Best Podcasts About Interior Design in 2023
3d visualization of a spacious living room with a fireplace and a libraryBest Podcasts About Interior Design in 2023

The most popular podcasts these days cover various topics about the world, such as global warming, inflation, different medical conditions, architecture, art, etc. Almost every topic you are interested in will have a podcast explaining everything there is to know about that subject. These audio materials are a great way to learn something new from professionals in any given category.

You may come across various channels in interior design that record podcasts about specific interior design strategies. We have prepared some of the best podcasts you can listen to wherever you are that will change your view on interior design.

99% Invisible

The 99% Invisible podcast has an exciting approach to interior design and architecture. This podcast wants to discover all the hidden details and things we don’t think about that can be crucial for interior design.

As their name suggests, they discover the invisible and go into detail about interior design. This approach will help you see interior design and all of its elements in a different light. You will see how small elements can change your complete visualization in either a positive or a negative way.

The Modern House Podcast

People running The Modern House Podcast want to answer their listeners’ questions. People can choose some of their favorite pieces of work or, in this case, interior designs that left an impact on them. The podcast team will talk to professional architects and designers who will decode the project in question.

These professionals will mention the tools used in the creation process and the story behind the project. Most of these projects are modern ones, and the podcast team explains the importance of living in a modern environment.

How to Decorate

On the "How to Decorate" podcast, you can find various tips and tricks regarding interior design. The podcast isn’t only dedicated to professional interior designers but also to those who want to renovate their interiors and make the most out of their space.

These podcasts give in-depth descriptions of the importance of certain interior elements, and they invite guests who help them debunk some myths about interior design. There is a science behind why something works and something doesn’t (for example, color compatibility), and How to Decorate is here to explain it.

Monocle on Design

The Monocle podcast covers various topics, such as culture, business, technology, and design. This podcast, called “Monocle on Design,” explains different interior design elements and how you can use them in projects. Moreover, you can find detailed explanations of some theories and their relevance to interior design as we know it.

This podcast has a more informative character – you can learn a lot from it, especially if you are a beginner in interior design. It’s not a podcast you would listen to if you are not in the architecture business or someone with a passion for design.

Dark House

Some older homes have their dark histories, and some people claim that the ghosts of the owners haunt these homes. You may have heard that Salma Hayek lives in a haunted house, and this is precisely what the Dark House podcast is about.

The speakers go into some paranormal activities that have happened in the homes of famous people and try to find the reason behind them. They tell stories about how things move in the dark and how people have seen shadows walking around.

If you want to listen to a horror podcast related to interior design, this is the perfect podcast for you.

The Great Indoors

Two enthusiastic women created a podcast that celebrates interior design. These women cover some interior design basics while also going through certain elements and debating their purpose. You will be able to hear two different perspectives on interior design and will be able to realize that design is based on preferences and not general rules.

You may agree with some of their statements and even change your mind about some interior design elements. Listen to their podcast to learn more about your interior design perspective alongside theirs.

The Style Files

The Style Files podcast has a more educational purpose. This podcast, led by a famous interior designer Paloma Contreras, takes you on a journey where you will find out everything about interior design. Paloma likes to invite guests who explain some of the essential elements of their interior designs.

Her guests are some of the most renowned interior designers in the world, and you will be able to learn a lot about this topic from her podcast. Moreover, you will learn that interior design is all about creativity and imagination – you must be unique to be recognized.

Affordable Interior Design

The Affordable Interior Design podcast teaches you everything you need to know to make your home look luxurious on a budget. This podcast will teach you how to make your own decorations without having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on them.

Moreover, they will guide you through a step-by-step process of flipping furniture to make your interior more elegant and expensive-looking. This podcast is a life-saver for many people who want to redecorate their homes but don’t want to overspend on certain interior elements. You will save some money on your next interior design project.


Clever is a podcast that praises some of the best interior designers in the world. Each guest gets to tell their story about their journey of becoming an interior designer. We all know that people may sometimes struggle to achieve greatness, and you will see what people had to go through to become what they are today.

This podcast serves the purpose of motivating you to push forward so that your dreams will come true. It is truly an inspirational podcast that can teach us that nothing comes easy to us and that we have to earn our place in this world.

At Home with Lauren Keenan

Lastly, At Home with Lauren Keenan introduces one of the world’s finest interior designers who want to teach us how to decorate our homes and get the most out of our space. This podcast also focuses on common mistakes people make in their interiors that initially seem like a good idea.

The creator also focuses on some of the most important factors influencing how you will design your interior and what you can do to make the space you live in better and more comfortable.


Interior design is a deep topic that has many underlying elements. To learn more about interior design, you will have to learn from people who dedicated their lives to architecture and think creatively and uniquely.

We have mentioned some of the best podcasts led by some of the most renowned interior designers in the world. These podcasts will truly inspire you and teach you everything about interior design.