Top YouTube Channels About Interior Design
A 3d interior rendering of an elegant living room looking onto a courtyard with carefully pruned shrubs. Top YouTube Channels About Interior Design

Interior design seems like a simple enough concept until you get into it yourself. It’s not just about buying expensive furniture and fixtures and trying to match the colors of the walls. It’s about exploring the full potential of a given space – creating an aesthetically pleasing environment that’s as eye-catching as it is functional.

You need to consider the room layout, understand the purpose of the space, and even take into consideration the lifestyle of the people who will be using it. Therefore, you need to do plenty of studying before you can truly get into interior design.

The good news is that many websites out there can help you get started, and even more YouTube channels can show you first-hand what it takes to bring your interior design skills to a new level.

Explore our list below to find some of the top interior design YouTube channels that will educate and entertain you.

1. Jnaydaily

If you have just a casual interest in interior design and want to improve the appearance of your home just as much as you want to work on improving yourself, Jnaydaily could be just the channel for you.

Run by Janea Brown, the channel has interior design and wellness videos, vlogs and lifestyle advice, beginner tips for plant parents, and even beauty tips and tricks. Her style is mainly Bohemian, and she’s as committed to teaching you how to create a happy home as she is to teaching you how to create a healthy mind.

2. The Sorry Girls

The Sorry Girls is a wonderful interior design trio that focuses on Do It Yourself projects (that are surprisingly easy to follow) and beginner tips. However, you’ll also find a few exterior design videos that will inspire you to reenvision your garden and backyard.

Run by Kelsey, Becky, and Rachael, the channel has accumulated over 2 million subscribers so far.

3. Mr. Kate

Mr. Kate is one of the most popular interior design YouTube channels, with over 3.94 million followers. Kate has an abundance of intriguing projects, sharing videos of complete renovations, small room makeovers, office remodeling, and so much more.

She has a whimsical, colorful style and can teach you how to completely transform your house into an inviting home made to suit your lifestyle.

4. Happi Habitat

Happi Habitat, established by Gemma Samuels, is one of the more unique interior design channels. She doesn’t post much content, but her videos are incredibly insightful, offering a taste of what it takes to make the interior pop.

She prioritizes affordable renovations, helping families on a limited budget design a home that reflects their tastes and preferences.

5. Lone Fox

If you want more content for the budget-conscious interior designer, Lone Fox offers just that. Run by Drew, the channel has videos on $1 DIY projects, affordable design hacks, DIY holiday ideas, budget-friendly apartment makeovers, and so much more.

With Drew, you’ll get the full picture of the interior design process and all that’s involved in it. You’ll learn how the anatomy of a house impacts the ultimate design, how to handle the most common design errors, and even how to properly thrift and find priceless decor items at a bargain.

6. Laura Melhuish-Sprague

Laura Melhuish-Sprague doesn’t have a traditional interior design YouTube channel. Instead, she has more of a lifestyle channel that takes the viewers through her own home renovation projects that she’s taken on over the years.

Her wholesome videos will guide you through the ins and outs of enormous renovation projects, showing the whole process in detail.

Sprinkled throughout, you’ll also find plenty of entertaining fashion, wedding preparation, and holiday videos on her channel.

7. XO, MaCenna

XO, MaCenna goes into extreme detail about renovation and interior design. If you want to learn how to repaint your cabinet doors properly, MaCenna will be the one to teach you. From building suitable cabinets from scratch, painting the walls, DIY-ing your insulation, and installing the proper lighting, MaCenna will guide you through the renovation process.

You’ll get innovative tips and tricks, expert-recommended advice, and valuable insights into extreme home makeovers.

8. Studio McGee

Studio McGee is a husband and wife duo that’s been in business since 2014. Syd and Shea McGee started out by sharing a few videos of their home renovation process on Instagram, but the channel quickly evolved to become one of the most recognizable ones in the field of interior design.

Syd and Shea even went so far as to enter a partnership with Netflix and launch a four-season-long show, “Dream Home Makeover.”

9. Open Door by AD

Open Door by AD is one of the most popular series on Architectural Digest’s YouTube channel. However, it’s not as educational as it is entertaining, considering that it shares the inside scoop on some of the biggest celebrities’ luxurious homes.

You’ll get to see how some of your favorite celebs live, how they decorate their homes, and how they express themselves through interior design. While not many can afford such lavish interior design, you can still use the videos as inspirational style guides.

10. The Cut

The Cut “Interior Lives” by the New York Magazine YouTube channel is a great playlist to watch if you’re interested in the unusual side of interior design.

The videos are short, only about five minutes each, but they give you a glimpse into some of the most astounding designs you could come across. The series is led by Wendy Goodman, New York Magazine design expert, so you can expect immersive content that will inspire you.

11. Never Too Small

Most interior design channels give you ideas on how you can decorate vast open spaces and turn expansive properties into warm, cozy homes. However, Never Too Small takes a different approach.

Following the channel, you’ll learn how you can turn tiny and micro homes into beautiful, comfortable living spaces. The videos will show you how you can make creative use of the space you have available and improve your quality of life.


Interior design YouTube channels can keep you entertained for hours on end, but they can also educate you on the most important dos and don’ts of interior design. Whether you’re interested in reimagining your home for the holidays, making your tiny studio apartment more comfortable, or renovating your entire property, these channels will help you make the right design decisions that unlock the full potential of your home.