform, bright surfaces on the walls. Avoid lively, strong patterns.
  • Make sure to illuminate the interior with natural and artificial light. This will make the space appear larger, cleaner, and more welcoming.

Lift-and-slide double-wing doors are a good choice.

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If you follow all these tips, the lightness of a space is pre-programmed.