Most Important Events Every Interior Designer Should Check Out
A 3d interior rendering of a living room with a white and beige colour paletteMost Important Events Every Interior Designer Should Check Out

Now and then, there are certain events where interior designers gather and share their ideas with other designers. These events serve the purpose of seeing different points of view on the world and interior design. If you are an interior designer, you should visit some of these events because they will surely change your perspective on design in general.

Moreover, some of the most influential interior designers visit these events; you will get to meet them and discuss your ideas. It is an excellent opportunity to expand your perspective.

Designer Experience

Designer Experience is an event in New Zealand that takes place every year. It gathers interior designers from all over the world who present their work publicly.

You will be able to find out all about new tools in the design industry in New Zealand. You can also find different jobs and career offers at this event that can take your career to the next level.


DesignTO is an event that takes place in Canada each year. It consists of multiple categories, and interior design is one of them.

As Canada’s leading design event, it aims to discover new, talented people and educate them on design types. This event gives you an incredible opportunity to experience various forms of interior design and get inspiration from some of the best designers in the world.

Palm Beach Home Design and Remodeling Show

Palm Beach Home Design and Remodeling Show has a long tradition of presenting interior designers with some of the best works of the year. The participants have an insight into some of the most significant interior design projects in real life.

You will have house tours with the designers of said houses, who will explain the process of creating a particular interior design. You will not look at pictures only; you will see some of the best projects and be able to experience their atmosphere.

Architectural Digest Design Show

This New York-based interior design show represents all the luxurious interior designs primarily created for celebrities in the US.

By attending this event, you will have the opportunity to see what makes these designs stand out and talk to the designers themselves. You will understand the importance of minimalism and comfort and get up to speed with the ever-changing interior design industry trends.

D&D Building Spring Market

Similarly to the previously mentioned event, the D&D Building Spring Market event presents luxurious interiors in New York City. There are open-house events where you can visit some of the best interiors in the US.

However, the concept is a bit different; you will learn about various aspects of interior design and what makes them luxurious. For example, you will discover what colors and patterns complement each other and create a comfortable, high-end atmosphere.


Since trends and innovations keep coming our way, NeoCon presents all of them at its annual events. This event focuses on finding the best modern solutions for future interior projects, including sustainable interior design.

You will see the importance of staying up to date with the latest trends and incorporating them into your interior designs.

Design Influencers Conference

Design Influencers Conference in Atlanta introduces social media marketing and other forms of marketing into the interior design industry. Attend this event to learn how to use different platforms to make significant progress in your interior design career.

This conference aims to teach you how to build a better future for yourself as an interior designer.

Salone del Mobile

Every year in Milan, Italy, Salone del Mobile holds an event dedicated to presenting the latest furniture innovations and sustainable interior designs. With more than 200 participants included each year, this event is one of the biggest in the world.

The upcoming 2023 event will focus on being eco-friendly and creating energy-efficient interiors.

NY Luxury Design Fair

At the NY Luxury Design Fair, you can get an insight into all aspects of interior design and the importance of each. The leading interior designers and the new hopes of interior design present their work and discuss each element they incorporate into various projects.

Like Chekhov’s gun, everything in the interior must have its purpose and tell a story, which is this event’s central theme.

Highpoint Market

Although the Highpoint Market event is for shoppers, interior designers happily visit this fair each year. At this fair, different companies present new furniture designs, which can inspire an interior designer to create a project that will contain the featured furniture.

If you want to get some unique ideas, you can look at materials and various shapes and forms of the presented furniture pieces of the future.


GATHER has a different approach to interior design events. This event focuses on learning from one another, designer to designer.

By visiting this event, you can meet people from the interior design industry who share the same knowledge and skill levels as you and share your ideas with them. You can inspire others and find inspiration in others.

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

As Sweden is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in the world, it’s not surprising it has its interior design event. At this event, you will see all the latest furniture and light designs you can incorporate into your projects to give them a more comfortable atmosphere.

Many leading furniture brands present their products at this fair, which will inspire you for your next design.

Design Chicago 2022

Design Chicago offers both online and in-person seminars and tours for interior designers. This event will walk you through different interior designs that contain various design styles.

By attending this event, you will find inspiration for your projects and create your unique style inspired by those at the event. You can also visit some homes in person during this event.

HD Expo + Conference

The HD Expo + Conference event gathers people from around the globe to participate in one of the most significant interior design events. This event is about building futuristic projects based on imagination and creativity.

Moreover, some sponsors at this event offer financial help to the rising stars within the interior design community. They might pick you to collaborate with some of the world’s best interior design companies.


To become one of the best interior designers in the world, you need to consider different perspectives and points of view.

To do so, you can attend interior design events that expand your knowledge and views on various design concepts. Those above are some of the best and most-visited events that aim to help you enhance your career as an interior designer.