Best interior design tips for decorating with wallpapers
Best interior design tips for decorating with wallpapers

The trend of adding wallpapers in the house is hotter than ever before. It’s everyone’s dream to make their home beautiful by adding more colors and different styles. Painting the walls is one of the most common things designers use to update the aesthetics. Besides, bedroom mural wallpaper is one of the top solutions trending nowadays. But you can’t simply choose the wallpapers because there are many factors that you will have to consider. For instance, the choice of patterns, colors, and design should complement the room’s style. Apart from this, you shouldn’t mix up the bedroom wallpapers with the kitchen and bathroom.

Different types of bedroom mural wallpapers

If we look at the expenses, painting a room is cheaper than wallpapers. But paint is a short-term solution compared to bedroom wallpapers. If you choose wallpapers wisely, it has a long life. So, if you are a fan of decorating home frequently, then wallpaper is suitable because it outlasts paint. Here are different types of wallpapers that you can use to enhance the aesthetics of the living space.

Types of wallpapers

Non-woven: it's a hugely popular choice that eliminates the issues of mildew. Besides, it's a washable and excellent alternative to Vinyl wallpapers.

Vinyl: water and vapor resistant and can easily get cleaned. Best for high traffic, bathroom, and bedroom

Flock: invented in the 17th century and comes with an array of patterns and motifs. Besides, it absorbs sound and helps to form a bold statement in the bedroom.

Anaglypta: it's washable, provides durability, and even comes with decorative qualities.

Grasscloth: best for people who aren't keen on patterns or colors. It adds depth to the room and is best for people looking for durability.

We know that wallpapers are trending, but you should get accurate information about the types before choosing one. Apart from this, choosing colors and patterns are of utmost importance so make sure they are going well with the room style.

Best interior design tips for decorating with wallpapers

Everyone feels confused when choosing wallpapers because it plays the most significant role in-room styling. According to Kathryn M. Ireland:

“For me, small rooms, smaller prints, and the large room larger patterns.”

The best tip is to take some time because wallpaper is like art for your room. It’s a huge pain to remove or replace the wallpaper every other day. So, here are some interior designing tips that you can follow to make the best decision.

Cover all the whole wall:

Earlier, we discussed that wallpaper is the best tool to give a color punch to dull walls. So, if you want to go with classic designs, then cover all the walls. But this thing can only work if you remove garish patterns and delicate patterns from the styling list as it will look extra. However, you can go with contemporary colors, patterns, and styles. Besides, you also can add bold graphic paper to cover the bedroom walls. You can go with simple patterns or textures to create a smooth look in some rooms. In addition to this, here are other ideas of the same pattern:

  • You can cover half of the walls. It’s a good idea to add aesthetics by overdoing the space. It’s a popular look that is closer to the traditional style.
  • In addition to this, you can install more than one wallpaper on one wall. Though it's a stern look, you can make a statement with the right guide. It’s better to go with stripes, toile, or chevron in solid colors.

Before choosing any of the above looks, don’t forget to do your research. It would help if you remained cautious with the colors and patterns you will put on the walls.

Wallpaper for an accent wall:

Wallpapers are widely used to enhance the purpose of the bedroom. So, you can do this by highlighting the room’s focal point. The center point of the room could be anything like a piece of furniture, an art piece, wallpaper, or a painting. Thus, we can make bedroom wallpaper a focal point in this case. For instance, if you want to highlight an art piece, don’t use a distracting pattern because it will be problematic. So, don’t ignore the basic rules while making an accent wall in the bedroom.

Make a room bigger:

One of the most significant purposes of bedroom wallpapers is to make the room bigger. You can adjust the room look by changing the brightness and scale of the pattern. So, if you are on the same road, then there are specific tips and tricks that you will have to follow.

  • Use the same color relationship of the wallpaper with walls.
  • Bright colors reflect light and help to open the living area. For instance, white and pure neutral colors are famous for opening smaller areas.
  • Besides, dark colors are also helpful in small places as these colors give a profound effect to the place.
  • Moreover, the shape of the wallpaper pattern makes the room wider. So, you can choose the bedroom wallpapers with stripes or horizontal lanes.

In addition to this, repeated patterns also play a crucial role in making walls more significant and more extensive. If you focus on the designs, scale, and coloring, it makes the room larger.

Mix & match to get the best look:

If things aren’t working, you have an option of mixing & match to get the exact look. Some people used eight wallpapers on one wall to get an authentic look. But here are some tips that you shouldn’t overlook:

  • Get all wallpapers in the same color pattern.
  • It’s better to get wallpapers with borders that you can cut out to get the perfect look.
  • Don’t use printed wallpaper if you already have printed furniture like sofa curtains because it can create a clash.

Besides, you can DIY as it’s always a good idea if things aren’t working. You can hire experts to do the job. But the focus should be on the quality and durability because it’s more like a one-time job.

Best place to get bedroom mural wallpapers

After reading the conversation, we can say wallpaper is the best thing to add style and freshness to the new and old room. But wallpaper selection and installation could be a tiring and daunting experience. For instance, if the quality isn't good or you don't get it installed by a professional, then it will not look beautiful as it should be. A bedroom is a personal space so you should choose the best service to make it more unique. If we go with the reviews, then “Ever Wallpaper” is on the list of best bedroom mural wallpapers that give a variety of choices to customers. Here are highlighted points due to which you should prefer “Ever Wallpaper” over others:

  • Variety of art pieces, patterns, and designs.
  • It doesn't compromise on quality.
  • Affordable price range.
  • Free assistance in designing.
  • Customer service.

In addition to this, if you are unsure about the design, then send a picture of your room to get expert advice. In this way, you can choose a bedroom mural wallpaper that will complete with aesthetics of your room.