Top Interior Design Tools for Mac Users
The image shows a modern, minimalistic kitchen with ample custom square lighting hanging high above. The kitchen island has four bar chairs, and a tall vine shelf is next to the kitchen area entrance.Top Interior Design Tools for Mac Users

It doesn’t matter if you own a large interior design company or are just an ambitious individual who’s starting in the industry because having the appropriate tools to complete your project tasks is a must.

Mac has been the first choice for numerous interior designers around the world. If you’re also a fan of Apple products for work, you’re surely interested in the best interior design tools you can run on your computer and create amazing designs.

Since interior design is becoming quite a popular profession among younger individuals, various tools have emerged on the market. As a result, finding the perfect software might be a bit more challenging.

However, we’ve selected the top 10 tools for Mac that’ll surely help you achieve success, so make sure to check them out.


Autodesk Revit is an incredibly popular software tool used in interior design. That’s because it allows you to seamlessly transition from sketches to construction, a crucial feature for all interior designers.

You can also count on automatic updates of floor plans, sections, and elevations when using Revit. Furthermore, the program can create 3D visualizations, so creators and their clients can take a closer look at the finished product before construction.

Teams work great with Revit, too, since all progress can be shared to the cloud and accessed from different devices. You can run Revit on Mac using Parallels.

3ds Max

Another outstanding tool created by Autodesk is their 3ds Max software. It’s a perfect program for interior designers who want to take full artistic control of their projects and ensure their creations are designed with a high-quality tool.

3ds Max is best known for its impressive graphics that interior designers can use for 3D models and animations. Whether you’re looking for vibrant colors, photorealistic textures, or high-quality details, 3ds Max is here to help you create some of the most breathtaking designs on your Mac.

Live Home 3D

With Live Home 3D, interior designers can create accurate layouts of rooms or buildings and furnish them. Even though the program is designed for 3D creations, users usually start by drafting rough 2D plans. Then, Live Home 3D takes your drafts and translates them into 3D creations.

Live Home 3D is equipped with thousands of furnishing and appliance options you can choose from to create unique interior design projects. In addition, other features, including the lighting editor and material customizer, will help you generate the best pictures and videos for your clients.


If you’re looking for a more technical tool for your interior design projects, then Lucidchart is the solution you need. Featuring a fast and responsive design, Lucidchart helps its users make sense of complex data.

Unlike similar solutions, Lucidchart’s interface is intuitive and user-friendly, so figuring out how to use it comes naturally to all interior designers. By making all of its useful features and tools easy to find, Lucidchart should be one of your top choices.


As the ultimate platform for collaboration, Infurnia offers a cloud-based space for interior designers, architects, clients, vendors, and anyone else who might be involved in an interior design project. Since Infurnia is cloud-based, the collaboration between different parties is seamless. That’s why so many interior designers love working with this program.

Moreover, Infurnia allows interior design experts to take advantage of advanced tools, such as tiling, roofing, multilayered walls, detailed floor plans, customizable cabinet tools, and much more.


Morpholio’s application was launched by a team of architects who decided to develop a software solution to help other experts in the architecture and interior design field create their projects more easily.

Since architects designed the platform, it contains some of the greatest features you won’t find in other apps on this list. For instance, Morpholio allows you to create custom boards using different furniture ideas and color palettes. Also, a 3D viewer is here to present your project most realistically.


If you feel that none of the solutions we discussed would work for you because you’re searching for something simpler, then Homestyler is for you. Homestyler is a streamlined tool equipped with some neat features. The platform accurately measures the space in question and allows you to build 2D and 3D floor plans.

However, it keeps the entire process straightforward. There are no overly confusing features that will make the creation process unnecessarily long, and you’ll be able to create high-quality creations in no time.


This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Photoshop. As the oldest and most popular photo software, Photoshop remains one of the best tools for creating breathtaking interior design imagery.

This software solution comes with countless features. From manipulating effects to adding graphics to the existing imagery, you can use the basic features or take your projects to another level. Although mastering Photoshop skills takes a bit of time and effort, it’s worth it.


Roomle is a floor plan and home design solution that recently attracted a lot of attention. It’s both a 2D and 3D tool, but it’s not recommended for people who aren’t ready to go the extra mile for their creations.

Namely, Roomle comes at a pretty exclusive price point, despite having four different pricing options. Nevertheless, since it primarily caters to professional interior designers, it’s a tool worth investing in. Roomle will make the designing process easy, and you can also use their mobile app to do some work on the go.

Design Manager

Last but not least, Design Manager is a great solution for interior designers ready to focus on growing their business. Just like other project management tools, the Design Manager takes care of all your tasks and checks up on every step along the way.

However, what makes Design Manager special is its industry-specific reporting. That means expert interior designers can receive great insights and make informed decisions about their business.


As a Mac user, you have many interior design tools available at your fingertips. Still, choosing the right tool remains one of the more challenging tasks every interior designer has to complete, especially now that everything’s digitized.

By providing you with this list of top 10 solutions, we hope to make this decision a bit easier.